OSSC Firmware v0.85

It was released the v0.85 version of the firmware OSSC, according to information from its creator, of marqs, on the forum da VGP.

The news are listed are:

  • Simple OSD implementation
  • Mask color setting added
  • FPGA timing improvements

The addition of the OSD (on screen display) set up the options in menus on the screen itself, without staring at the little LCD display.

The download of the new firmware can be done here and the instructions to update it are in wiki.

Also check out the review the OSSC here in Skooter Blog.

Update (15/11/2019): Firmware 0.85 installed and tested on my OSSC. Check out the video to see how the menus were:

Permanent link to this article: https://www.skooterblog.com/2019/11/14/ossc-firmware-v0-85/

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There is an advantage that the Framemeister has more about OSSC! Now you can stop looking at LCD!