It's Black Friday in the Stone Age Gamer: All flashcarts and accessories for Sale

Just started Black Friday in Stone Age Gamer. All flash carts They are on sale, and also several video game accessories.

And more, the Mega SD You have just arrived at the store and also on the promotion. A Stone Age Gamer send by USPS First Class, reducing the chances enough of the package to be taxed. Until now the only option was the very Terraonion, a manufacturer, sending only courier, virtually guaranteeing taxation in approximately 100% do valor.

The others flash carts They are also on sale, including SD2SNES Pro, Mega Everdrive, Super Everdrive, Everdrive N8, Everdrive 64, Everdrive GBA, Everdrive GB, Turbo Everdrive, Master Everdrive, Everdrive GG, PSIO, ultimately, all of them. Adapters, cases, joysticks, cables, toys, and other accessories are also on sale.

Check out the brochure promoting and enter the Stone Age Gamer by the our link, to ensure all discounts:

The promotion starts today (27/11) to 14:00hs (Brasilia time) and goes to 01/12 to 22:00hs. Enjoy Black Friday of Stone Age Gamer .

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Good evening friend. I met your site for the matter of the r-type of system master, can you help me? I bought a Everdrive x7 and I can not turn the r-type at all, only appears the title screen, giving start is all black. My mega and mega drive 3 tec-toy. The rest works all good. Thank you.


Do you recommend somewhere where the official size? 256kb certain? Thank you


Good afternoon . I thought that you mentioned and did not work. I think the problem is the mega 3 tec_toy mesmo. But thanks

Bill C

A doubt Friend. Regarding the purchase and shipment to the BR themselves automatically make statement? Or do I need to request the amount you want to declare. Until I was thinking about getting the mega sd, but just left the core of the Sega / Mega CD for Mister FPGA I'm riding and seems to be working fine. But I am still in doubt ehehehe. He $$ U 287 already with shipping included to my town. I was just worried about the possibility of being taxed…From what I saw u could always buy without tax. Is there any specific procedure when buying in the stone age gamer and not be taxed? I thank the attention and the reviews are very good

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