OSSC Pro is announced with many new features

Marqs, criador do OSSC original, just announced no Shmups Forum which is developing the OSSC Pro, which should bring all the features of previous version and more a lot of news.

New HDMI and SPDIF inputs will be available, and we will have two types of processing beyond the traditional multiplier lines. One is a multiplier adaptive lines, which will allow some new settings as 4x240p / 2x480p in a traditional frame 1080p, increasing the compatibility.

The third type is a scaler, that will allow deinterlacing, stop for non-integer values, translation and rotation refresh rate. This mode should work with a framebuffer, in line with what makes Framemeister, running out of time with the compatibility issues with some TVs and consoles OSSC original.

The new components include a new ADC (analog converter for digital) which should improve the synchronization robustness, enter a low-pass filter, Automatic phase adjustment, etc. An FPGA Cyclone V will also be used for higher performance and more features.

Por fim, the OSSC Pro will feature two expansion connectors, that will allow connect modules such as: S-video input and composite video, Secondary video output, latency tester, and input controls, that will allow even use OSSC Pro FPGA as a dedicated console.

An additional plate allow the use of some development boards Terasic, including the famous DE10-Nano, which is used in Mister, open FPGA console that already has cores many islands to the fourth generation, beyond arcades and computers.

It is speculated that the OSSC Pro can produce output 4K. With HDMI input could even have a way to the consoles 2x1080p to the seventh generation. But for now it is just speculation.

No release date announced, but marqs says it will launch the product so that the hardware is ready and that a sufficient number of new features are available and tested.

Check out the design block diagram:

OSSC Pro Block Diagram.

OSSC Pro Block Diagram.

see also some conceptual images:

Check out all the news (English):

Highlights of the new design:

ISL51002 video ADC:
* improved sync processing robustness
* reduced sampling jitter with DPLL
* fine-grained video LPF
* automatic sampling phase adjustment

Cyclone V FPGA (5CEFA5F23C8N):
* higher performance and more resources
* hard memory controller
* large number of IOs

Clocking and memory improvements:
* Si5351C clock generator for accurate output pixel clock generation (framelock or free-running)
* 512MB LPDDR2 RAM and 16MB QSPI flash

New AV inputs:
* SPDIF (optical)

2×20 pin GPIO connector for future expansion possibilities such as:
* composite & s-video input module
* secondary video output (e.g. VGA) module
* latency tester interface module
* game controller port module (for using OSSC Pro as a dedicated FPGA console)

The processing modes enabled by the HW can be split roughly into three types:

1. Pure line multiplier
* both active and blanking lines multiplied – basically what original OSSC does
* simplest mode with least latency

2. Adaptive line multiplier
* visible lines are multiplied but horizontal & vertical total matched to standard timings
* high compatibility with minimal latency overhead (1-30 lines typically)
* enables some new output configurations such as 4x240p/2x480p in standard 1080p frame

3. Scaler
* higher flexibility via LPDDR2 utilization
* HQ deinterlacing
* non-integer scaling
* rotation
* refresh rate conversion

It will take time until all the features get implemented, but release can be expected once the HW is complete and a sufficient number of new features are available and verified. As a thanks to community’s support for the first project, upcoming prototypes of the new model will be sent to the guys who have contributed most on the original OSSC firmware. New developers are also welcome as the project is large enough to enable different implementation areas for several people. For DIY-builders and those who can’t wait for the final HW, a small add-on PCB compatible with a couple Terasic FPGA dev boards (DE10-Nano, DE2-115) is in works and available soon. Together with the parent dev board, it can be used to implement a subset of the functionality presented above.

Parece que 2020 será um grande ano para quem gosta de consoles clássicos. O OSSC Pro deve finalmente unir o melhor dos dois mundos: framebuffer e latência baixa, deixando ambos à escolha do usuário conforme o console e a TV.

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Não tenho dúvidas que o FPGA veio salvar o mercado retrogamer.

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