[Review] Schneider Lunare Prime Outlets and Switches – Telhanorte

In this article I show my second purchase made on website Telhanorte. It was a purchase made modules, switches, Schneider plates and mirrors, line Lunare.

These were items:

Product Price Qty Subtotal
Mounted 10A socket set with Lunare Schneider plateMounted 10A socket set with Lunare Schneider plate R$ 9,90 11 a R$ 108,90
White 4x4 blind plate Lunare Prime SchneiderBlanking plate 4×4 branca Lunare Prime cutter R$ 10,90 2 a R$ 21,80
plate 4x2 2 separate Lunare Schneider postsplate 4×2 2 separate Lunare Schneider posts R$ 4,59 6 a R$ 27,54
Support 4x4 board 6 módulos Lunare SchneiderSupport 4×4 to board 6 módulos Lunare Schneider R$ 4,79 2 a R$ 9,58
Assembled set of 2 simple switches 10A 250V white Lunare SchneiderAssembled set of 2 simple switches 10A 250V white Lunare Schneider R$ 18,90 1 a R$ 18,90


As I have already mentioned in the article about my first purchase at Telhanorte, my house was built using supports, making modules and switches Dicompel, that are of terrible quality. All switches broke with little use!

At first I was replacing, but it arrived an hour I gave up and then I began to exchange them for supports and modules Schneider, line Prime Lunar.

As the cost of change all at once is very high, I decided to go slowly changing, as were the breaking of Dicompel.

In my town two stores working with the modules Schneider, but one closed and the other decided not to work with the brand. Said selling little. Perhaps because they are more expensive.

Making a second brand change is not an option for me, because the transition I would be with three different lines, then the way was going to buy the products Schneider Online. And this was my second purchase with Telhanorte.

To compensate for the freight ended up getting a good amount of media, modules and mirrors, not just what I needed immediately.

I recently painted my room, and as I needed to remove the mirrors I took the opportunity to buy these mirrors for one or two modules, that look better and cheaper than using a three-module mirror and using one or two blind modules.

I even bought some complete sets even though I don't intend to use them as they are, just because it’s cheaper to buy the set than everything separate.


Check out the photo and video of unboxing my second purchase with Telhanorte:

Schneider Lunare Prime Outlets and Switches.

Schneider Lunare Prime Outlets and Switches.

The order cost R $ 186,72, and the freight was R $ 19,96, R $ 206,68. The application was done on days 01/01/2020, scheduled for delivery up to 17/01/2020. The website still shows the order as “In Stock Separation”. But the delivery was made on the day 07/01/2020, by the carrier Speed Log Express. I was not able to track even by the two codes that appear on the site in different places, nor by order number.

Final Considerations

All right with this second purchase at website Telhanorte. Despite the deadline reported to be over, in practice they deliver reasonably fast. I will continue doing my shopping there, because I don't have many other options to buy items from Schneider, e a loja física da Telhanorte mais próxima fica há cerca de uma hora daqui.

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