[Review] Direct Shipments – Orders redirection – Buy in the US and receive in Brazil

In this article we will talk about Direct Shipments, the parcel forwarding company I've been using in the past 2 years to get in Brazil purchases that do in the US.

After some experimentation not very good with other companies, a Direct Shipments became my choice when redirect purchases I do in Amazon, on the eBay, in store Analogue, and any other US store I decide to buy.

By registering for free at Direct Shipments, you receive an address in the US, for which you can send the packages purchased in the US or anywhere else in the world that send to the US. When the package arrives, They receive, photograph and warn you by email. You can enter the system, see photos, and choose a type of shipping to send it to Brazil.

If you prefer, You can also wait for the arrival of another(s) package(s) to send the products together (consolidate), divide the contents of one packet into two or more smaller package, or even send personalized instruction than want it to be done.

Site of Direct Shipping.

Site of Direct Shipping.

Why use a parcel forwarding service?

Why not send directly to Brazil? There are many reasons:

  1. Many US stores, like store Analogue, They do not send to Brazil for various reasons. With an address in the US bypassed this limitation.
  2. Many stores, as Amazon, send some product to Brazil, but charge all advance import taxes, whatever the value of the product. Using the service Direct Shipments, depending on the size of the package, value of the product, stated value, type of freight, etc. we can not be taxed. I myself only paid tax on a pack of seven they already sent me.
  3. Some stores send only using services courier, where import taxes are always charged, including ICMS, and carrier rates, reaching 100% or but. A Direct Shipments USPS sends pelo, so that depending on the content, stated value, Shipping mode, package size, etc. the package can not be taxed. And even when there are taxes, several states in Brazil (including São Paulo) He does not charge GST when sending was made by USPS.
  4. Sometimes we want to buy several small items, light, and cheap in many shops, and freight to Brazil ends up being much more expensive than products. A Direct Shipments you can get several small packages and consolidates them into one larger package, including discarding packages if the customer wishes. With this you can save a lot on freight. The packet storage for up to 90 day is free.
  5. The opposite is also possible. We can divide the contents of a larger package into two or more smaller packages in order to use a shipping method cheaper, and less draw attention at customs, possibly escaping taxes. I did it with a package which I will speak in the next article: divide content into two ePackets, I paid less than you would pay for a single large package, and even escaped from import taxes.

Why choose Direct Shipments?

As I said earlier, I had some bad experiences with other companies, until I found the Direct Shipments a call and service well above my expectations.

Here are some of the advantages that I Feature:

  • There is no registration fee. Signing up is free and you only pay when you want to forward a packet, after it has been received and photographed.
  • There are no monthly or annual fees. We pay only for what you use, and the prices are good.
  • The grouping of boxes is free. Many companies charge consolidation services.
  • When a package is delivered immediately have received photos. Some companies take to process the packets and leave the agonizing wait on customers.
  • There is no additional charge for incoming packet. Many companies charge for each incoming packet, making it impossible to consolidate small purchases. A Direct Shipments only charges for outgoing packets.
  • Optimization packages for smaller boxes at no additional cost. some stores, as Amazon often exaggerate the size of the boxes. It cases where more than half of the box volume is filled with air cushions. big boxes tend to weigh more (more expensive freight) and call more attention at customs (possible taxes). Some redirection companies charge to reduce the size of the box. A Direct Shipments do it for free.
  • Without charging customs duties in advance. If a package is taxed, We pay the tax directly through the Post system. If the package is not taxed there is no charge. Some stores and even some redirection services charge upfront tax.
  • Freight value undeclared. Some redirection companies must put the freight on the customs form. No Brasil, when a packet is taxed the tax amount is calculated on the value of the product and plus shipping. A Direct Shipments does not declare the freight, so that if we are taxed normally pay tax only on the value of the product.
  • Freely individual. The packages Direct Shipments It comes with the sender as an individual, so the package can fit the normative instruction of IRS tax exempting packages sent by individuals for amounts up to 50 USD. Some other forwarding companies send as a legal entity.
  • No hidden fees. On the site there is a calculator that can be used to estimate how much we will spend to send a packet, including USPS rates and the Direct Shipments. The value that appears here is what we will actually pay. In many companies there are hidden fees of any kind: Packing rate, fee for using card, fee to send as gift, insurance value that does not appear in the calculator, etc. In Direct Shipments It has none of. No hidden fees.
  • customs form filled in as desired customer. It is the customer who chooses the content and the values ​​that will be declared. I've used company that has changed the description of content that I put, making me run the risk of being fined for declaring a false content. A Direct Shipments always put exactly what I asked.
  • Payment via PayPal and Bitcoin. Payment can be made via PayPal charging directly in the international credit card, in dollars or real, the customer's choice. Those who prefer can still pay Bitcoin and be exempt of IOF.
  • Boxes without logos. A Direct Shipments takes away the store logos Boxes. Logos draw attention to customs and increase the risk of a package be taxed.
  • elimination invoices and labels. price tags and invoices They can be removed on request, without additional cost, minimizing the risk of income tax if the customer is declaring a lower value. Some other companies do not do this, and other to force the value of the statement that is in invoice, without leaving the choice to the customer.
  • Communication 100% in Portuguese. Many people do not use redirection services not master English and be afraid to do something stupid. Sometimes the company even has a website in Portuguese, but the attendants do not speak the language completely and hinder some types of applications. A Direct Shipments speak Portuguese in Brazil. Both the site and the service are in Portuguese. It is a family company founded by Brazilians, who understand the specifics, bureaucracies and difficulties imposed on us by the Federal Revenue, Post office, etc.


Using the services of Direct Shipments is quite simple. Check here some tips.

Account Creation

Stop creating the account simply click the link “Sign up” in the upper right corner of the site. then appears in the form you must fill in your email, Personal data and address. In “How did you hear of Direct Shipping?”, Select “Blog” and write “Skooter Blog”.

Account creation in the Direct Shipping.

Account creation in the Direct Shipping.

Your address in the US

After login to the site, on the main screen you see some of your data, including your address in the US. It is for you to send your packages.

Direct Shipments - Your address in the US.

Direct Shipments – Your address in the US.

Shipping Calculator

Still on the main screen, you can view a link “calculate Shipping”. Clicking on it you can put the weight of your package and the value to be declared. then click “Love or value” to see an estimate of when it will cost to send your package, in each of the three modes that the site offers.

Shipping Calculator on Direct Shipping.

Shipping Calculator on Direct Shipping.

The ePacket You do not have insurance, but is the cheapest mode and is less likely that the package is taxed. Customs clearance is done in Curitiba. Is limited to 4 pounds (1,81 Kg).

Priority and Express has insurance option, but also is more likely to be taxed. Customs clearance is made in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, respectively. The limit is 66 pounds (29,93 Kg).

Stores like Amazon usually indicate the weight of the product. Remember that the weight will be somewhat larger with packaging, then let some slack when making the calculation.

packets Received

In the left menu we have an item “packets Received”, that shows the packages that come to you at the address provided by Direct Shipments. There appears weight and tracking code package.

The photos of the packages also appear in this section. See some of the photos that Direct Shipments He took the package I received.

Shipping Earrings

Still in the left menu we have the item “Shipping Earrings”, where it appears the status of all requests, both continuing and completed, including number of boxes, weight, value, etc. Clicking on each of them appear details of the amounts charged, addressee, and customs declaration.

Pending shipments in Direct Shipping.

Pending shipments in Direct Shipping.

prepare Shipping

this item, which is in the upper right corner of the site, You can ask the sending of packets that have arrived. This is where you choose the shipping method, You fill the customs document, and any instructions. I owe one screenshot for the moment I do not have any pending package. After asking to send a request for quotation will be done and soon the Direct Shipments passes the value, according to the services requested.

All Shipments

No item “Check All Shipments”, which is also in the top menu, you can check all the packets sent by Direct Shipments for you, dated, time, tracking code, weight, and the method used.

All Shipments in Direct Shipping.

All Shipments in Direct Shipping.

My Experiences with Direct Shipments

As previously commented, at the time of writing this article I have used the services of Direct Shipments six times, and in the last of them divide content into two packages, then there were seven packages in total.

I have written articles reviews of products purchased in the first five experiments, which also show the tracking details, dates, and unboxing. Check out the articles:

  1. [Review] Seagate Expansion 8 TB USB external HD 3.0 (STEB8000100) -Amazon
  2. [Review] Analogue Super Nt – Super Nintendo em FPGA c/ saída HDMI
  3. [Review] Phones Wireless System Panasonic KX-TGF574S - Amazon
  4. [Review] Analogue Mega Sg – Mega Drive em FPGA c/ saída HDMI Full HD
  5. [Review] Super Nintendo Original NTSC PCB SHVC-CPU-01 CPU/PPU1/PPU2 2/1/3

The sixth experience will be shown in the following article here in Skooter Blog, and this is one more Super Nintendo. The components were divided into two packages to be sent ePacket, so it was cheaper than a single package in the form Priority. And the best: was not taxed!

In all, four packages sent in the form First Class (It has now been replaced by ePacket, It is offering the same services but cheaper), two sent in category ePacket, and sent in category Priority. All they arrived in perfect condition, with descriptions and values ​​exactly as ordered. Only one was taxed, just the category Priority, which is more likely to be taxed the category ePacket, where the risk is lower.

Final Considerations

I am quite satisfied with the services Direct Shipments. If you keep working so I do not look for another redirection service soon.

This is the kind of service that you can not risk, because once the company is with your package, no longer possible to go back. Já passei por isso com outra empresa e acabei tendo de pagar por uma série de taxas ocultas para que enviassem meu pacote. Então ainda que apareça algum serviço mais barato, eu devo continuar com a Direct Shipments que eu já conheço e confio.

Se você também quiser fazer suas compras nos EUA ou em outros países com redirecionamento pela Direct Shipments, clique no link e faça seu cadastro. Não se esqueça de dizer que você conheceu a empresa através do Skooter Blog.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . Skooter Blog needs your help to continue to exist.

Update (08/01/2020): Quer ganhar 10% de desconto no envio do seu primeiro pacote? Basta informar o código ED5062 na hora de fechar o seu primeiro envio.

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