[Review] Box Disney Comics – Edition 0: 5 volumes

The Box Disney Comics – Edition 0: 5 volumes brings 5 magazines and a sticker chart. Magazines are the number 0 (zero) Uncle Scrooge, Mickey, Donald Duck, Disney adventures, and Goofy, and mark the debut of Disney comics in the new publisher: Culturama.

Editora Abril was responsible for publishing Disney comics in Brazil for 68 years, until in the middle of last year the contract was terminated. At first I was upset, because I was collecting the Carl Barks Definitive Collection and to Don Rosa Library, that were incomplete.

But in January 2019 Disney comics returned to Brazil, by Editora Culturama, and after seeing their work I was very satisfied, with the better paper and everything. I haven't liked Editora Abril for some time, with which I had many delivery problems when I subscribed to the late Info magazine. I'm glad Disney found a new home.

Culturama has been making a series of Disney comic boxes. A Amazon sells both boxes as some individual magazines.

I don't intend to make the Culturama collection. I would even like, but there is space to store so many magazines, beyond the cost that is not negligible. Each magazine has a suggested price of R $ 6,00. Whoever wants to collect the five needs to pay R $ 30,00 month.

But the zero editions I made a point of acquiring, mainly in a good promotion (the box came out for R $ 20,30), because these edits will be historical, especially if the marriage between Disney and Culturama is as long-lasting as it was before, with Editora Abril.

For those who want to start a collection, it's worth running and buying the boxes that are still available from the first volume, which is zero, up to pre-sale of the Christmas edition, that brings the edition 8 das revistas.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Box Disney Comics – Edition 0: 5 volumes:

Agora também soube que a Panini está continuando tanto a coleção Carl Barks as for Don Rosa, de onde elas pararam. É uma pena que a Panini tenha resolvido enfiar a faca no preço dessas edições, se aproveitando da situação. E eles ainda tem fama de não prezar muito pela qualidade. Por conta disso ainda estou na dúvida se vou continua-las.

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