Mega Everdrive X7 core SVP wins for Virtua Racing

Krikzz launched this week two new version of MEGAOS, o firmware do Mega Everdrive X7, with an implementation in FPGA core SVP, special chip used in Virtua Racing. Thus the Mega Everdrive X7 passa a rodar todos os jogos oficiais do Mega Drive, no exception, pois o Virtua Racing era o único que faltava.

Check out changelog Full:

MEGAOS-V3.13 16.01.2020
1. SVP compatibility fix for Mega-SG (required console firmware v4.7)

MEGAOS-V3.12 14.01.2020
1. SVP core fpr Virtua Racing (not working with Mega-SG)
2. Fixed SMS rom loading over USB

Em breve devo fazer uma transmissão ao vivo no Skooter Blog channel on Youtube testando a novidade. Assine o canal e habilite as notificações para assistir.

Remember, the Megas saiu na frente com o suporte ao core SVP e ao Virtua Racing, como pode ser visto nesse meu vídeo abaixo. O bom de ter concorrência é isso. The Mega Everdrive X7 já estava há uns dois anos sem grandes novidades. With the release of Megas as vendas do Mega Everdrive X7 devem ter caído bastante, e com isso o Krikzz começou a se mexer e implementar novidades.

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Update (19/01/2020): Check out the video of the live broadcast with Virtua Racing running on Mega Everdrive X7:

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Boa tarde Skooter,
Congratulations on always bring the latest news of the universe retrogamer. Here in Brazil, do not know a blog with such a wealth of details such as your, I find an oasis for discerning collectors. Recently, the article on the Master Everdrive, I left a comment with a link to a study on the best known everdrives and would like to know your opinion on the conclusion of this study. In particular, I wonder about the conclusion about the Mega Everdrive X7.

Lucas Mendonça

This att to run Virtua Racing in Everdrive only works in X7 or she also gives to run Virtua Racing in X3 and X5?

We would like to know what you think, Leave your commentx