Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W + Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W – Wish

These days I decided to test the Wish, at marketplace da China, filled with low-cost products, most of them without known brand.

Those who follow the blog know Skooter I do most of my shopping in China in AliExpress, so is there any advantage in using the Wish?

It can be worth it for most items baratinhos, whose freight in AliExpress It is more expensive than the product itself. This is because the AliExpress almost all shops work only with registered freight. Wish still sends by unregistered freight.

Sending Wish standard typically there is some tracking. Reminds me of the old days DealExtreme (DX), buying and forget. One day arrives. If you do not arrive because the postman stole ou something, asks the refund.

And my package until it arrived very quickly. Only 3 weeks. No taxes and no postal order rate. If you also want to take advantage of the coupon risk nqgbwkw giving up 50% off.

Payment is by PayPal, in real, but watch out that there is a collection 6,38% IOF, that does not occur AliExpress.

The products

My purchase was two items:

  • Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W
  • Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W

Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W

The Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W It seems to deliver what it promises. I could not do a test 100% I need because my USB testator only supports up to 7V. He even above that mark, but flashes the display and do not know if the value shown is reliable. Above 10V or he has to show, because there is no digit in display for this.

The standard Quick Charge 3.0 It allows to work with voltages of 3.6V to 20V. Of course, the charging device must also support the standard and explicitly request the increase of the voltage, otherwise incompatible devices could burn.

My Xiaomi Mi 9 It supports up to standard Quick Charge 4.0+, so he can take advantage of the full potential of Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W.

Note that raising the tension in USB makes perfect sense. The fast chargers few years ago increased only the current. The problem is increasing more and more current is demanding a gauge wire increasing, in other words, also more expensive and heavier. Increasing the voltage, on the other hand, power up (considering the same current) without thicken the cable.

Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W

Se o Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W It ran smoothly, I can not say the same of Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W. The ad said it worked with covers up to 10mm (!!!). But as cover of my Xiaomi Mi 9 It has only 1mm, and even then the load was failing, an endless loop of “connect and disconnect,” only spend the battery more.

With the phone without cover, the Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W to operate normally. But having to keep drawing the cell cover to load it is not in my plans, then discarded the use of Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W.

Unboxing and Tests

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and testing of the two products purchased:

The Reimbursement

Whereas the Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W does not meet the specification, I contacted the support Wish. I filled in what the system asked, including sending photos and it automatically issued a refund of this product and its shipping, no paperwork and no human intervention. The term of repayment was a few days, but in reality it happened immediately. The reversal was made to PayPal, that reversed to my card.


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name:
  • Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W
  • Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W
Name Original:
  • 10W Fast Wireless Charger Phone Holder, Qi Fast Charging Stand Qi-Standard Station Anti-…
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Charger, 18W USB Wall Charger Adapter Smart IC Fast Charging Travel…
Store: Wish
  • R$ 22,15
  • R$ 6,00
Current value: ?
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Standard
Shipping Fee: R$ 8,00
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 02/09/2019
Submission Date: ?
Data Delivery: 24/09/2019
Time in Transit: 22 days
Declared content: Q740-Wireless-Adapter-Black * 1 EU-AR-QC-Adapter-Black *1
Type Marked Content:
Declared Value: US$ 7
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

The Wish works. Or at least worked with me. They may have a bad reputation in Claim Here (note 5,5), but at least they are responding all claims. It, face it, most of the complaints are the fault of a certain Brazilian state that has even worse reputation and never answered a single complaint in Claim Here. Yes, I'm talking about Post, whose note is null, precisely because their service is non-existent and do not respond or complaints at Procon.

It is recalled that other good Chinese stores, as GearBest, It has low reputation in Claim Here, because unfortunately people do not understand how to buy direct from China and blame the stores for problems of our Post Office and the IRS.

The goods, the Carregador Quick Charge 3.0 the 18W It works and actually supports the standard fast charge. I do not know if it's durable, mas por enquanto está tudo certo com ele.

On the other hand, não posso recomendar o Wireless Charger Fast Mobile with 10W. Talvez funcione melhor com outro celulares, ou para quem tem capas ainda mais finas que a minha. Mas é loteriaAté fiquei agora com um pé atrás de comprar algum outro carregador sem fio, mesmo que seja de marca. Estou de olho em um da Ugreen já há alguns meses.

Vou comprar no Wish again? Maybe. Mas apenas se for algum produto que só existe sem marca mesmo, indisponível em outras lojas como a AliExpress, ou com frete proibitivo.

Se for comprar no Wish, lembre-se de usar o cupom nqgbwkw giving up 50% off.

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Voce que é tão cuidadoso não acha que é arriscado utilizar estes carregadores de procedência duvidosa? Pode danificar o celular?


I did not understand why was sought reimbursement for Quick Charge 3.0 18W by “not comply with the specifications”, since reading the text on it says that it seems that delivers what it promises. What happened?


By making the refund they demanded sending the charger back ?

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