Transforming or iPad, tablet Android, or old cell, in Digital Photo Frame

There are many articles on the Internet talking about turning the old iPad or Android tablet in digital frame. But the vast majority of them is out of date and points to apps that do not serve exactly for this purpose, or that no longer exist, or that do not work on older versions of iOS, among other problems.

Because of this, I decided to make this article not showing a dozen apps, but only those who actually work and attended my purpose. What I wanted was apps to set and forget, knowing that they will work indefinitely.

IOS – iPads e iPhones

In my search earlier this year for such a program for use in a third-generation iPad, the best I could find was the LiveFrame. The promise was good, it supports multiple online services, including Google Photos. I even bought the paid version, but it was only headache. The program takes a long time to load the album and almost always fails, it tries to load all the album before starting. When it works just curls. Ultimately, a bad investment.

But recently he appeared in the Apple Store one app really good. His name is SoloSlides for Google Photos. It is free, but some features are paid. IOS does not work 9.0 or superior, in other words, It works with all iPads, except for the first generation, and any iPhone from the iPhone 4S.

Just select a Google Photos album and it does the uninterrupted service. Want to add more photos? Just do this directly in the Google Photos album. Those who prefer can also set a time (dates) and view all photos (any album) that fits over the period, or even view all photos from Google Photos. It carries a photo at a time, so there's no problem if they are thousands and thousands of photos.

The free version is already very good, but I ended up buying the Premium version to gain access to some interesting extra features, how to display the photos in random order, add a clock, and display the date the picture was taken.

SoloSlides for Google Photos running on the third-generation iPad.

SoloSlides for Google Photos running on the third-generation iPad.

The SoloSlides for Google Photos It is already running for weeks without any interruption, except by the iOS own with a popup weekly to inform the backup in iCloud is not being done, but probably should have some way to disable this warning on iOS.

The launch was in April and the last update is recent: of October.


I never had an Android tablet, but I have a cell Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos that was no use here. Battery somewhat bloated and Home button failing, can not really sell, probably not worth repairing. Why not make it a mini digital frame also?

The search for an appropriate app on Android was a lot easier. Soon I found the Fotoo – Digital Photo Frame Photo Slideshow Player. It is very similar to SoloSlides for Google Photos. It also seeks the photos in Google Photos, or in Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Samba/SMB, etc.

It transition effects, option to display date, time , time and temperature. You can also display the date the picture was taken. It also has a few options to show pictures whose appearance is different from the aspect ratio. I opted for a zoom and pan effect, for better use of screen space and still see the entire photo.

The app gave some fought in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos in the first days, mas não sei se a culpa é do aplicativo ou do celular. Agora ele já está executando há alguns dias sem travar.

Tem mais de 100.000 instalações e recebeu uma atualização hoje! Funciona em Android 4.0.3 or superior.

Final Considerations

Já pensei em vários usos para celulares e tablets antigos, inclusive já usei os meus com apps de previsão de tempo, como câmera de monitoramento, etc. Mas porta-retrato digital é de longe a função mais legal para dar uma sobrevida para estes dispositivos.

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