Analogue Mega Sg Jailbreak Firmware JB7.7

It has just been released jailbreak firmware JB7.7 version Analogue Mega Sg. Confira as novidades:

  • includes fixes from official firmware v4.7:
    • Zesenilia demo text fixed
    • Turbo Outrun graphics seem to be fixed
    • Audio pitch shifting on some games in zero delay mode fixed
  • plus:
    • Fixed large SMS BIOSes not working issue
    • CJ Elephant now works properly
    • Hardball 95 “SRAM error” fixed
    • Many other minor fixes

As expected, the updates that had already been made in official firmware 4.7, I had already announced here on Skooter Blog, They are in this new version of jailbreak.

Furthermore, corrected the bug with the Master System BIOS I had reported, and other bugs that had been pending for some time.

The download the new firmware can be done on GitHub.

Logo has broadcast live to the test jailbreak firmware JB7.7 version Analogue Mega Sg on the Skooter Blog channel on Youtube. Register the channel to watch.

Update (20/11/2019): As promised, last night installed the new version and did the live of my tests:

The Master System BIOS the problem was solved fact. Unfortunately the persists bug do som FM no Rastan and other games.

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Here everything works, minus coleco games. Always gives the message of “cannot load bios”. I've tried .bin and .col games file. BIOS I just found .col

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