SNES CIC thieves: another reason not to buy Super Nintendo cartridge in Brazil

Already I explained in previous articles because I would not buy a Super Nintendo in Brazil, where the islands is all scrambled, exchanged with components, legs cut chips, etc. due to the transcoding for PAL-M and unlocking function for pirates to cartridges that do not have the CIC (Checking Integrated Circuit), which is the chip that Nintendo uses both on the island and in the cartridge so that cartridges pirates do not work on consoles. My Super Nintendo unfortunately childhood has come with these changes nuts, and were the defects caused by them that led him to death.

In the early 90, car rental companies in Brazil were flooded with pirated games of Super Nintendo, some with CIC, others without. By the end of the life cycle of the Super Nintendo, CIC was cloned and used in cartridges pirates. But how to explain the pirates cartridges that had the CIC present still in the early island life?

I remember that the first Super Nintendo that arrived from Brazil via Paraguay were still blocked, and possibly their owners got frustrated because some games that they rented (those without the CIC) They did not work on their consoles. But they did not know exactly why. And I had no way of knowing yet the rental if the cartridge would work or not, because out they had no indication of whether or not the CIC.

Later, the islands began to come from Paraguay unlocked (the My childhood was in that). The pirateiros, do not know if Paraguayan or Brazilian, They cut a console Board Track and soldavam a wire in a chip's leg, which allowed the console to execute as many pirates as original games.

This kind of change turned out to be a shot in the foot later, as Nintendo has become some cartridges, like Mario RPG, who checked the CIC's presence on the island, and they did not work on jailbroken consoles. This led pirateiros may add the keys on the console to turn on and off the unlock, as the cartridge running it were original or pirate.

Eu I ended up getting my consoles Super Nintendo recent on eBay, as I have reported in previous articles. US direct, they came as factory, free from any change, because there were not common these jailbreaks, and transcoding to PAL-M was obviously not necessary. The PAL-M has only been used in Brazil, in the US the standard used was the NTSC.

But when I was testing my last Super Nintendo na TV CRT, I took the console to the room where the TV is but remembered I had left all office cartridges in LCD TV, where did unboxing and the first tests. There along with the CRT TV there was only one cartridge, the Super Mario World that came with my Super Nintendo childhood, I had not taken to another TV because he had another copy of Super Mario World to test, that came with one of the Super Nintendo recently acquired.

When I put my Super Mario World childhood in Super Nintendo blocked noticed that it did not work. I found it strange, I cleaned the cartridge contacts and continued not working. Logo suspected CIC, does my Super Mario World childhood had removed the CIC? Having childhood console has been unlocked, it worked normally so I never suspected it before.

then tested the cartridge in Analogue Super Nt, that the cartridge does not check the CIC, and it worked normally, what was one more factor to increase suspicion about the lack of CIC in the cartridge.

So I decided to open my childhood cartridge Super Mario World, something I had never done before. I took my gamebits and quickly open the cartridge, which is attached only by screws.

And so I confirmed my suspicion: CIC was missing in my cartridge Super Mario World. The terminal ends of it were still welded, indicating that it was removed with a cutting pliers or similar tool.

It should be noted that the cartridge board has all the indications that are unique, with discrete components, Nintendo logo with copyright, ROM, SRAM, battery, etc. The version of the card is SHVC-1A1B-05.

And so the episode became clear to me. The bastards pirateiros desbloqueavam nastily the island and took the opportunity to steal the cartridge CIC, finally unlocked the console would not checking more, and the owner never notice the change. Or hardly ever, I realized… after 27 years!

Just to confirm, also open another Super Mario World. This other cartridge has the PCB a bit older: SHVC-1A1B-04, but the components are exactly the same, except for the fact that this board is intact CIC.

And what was done with the CIC removed from my cartridge? I'll never know for sure. But I bet that was used in some pirate cartridge, so that it also worked on locked consoles.

Recently opened two pirate cartridges that won and one of them has the CIC. And it is interesting to note that all the components together in a chip-on-board, except CIC, continues separately. But at least in this case the CIC is apparently a clone.

PCB do cartucho Kawasaki Superbike Challenge, the Super Nintendo.

PCB do cartucho Kawasaki Superbike Challenge, the Super Nintendo.

Also recently I read a report of someone who bought Super Nintendo cartridges on AliExpress and received a cartridge with a small plaque equal to that with an original CIC, somewhat worn, installed on it. It was certainly removed some original cartridge.

So, if I had given up buying islands in Brazil, now given up buying too cartridges. Not only the islands are all scrambled, Cartridges are also! É arriscado pagar caro em um cartucho original no Free market e depois ter a desagradável surpresa de ver que o CIC dele foi roubado e ele não vai funcionar em um console bloqueado. It is unfortunate!

O jeito é continuar comprando direto dos EUA no eBay. Pelo menos por lá esse tipo de canalhice deve ser mais raro.

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Vc deve ter lido sobre este CIC em algum fórum na internet provavelmente em ingles, e nesta época nem havia internet, curioso como os técnicos aprendiam como piratear e trocavam as informações, deveria ser algo mais restrito.

E tem uma bateria CR2032, suponho que seja para os savegames, e se vc nunca abriu em tantos anos, esta bateria ainda funcionava?

what bizarre! Cool this story.
Once I changed the inner plate of a Megaman 4 NES. Mine was a pirate kinda messy (logs of exchanged capcom, a screen opening bugadas), the guys in the video store was a dinner that the school class made to raise funds for an excursion, and they were harassing – passing the same hand – in my colleagues.
My “revenge” It was to take the pirate them – or original was – and put in place my.
Continued working in both cases, but my now looked more like the original game.

Our,this is news to me. I not even caught original cartridges without CIC.

great article, very good and enlightening. Just now, us 20 years later did I understand why Super Mario RPG did not work on my Super Nintendo… unfortunate. Glad today we have emulators and could have reset this great game translated into Portuguese. But at the time it was a big disappointment… I took a SNES used days ago, hopefully not be tampered with these…

Brazil should also save many mysteries regarding the game, here we gave it a way to get everyone playing video games, but it is no surprise, I had seen something on the CIC, but in this matter I met further. Congratulations shared information.

Douglas Dias

Then, I do not know if you opened some SNES unlocked this time.
is not that the Paraguayans was evil thieves CIC (pq to stack them with one cut end does not serve to falsify other cartridges).
before discovering that it was enough to lift the pin 4 CIC inside the console to prevent the reset is triggered on error, the “pirateiros” They withdrew the CIC of an original cartridge that was almost always Mario World, that already came with console and transferred the entire chip into the console making the necessary direct links on the board, hence the console would always have the independent CIC evalidação check the connected cartridge.


Brazil with z has corruption even in Video GAme!!!! kbuloso!!!! Honestly i didn't know and i still know nothing…good to know!!!! earned


too exaggerated. N buy more console in brazil for the pal da m to understand, more cartridges? Everyone can buy gamebit today (40 two dicks paying dearly) and open it to see the status of the chip before paying. Through the internet you can ask for photos of the chip to the seller or return it within 7 days for regret in cases of purchase in the free market and shopee. Thinking like that of the two one: it's a lot of emotion for a problem that usually has only in super mario world or has some kind of very strong neurotic madness inside the skull.
As my brother says: Moses, it is controlled!


hmm, is there any way to find out if it's fake without opening snes? I bought a snes a few days ago and I don't know if it's fake.

Bruno justo

This maybe only applied in super Mario world, This maybe only applied in super Mario world!

This maybe only applied in super Mario world, This maybe only applied in super Mario world? This maybe only applied in super Mario world,This maybe only applied in super Mario world!

This maybe only applied in super Mario world.

This maybe only applied in super Mario world.

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