[Review] FIFA 20 – Standard edition – Playstation 4 (PS4)

FIFA 20 It is editing 2019 do famoso jogo de futebol da EA Sports, winning a new edition every year. In this article I do my analysis of the game, in its version for the Playstation 4 (PS4), focusing only on the element that interests me, that is online play, particularmente no modo Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT).


After decepção com o EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, o jeito foi voltar para o FIFA, de onde eu não deveria ter saído. Acabei adquirindo-o como presente para eu mesmo de Dia das Crianças 🙂 , aproveitando uma promoção da Amazon para este dia, com cupom de 10% off.

Há quem critique adquirir todo ano o mesmo jogo, com poucas modificações, sendo que ele se desvalorizará rapidamente. Para esses eu sempre respondo que jogo não é investimento. Ninguém compra jogo esperando que ele vá se valorizar. Eu adquiro jogos para jogar!

PS: Antes que alguém comente, eu sei que alguns jogos antigos se valorizaram e valem mais hoje do que quando foram lançados. But this is unlikely to happen with a sports game. Buying a game for this purpose is risky, probably a bad investment. And yet, it would be better to leave the game sealed to maximize profit. I want to play!

The vast majority of games I don't buy at launch, paying full price. I calmly hope prices will drop. The Spiderman it's one of those I'm waiting for. And that wait works for just about any game offline, or that online mode is not very important to me.

But FIFA is different, I just like to play against real opponents, I no longer see the fun of playing against the CPU, however good the AI ​​is. Online modes, FUT attracts me the most, because it's not just playing, win, play, tie, play lose. No FUT, win or lose, we are accumulating the coins to improve the team, buying and selling players, etc.

I know there is the factor pay-to-win, where who invests (Very much) real money can build a super team. I know there is the factor “gamble”, where a lot of people are spending with packages hoping to get the card from a great player, even if the chances are greater of taking average cards that do not compensate for the value of the package. But I play without ever spending a cent of real money (except what I paid for the game), I never buy the packages and just open the ones that come as a bonus, and still have fun and improve my team.

FUT players can't wait long to buy a new FIFA after launch. With each new edition we start again with the team from scratch. And when a new edition comes out, the old one is quickly abandoned by EA Sports, while the new one gets a series of incentive bonuses. Finding players in the old versions is getting more difficult, and further 3 or 4 years the servers end up shutting down once and for all. And this is how they manage to sell the new versions every year.

In other words, you can even buy an old FIFA edition sealed for a tenth of the value of the current edition. But it will only serve to play offline. And this is not very cool for those who just like to play online.


Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the FIFA 20:


You can summarize the FIFA 20 in a word: BUGS! Not too many bugs, but there is one that is enough to irritate. And there is a bug in gameplay, this little has changed compared to the previous year. Basically there is a new system for the collection of fouls and penalties, which is the most notable change.

Navigation through the FUT has greatly improved, it became easier to use some options. It is still extremely irritating to buy contracts, because the items appear in abundance but in 90% of attempts the ads expire before we are able to buy. And here is a bug: the L1 and R1 buttons to navigate through the pages do not work. The indication is on the screen, but when you press them nothing happens. It's ridiculous! In the previous edition at least this worked.

But the bug that irritates anyone occurs when we are browsing the player market. Eventually when trying to move forward or back through the pages, the game is loading the page the Eternal and there is nothing that can be done. The only way is to close the game and open it again. Since my acquisition, at least two updates have been released, but EA is still unable to eliminate this bug. I have even avoided looking too much for players in the market, I have done less business and without looking too much because if the bug appears, I even give up playing.

Apart from the bugs o FIFA 20 it's OK. Finding opponents is very fast, contrary to what happens in EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 where the wait can be several minutes. Pairing with opponents at the same level almost always works. There were few times that I got an opponent much stronger or much weaker. Most of the time the game is good and disputed.

Lag it is also something that was in the past, all the games I played flowed naturally, unlike also what occurs in the EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, where latency is often present.

Online gambling still allows for the usual inconveniences, as replayzeiros who are watching celebration and replay until the end, that use all pauses in 40 seconds, who are watching little animations even of the player fetching the ball for the side kick, among other. Unfortunately, you can't cut it like in EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. In PES any player can cut the animation or replay, in Fifa it's just the “owner” of the move.

And that's basically it, a small increment, no big news. The so-called BACK mode, I even took a look at the demo, but until today I didn't feel like playing. I didn't play the Fifa Street which is the game that the VOLTA mode most resembles. I noticed some resemblance only to the indoor soccer mode there from FIFA 97, that i liked to play.

I also didn't play any of the other game modes, that attract me nowadays. With the lack of license from Brazilian clubs and the loss of license from some European clubs, there is even less attractive for matches with ready teams.

The narration adds some new phrases by Thiago Leifert and Caio Ribeiro, but no big news. The presenter is still missing, the field reporter is still missing. In the demo version I was playing with the narration in English and it seems to me that it is quite superior. I'll even confirm this the next time I play.

And to top: a curious phenomenon that I have observed at home. My dog ​​likes to sleep in the room when we are there, in his bed that is usually between the TV and the couch. He likes TV, sometimes even watching. He also likes video games. But there's something about FIFA that he doesn't like. All I have to do is start a game and he quickly leaves and will be alone somewhere else. I don't know if it's the crowd's cry, if it is the voice of the narrator, the fact is that it always comes out. He definitely doesn't like FIFA.


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To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: FIFA 20 – Standard edition – Playstation 4 (PS4)
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Final Considerations

FIFA 20 brings little news, lost important licenses, and I just didn't let it go because Konami keeps skating badly in EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer online modes 2020. Casual players who only have the game for an offline party with friends should not appreciate the FIFA 20. But those who like FUT complain and keep buying because unfortunately there are no alternatives.

For this edition I just hope that the EA Sports at least manage to solve that bug of crashes in the transfer market, because he is very irritating. You can't expect much more than that.

Next year, FIFA 21 should come out on the eve of the Playstation debut 5. So the EA Sports need to wake up and run after improving the aspects that Konami has been ahead of, perhaps with the use of a new engine, or at least a new version of Frostbite, to take advantage of what the new generation will have to offer.

If the best gameplay it's still a matter of personal taste, in the graphic part it is difficult to argue in favor of FIFA. A Konami is better at 3D modeling of players, although only the most famous, because the least known internationally are quite uncharacterized.

So much EA Sports as Konami also need to address the issue of licenses. This competition between the two is good for having better and better games in all aspects, but the license issue is an exception. In it the exclusive agreements with one brand or another prove to be predatory and we ended up with two incomplete games.

Clubs also need to be less greedy with these licenses and understand that games are also a great form of advertising. I myself do not follow European championships, I barely follow Brazilians and South Americans, então muitos jogadores só conheço por causa dos jogos de videogame.

O Barcelona, for example, para mim era só o time de quem o São Paulo ganhou o mundial interclubes em 1992 🙂 . But 2011 eu estive em Barcelona e fui lá visitar o Camp Nou que até então eu só conhecia no videogame, paguei pelo tour e ainda trouxe um boné oficial do clube. And now the Camp Nou está fora do FIFA! Excuse, Barcelona, mas vou ter que escolher outro clube europeu favorito.

In the years 90 the basketball games at Mega Drive made me want to know more about the teams and follow the NBA. I knew the name of all the teams because of the video games. And then I started to give an audience to Band who bought the games. A few years later I was finally buying my official cap from Chicago Bulls. This phenomenon could very well be repeated in football with the kids now if the clubs collaborate. Why not?

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FIFA is my favorite game and I buy it every year and I also just enjoy online mode, but I only play that Seasons mode where I choose the ready teams

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