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The U96 USB testator 13 in 1 voltmeter Ammeter was acquired on AliExpress, shop ATORCH Innovative Manufactory Co., Store. It serves to measure voltage, current, resistance, etc. USB connections, allowing you to check if that really delivers the charger current and voltage promised, or if that POWERBANK really have the burden that promises.

Motivation and Choice

I already had a USB tester acquired in the already distant year 2014, who has appeared in many reviews here in Skooter Blog. It is still fully functional, but it has a limitation, it is only measure voltages between 3 and 7 volts. At the time this was not a problem, but many current fast chargers use higher voltages 7 volts when charging the device supports.

Give way, the U96 USB testator It is a modern version of my old tester. Some of the supported protocols, second ad, they are QC3.0 (3.8~12V, -/+0.2 step), QC2.0 (5V9V12V20V), Android BC1.2 (5In), Apple 5V2.4A e MTK-PE (5V / 7V / 9V / 12V). It also has a colorful high-definition IPS display.

Beyond the basics, as voltage, current, and load, the U96 USB testator also makes additional measurements, as power, resistance, temperature, and voltages on the data lines.

There are several versions, with different colors, (black, white, Translucent Blue, transparent) and additional, 3A as the load or cables with alligator clip. I opted for the version that comes with a 3A load, which can be quite useful for testing the porters limit, without being limited by the maximum current that a mobile device or any other use.

Unboxing and Tests

The U96 USB testator 3A and load come into individual packets, along with the tester came an instruction manual in English.

The tester has a unique side button, which serves to switch between different screen modes, and also to reset the counters. The charge comes with two keys that allow you to turn on and off the resistors 2,2 Ohm e 4,7 Ohm, respectively. It also has LEDs to indicate its general functioning and the operation of each individual load.

In manual specifications, there is the indication of the following:

  • voltage measuring range: 3,60V ~ 32,5 In, with precision 0,01 In
  • Current measurement range: 0,00 ~ 5,00 A, with precision 0,01 A
  • Range accumulated power: 0 ~ 999.999 MHW, with precision 0,001 Wh
  • power measurement range: 0 ~299.999 W, with precision 0,001 In
  • maximum delay time: 999 H 59 M 59 S, with precision 1 S
  • Time to update: > 500 ms
  • Measuring rate: 0,5 times / second
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +60 ° C
  • Product Size: 65 x 24 x 14 mm
  • Operating Humidity: 10 ~ 80

I made my first test with ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh and I noticed that it can offer 1,051 The easily, maintaining tension in 5,040 In . On the other hand, 2,135A with tension has already fallen to 4,967 In, but still very close to the 5V. With the two loads connected simultaneously, This would lead to the upstream 3A, the ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh turns off.

I think the ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh He behaved as expected, providing enough current to charge any mobile or tablet market. I have not tried loading amount of testing, as he had done with USB Legacy tester.

I tested also a front USB port of my PC. The motherboard is an ASUS Z87-DELUXE, and the office is a Cooler Master HAF X. With the load connected 2A he indicated 4,595V and 2,010A, in other words, he had to download a much tension to ensure the current. Note that the USB specification 3.0, each port need only ensure 900mA, so I can not condemn the motherboard for not doing something beyond specification. Turning the second charge, the current rises to 2,809 A and the voltage drops further, to 4,441 In.

Another test was with the USB Hub 3.0 Orico A3H13P2. In one of 13 USB slides 3.0, he handed 5,072 V e 2,211 A to 2A charge, and 5,040 V e 3,201 The loads connected with two. Not bad considering that this is not a cargo door, and that the specification need only support 900 mA. But we have to consider that most 13 doors were idle or low load.

Then tested the charging port Universal (U), nominally provides 1A. She could go to 2,170A, but with the voltage dropping to 4,959 In. And even 3,110 A, but with the voltage 4,902 In.

Por fim, tested the cargo door Super Charger (S), nominally goes to 2,4a. With the load of the tester 2A indicated 4,959 V e 2,167 A. With both loads, the voltage dropped to 4,894 V and current in 3,109 A.

also tested the charger Xiaomi Mi 9, with cell loading. The fast charge made the tension rise to 8,972V, chain with 1,430 A, totaling 12,829 In. Not bad.

Last, I tested the charger iPad 2018, that the loading device has arrived in 5,064 V e 1,912 A, totaling 9,682 In.

It is important to note that heat up 3A load resistors enough when it is being used. To change color, but return to normal when cools. It's good to be careful not to burn your hand and do not leave the resistors abut anything that can melt or catch fire.

Check out the photos and the video of unboxing and testing of the U96 USB testator 13 in 1 voltmeter Ammeter:


These are the package tracking information obtained from the AliExpress system:

2019.12.12 17:44 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2019.12.09 10:52 (GMT-7): Cleared customs
2019.12.04 14:37 (GMT-7): Accepted by Last Mile Carrier
2019.11.20 18:33 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2019.11.16 21:08 (GMT-7): Shipment accepted by airline
2019.11.15 23:48 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2019.11.15 22:25 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2019.11.15 22:25 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin distribution center

Through the code LP + 15 digits, que aparece no sistema da AliExpress, you can get the code ePacket posted in Sweden (LB + 9 digits + SE), by using the site system Cainiao, that displays the following information:

2019-12-12 17:44:00

Import clearance success
2019-12-09 10:52:00

Arrive at destination country
2019-12-04 14:37:00

Hand over to airline
2019-11-20 18:33:00

Depart from transit country or district
2019-11-17 20:29:00

Arrive at transit country or district
2019-11-17 19:54:00

Received by line-haul
2019-11-16 21:08:00

Outbound in sorting center
2019-11-15 23:48:17

Accepted by carrier
2019-11-15 22:25:21

Inbound in sorting center
2019-11-15 22:25:21

These are the package tracking information obtained on the site of the station:

Delivered to the addressee object
/ SP
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Object received by the post Office of Brazil

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Object forwarded
from country to SWEDEN / countries in International treatment unit / BRInformar document number for the supervision and delivery of your object. Click hereMy Imports
Object received in export unit

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Object posted

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This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: U96 USB testator 13 in 1 voltmeter Ammeter
Name Original: U96 13 in 1 USB tester DC Digital voltmeter amperimetro voltage current volt meter ammeter detector power bank charger indicator
Store: AliExpress | Store: ATORCH Innovative Manufactory Co., Store
Value: R$ 20,76
Current value: R$ 21,72 (US$ 4,97)
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: R$ 11,01
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 11/11/2019
Submission Date: 15/11/2019
Data Delivery: 12/12/2019
Time in Transit: 27 days
Declared content: Voltage Meter
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value: USD 0.70
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I am quite satisfied with the U96 USB testator 13 in 1 voltmeter Ammeter e com a carga de 3A que veio com ele. Espere vê-lo bastante em próximos artigos onde eu precise testar a potência de carregadores, among others.

Só senti falta de um pedaço de cabo flexível no U96 USB testator. My antigo testador USB has, então fica fácil posicionar o display para visualiza-lo. On U96 o plug está fixo no próprio dispositivo, então precisei fazer algum malabarismo para ver o display em algumas ocasiões.

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