the Clothesline Practical String support (toothlet) Natural Secalux

In 2013 I got a Clothesline Wall / Practical ceiling of Secalux. He has 6 rods that can be downloaded individually. The strings are trapped in a plastic holder, called the content list “Support unit for height adjustment”.

It turns out that after 6 years of use, my “Support unit for height adjustment” started to break. The dried plastic together with the tension provided by the strings ended up cracking part of the support, As can be seen in photos:

Unfortunately this piece is not sold separately in local stores, and even on the Internet I couldn't find.

I then used the contact form Secalux website to see if they could sell me the piece separately. Secalux asked for a series of data, including photos and product invoice. Fortunately I had saved the invoice.

In the next answer I was offered the replacement part, with the following values:

  • Sedex: R$ 22,50
  • PAC: R$ 21,00

As I was in no hurry I opted for the PAC and made the deposit in the Santander account that was indicated (obrigado NuBank por não cobrar pelo TED, ao contrário do que faz o Banco do Brasil).

Fiz o depósito no dia 18/12. Não me mandaram mais nenhum retorno, but on 26/12 eu recebi a caixinha, que havia sido postada no dia 20/12.

Enviaram duas unidades, great! Na nota fiscal o produto veio descrito como “the Clothesline Practical String support (toothlet) Natural”, com o custo de R$ 0,25 each.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing das duas unidades do Suporte de Cordas do Varal Prático (toothlet) Natural Secalux:

Fiquei bastante satisfeito com o atendimento da Secalux, considerando que foi um produto que eu comprei há 6 years. Muitas marcas deixam produto muito pouco tempo no mercado, e logo não tem mais peças de reposição ou cobra muito caro por elas.

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