“Master Everdrive” Chinese: Flash Cart para Master System na AliExpress

For those waiting for a Chinese clones Master Everdrive, the wait is over. AliExpress has just appeared on a flash card for Master System.

"Master Everdrive" Chinese: Flash Cart para Master System na AliExpress

“Master Everdrive” Chinese: Flash Cart para Master System na AliExpress

According to the announcement, the cartridge supports games up 8 Megas (1 MByte) Master System and SG-1000, supported the mappers of Sega and by Codemasters. It can be used in Game Gear with adapter.

The cartridge format is the North American and European, also used in Brazil. The photo shows a PCB Altera Max II.

PCB do "Master Everdrive" Chinese.

PCB do “Master Everdrive” Chinese.

The announcement does not speak in Save states or upgradeable firmware, so I do not count on it. But at least it's a cheap option, costing only $ 129,00 (US$ 29,98) with free shipping. Who wants to risk get Flash Cart for Chinese Master System on AliExpress can click here.

Those who prefer can acquiring a Master's Everdrive X7 Krikzz, straight from the Stone Age Gamer, with warranty, Save states, and everything else. Costs from US $ 128,99, but you can use the coupon for SAG2020 have $ 10,00 off.

A analysis of the Master Everdrive X7 has been done here in Skooter Blog. Be sure to check.

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Há algum tempo atrás eu me deparei com diversos fóruns e páginas de discussões sobre se usar EverDrive no videogame faz com que ele estrague, assim como cartuchos reprogramáveis que usem memória flash de 3.3v, considering that the Mega Drive, for example, runs at 5v.

Researching, I found a very detailed article, English, which lists each item of which can cause problems or those who can not: https://db-electronics.ca/2017/07/05/the-dangers-of-3-3v-flash-in-retro-consoles/

The article was written by an electronic engineer named René, which is also a fan of the universe retrogamer. The curious thing is that the Mega Everdrive x7 has not been well evaluated, x5 but fared much better.

Essa treta aí foi longe, o Krizz respondeu. It has a bit of an exaggeration in the original article, because it disregards the CMOS actually supports a much larger correnet that described in the document that the study shows.
Neste link, in the comments, the Krizz himself explains the situation:

Clear, that, as a precaution and to not get mislabeled, the Krizz fixed this in newer versions, but not have to worry, many who study the matter confirmed that it is not something that will cause a burning equipment.

My biggest concern is the Chinese everdrives and mostly parallel cartridges and Nintendo Super NES. I wanted to buy those cartridges 150 in 1 do NES, but he was considered a bomb by Article. As for Everdrive X7, I was on the back foot.

I even have one of those 150 in 1, but I ended up buying a Everdrive Chinese N8 and stayed with him., that principle should have no problems (is the same circuit as the Krizz, with some change components, but must have the same voltage). But look, even with this big difference, It has much exaggeration in Article, and even the author, when confronted by Krizz simply stopped responding, which left pissed krizz life, ehehe. Here he comments on the subject:

I saw last Friday and already bought. The original Krizz will hardly continue to be supported or have reprinting, so it's good to have competition. Although it is able to himself to have passed the project and firmware for Chinese, as it has done on other occasions.
The card looks like a variation of the first version card (pre x7), but with a different distribution of chips, all on the same side, looks well finished. I had no problem with my Chinese Everdrive mega and snes today, I can not complain.

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