Analogue Pocket: check out photos and FPGA Analogue portable information leaked hours before the official announcement

A Analogue, creator of Super Nt and the Mega Sg, that have been resenhados here in Skooter Blog, scheduled for today a major announcement, as teasers next posting on his Twitter.

Speculations were around two products, whose names would be Analogue 8 and Analogue Pocket, second patents that were filed by the company recently.

The Analogue 8 It would probably be a reissue of Analogue Nt Mini, which is a Nintendo FPGA, which also has core “unofficial” for various other systems 8 bits.

The Analogue Pocket It would be a portable, probably implementing Game Boy, Game Gear and other portable that generation.

The official announcement is today, to 8:00 a.m. do PST, which is equivalent to noon here in Brazil, GMT. But at least two sites that had early access published the news ahead of time: Wallpaper and Fast Company

Thanks to them we know that Analogue Pocket It will be released next year, with pre-sales probably starting today. The price will be $ 199,00. He will run the game Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. It will also run games Sega Game Gear, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Colour, and Atari Lynx, using adapters. Considering retrospect I think we can count on jailbreak firmware to run the images of the ROMs directly from the memory card.

From the pictures we can deduce that there will be two color options: black and white. A canvas tem 3,5 inches and resolution of 1600 x 1440, What is it 10 times more than Game Boy original. Controls should be a D-Pad four face buttons, plus two side buttons. There are also buttons to control volume and a trio of smaller buttons, to be to access the menu, activate turbo, etc.

Check out the photos Analogue Pocket:

Now we wait until noon for the official announcement, and whether we will have more news.

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