[Review] Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683

A Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683 was sent by Fosmon to be reviewed here on the Skooter Blog and in our Youtube channel. It is an outlet with remote control, which lets you connect any electrical device and then turn it on and turn it off by remote control.

Notice that in 2013 I did an analysis of a similar product. Came with three plugs, but unfortunately one of them no longer works, and the other two work, but often fail to identify the remote control signal. Fosmon's product appears to be of better quality, never failed.

A Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683 can be used indoors and outdoors, you can even stay in the rain without problems. It is composed of a North American standard plug with grounding (Type B), a piece of cable, with a loop that can be used to hang the device, and a North American standard outlet with grounding.

The remote control is quite simple, with a single button to turn the plug on or off. An LED indicates when it is pressed and sends a signal, and another LED on the outlet indicates when it is on.

Virtually any electrical device can be used with the Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683, that supports up to 15A of current. Note that the product is aimed at the North American market, and therefore works with 125 V e 60 Hz. It works normally not Brazil, using adapters or old outlets, in cities that use voltage 127 In, but I do not recommend trying to use it in power outlets 220 In.

Some examples of uses are TVs, lamps, heaters, aquariums, humidifiers, eletric tools, vacuum cleaners, and other. With the arrival of Christmas, a Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683 can be used to control the flasher lights, for example. Most of them do not have a key to turn on / off. With the remote control it's much simpler.

There are also reports of people using these devices for heavier equipment, like pressure pumps, compressors, and other. Lamps and external water sources are also good candidates for using this device. You can turn it on and off without leaving the house.

In my case, after testing for the review, a Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683 started to be used with the water source that I have in my room at my work. Her water pump does not have a button to turn it on and off, and the plug is behind a cupboard. With the Fosmon device I can turn it on and off without even having to leave my chair.

The decorating Source, which is now controlled with the Fosmon plug.

The decorating Source, which is now controlled with the Fosmon plug.

It's a pity that Fosmon sent me the version with just one plug, pois eu gostaria de fazer o mesmo com o meu umidificador. E nem é sedentarismo excessivo, às vezes eu estou em uma videoconferência, for example, e quero evitar ter de pedir licença apenas para levantar e ir ligar o umidificador.

Eu nem precisei usar, mas o dispositivo conta com uma tecnologia de pareamento/despareamento, que permite usar vários deles no mesmo ambiente. O produto também conta com uma garantia vitalícia limitada da Fosmon.

The remote control works with a bateria CR2032, que vem inclusa. Um manual de instruções em inglês também está incluso, e explica como fazer a operação de pareamento se for necessário.

Check out the photos of Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683:

Also check out the unboxing and the review in video, English:

A Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet C-10683 pode ser adquirida na US Amazon, que envia para o Brasil e a maioria dos países.

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