[Review] EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 – PS4 (Playstation 4)

EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is the new name of the PES, famous Konami football game gets a new edition every year. In this article I do my analysis of the game, in its version for the Playstation 4, focusing only on the element that interests me, that is to play Online.


In the years 90 I was faithful to the series Fifa, having acquired all the Fifa PC, since to Tec Toy launched FIFA 96 no Brasil, until fifa 2004.

Had all PC FIFA, from 1996 a 2004

Had all PC FIFA, from 1996 a 2004

In the middle of the past decade I took a break from playing PC games, because mine was almost always busy with my work, and I couldn't play. A little later I got to know the PES series and I realized that it was better than Fifa, in several aspects.

In 2009 I traveled to the USA and took the opportunity to purchase a Playstation 3, primarily to play Blu-ray movies, because it cost the same as a Blu-ray player dedicated. The plan was not to buy games, more or PES 2010 I ended up buying.

The following year I acquired the PES 2011, launched there 9 years. But I little played it, because Fifa 11 it was better, and from then on I started to buy only Fifa. I just skipped Fifa 13, and FIFA 19 I purchased the digital version, so it is not in the photo.

All my Playstation Fifa 3 e Playstation 4,

All my Playstation Fifa 3 e Playstation 4,

And we arrived at 2019, with a lot of people pointing the EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 as the best football game in video games this year, retaking the lost leadership for years. Gameplay greatly improved, enhanced graphics, top players modeling, etc. And so, after checking out the demo and liking what I saw, I decided to purchase the EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.


Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020:


And the verdict is: Great regret! A gameplay it really is cool, play with São Paulo with shield and official uniforms, at Morumbi stadium, it's very cool. The narration is fine, not as diverse as that of FIFA, but competent, without those late comments from the past.

Up to MyClub I liked. It was practically the only way I played and I was getting the hang of it, managing to improve my team, although you can't buy players directly. But I really like to play Online, and in that regard the PES 2020 fails miserably.

The EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 doesn't have servers like in FIFA, matches work with connections peer-to-peer (P2P) and often the team makes himself present, which is something that FIFA has left behind a few years ago.

But the biggest problem is that there are no opponents. To play Online it is necessary to spend several minutes waiting for an opponent to appear, looking at the screen with nothing to do. The game first tries to find another player with a similar skill level, low latency, and similar level of courtesy (that doesn't disconnect when you're losing). But as he finds no one, relax the restrictions. Still you can't find anyone, and stay there trying and trying and trying until you find or the player gives up.

It is possible to trigger an option to not relax latency, what I strongly recommend, otherwise it's just an unbearable game in which the latency is huge but no one can go out to not lose points. Even with the option of not accepting low latency, eventually the team appears during the game. I felt playing PES 2010 again.

When an opponent finally appears, most likely he has a much higher skill level than mine. It's a matter of statistics. It's easier to find someone who spends the day playing than someone who plays eventually. And whoever plays every day is more likely to have a higher skill level. And then the game is always frustrating. With a much more skilled player on the other side, the game is very uneven.

It was not enough the immense delay to find an opponent, the game still gives two minutes for players to play with the team. I always want to go straight to the match, but the opponent stays there for two minutes putting lipstick on the players.

Before the game starts it is possible to see statistics about the opponent, like the types of moves he uses most in attack and defense, in which parts of the field it operates more or less, how do your goals, how do you score goals. This is even cool, because in the real football game nobody goes on the field without studying the opponent. And the two minutes serve to adjust your team according to the opponent. But still, it's boring because the two minutes add up to the many other minutes we spend waiting for an opponent to show up.

Moreover, many people have made the comparison arcade versus simulation when comparing FIFA and PES. They say that FIFA is arcade and PES is simulation. I say the most important thing is to be fun. If it weren't for the fun, what would be the Super Futebol in the Master System? Or the Super Formation Soccer no Super Nintendo? They are far from football simulators, but they are really fun.

Of course, not everything is bad at EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. I liked being able to cut replays and animations during the match, regardless of who made the move. In Fifa there are some greasy boring people who like to watch little animation even of the player catching the ball to get ready to take a throw-in and watch the celebration and replay of your goals. Want to see replay? Do like me, record the match! Stream online and review on Youtube later. It's great that in PES 2020 give it to cut this. It's only bad that the button to do this is OPTIONS, which also serves to pause, and then sometimes the break ends up involuntarily entering.

I also liked to see that players evolve as we play with them. Winning or losing, the player will gain experience points and level up. This is pretty cool. It's also nice to see that the rapport increases every time the players act together. It is possible to place players who initially do not have a match and see the match being created. In Fifa, there is even the bonus of integration when the player acts 10 club times, but two players who do not have nationality or league in common never get along, even if you play both for hundreds of matches. This is boring!

Ultimately, the EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 had everything to be a great game. And in fact it is for those who like to play offline, against AI or in multiplayer location. But for those who like to play Online unfortunately he is frustrating. I tried to like, but there came a time when I gave up spending more time looking for an opponent than playing.


Shipping was done by Directlog, from Rio de Janeiro. These are the tracking information obtained from the Directlog system:


30/09/2019 12:11 Generation Shipping (CAT)
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To close, that is the purchase summary table:

Product Name: EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020
Name Original: Game EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 – PS4
Store: Submarino
Value: R$ 144,49 [R $ 5,78 from cashback]
Current value: R$ 161,99 [R $ 32,40 from cashback]
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Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 28/09/2019
Submission Date: 30/09/2019
Data Delivery: 04/10/2019
Time in Transit: 5 days

Final Considerations

EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 it's a beautiful game to watch. It has all the Brazilian clubs of series A and B with uniforms and official players, has several Brazilian stadiums, and even obtained licenses from some European clubs, como Juventus and Barcelona.

The gameplay has really improved a lot since the last time I played a demo from previous years, and the modeling of the players really is already a level above FIFA, that stopped in time in this regard. But without opponents to play online it gets complicated. Eu não consigo mais ver graça em ficar jogando contra a IA em jogo de futebol.

So, após muitas tentativas e muita frustração, eu abandonei e o barco e resolvi voltar para o Fifa, more specifically Ultimate Team, que é o único modo que eu jogo. And Fifa 20 também tem uma boa dose de defeitos, mas isso fica para um próximo review.

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Como eu não jogo online, até me interessei. Mas eu gostava do PES quando era mais arcade, lá pelas edições 2005 – saudosos hack Brazukas.

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