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The SD2SNES Pro Deluxe was acquired in Stone Age Gamer. This is a new version of SD2SNES, I showed here 2013, with upgraded hardware and more powerful. It is a cartridge for the Super Nintendo (SNES) that lets you run almost every console games from the ROMs images, stored on a microSD card.

It implements in its FPGA chips including the expansion of the Super Nintendo, as Super FX, SA-1 and DSP series. Only 3 chips have not been implemented: SPC7110, ST-010, e ST-011, used only in 5 games, all released only in Japan. Furthermore, the SD2SNES Pro also implements a chip expansion that lets you use audio CD-quality videos and Super Nintendo games, making it possible to run some hacks which give an idea of ​​what would be the Super Nintendo CD-ROM, if he had been released.

A Deluxe version of the Stone Age Gamer the canister includes, manual color instructions, and adhesives. The cartridge has top quality and choice of finish for installation of pipelines for the light of 3 LEDs that indicate the status of the cartridge.

FXPAK Pro – the new Pro SD2SNES name

The SD2SNES Pro Deluxe It was renamed FXPAK Pro shortly after my purchase. The change was made by Krikzz, which manufactures the plates, and it occurred to avoid legal problems, because the acronym “SD” apparently is the intellectual property of SD-3C, formed by Panasonic Company, Sandisk, e Toshiba. Therefore, use the acronym in products linked to memory cards is not a good idea.

The Krikzz also took the change to remove the acronym SNES, and thus also prevent any legal problems with Nintendo. A lot of people did not like the change and many other names have been suggested, but “FXPAK Pro” prevailed. In practice it is the same product, just with a new name.

Either way I'm happy to have made the purchase just before the change, without being aware that it would take place, and have my cartridge with the classic name, for which he is likely to remain informally called.


When the SD2SNES Pro was announced a year ago, as here in anything like reporting Skooter Blog, I was not too eager to upgrade, and left him with low priority in my wishlist.

The reason is that despite the most powerful hardware, the only unique feature of SD2SNES Pro is the possibility of using the expansion chips SA-1 and MSU-1 at the same time. A FPGA do Original SD2SNES It has room for both run at the same time. With the two together, you can run hacks games that use the SA-1 audio with CD quality.

Note that this difference is that between the last version of the original SD2SNES, a rev. J, and the SD2SNES Pro. But my version is still the Rev. It, the first that was commercially launched. So for me the differences are greater.

After the Rev. And it came to Rev. F which solved some problems related to interference in Super Nintendo model 1chip (I do not know exactly what interference). Then Rev. L increased the volume MSU-1, which is very low in earlier versions, But the modification added noise. Por fim, a Rev. He added a H op-amp to solve every problems with the MSU-1.

Mais tarde veio a Rev. J. Não sei exatamente o que mudou nela, but one of the changes was that the SD card slot has been replaced by a microSD card slot.

So in my case, the upgrade for the SD2SNES Pro It brought not only the possibility to use SA-1 + MSU together, but also brought me a MSU-1 audio higher quality. Note that the MSU-1 audio is passed to the Super Nintendo, and even for the Analogue Super Nt, analogically, for there is a digital channel for this. So this upgrade It is welcome and makes a good difference in audio quality.

For me also ended up being upgrades the ducts into the light of the LEDs and the additional of Deluxe version of the Stone Age Gamer. All this was available in the original Stone Age Gamer SD2SNES, but not in mine that was purchased from another store.

The whole motivation was relevant, but still left the SD2SNES Pro away from the top on my list of priorities. The final push for the purchase came with the Black Friday promotion of the Stone Age Gamer, where all FPGA cartridges were left with a good discount.

Of course, they are also expected new features that will only be possible in SD2SNES Pro, because of their more powerful FPGA. One possible implementation of Game Boy, as the accessory Super Game Boy It is one of the most commented, and it is technically possible. But I never buy a product relying on its future potential, I buy only if he already has from the outset it is worth. This prevents up frustration if expectations do not materialize. If then came news, I consider them a bonus.

Choice of SD2SNES Pro Deluxe the Stone Age Gamer

Many people prefer to buy the SD2SNES Pro no Brasil, paying much more expensive, for not wanting to risk with possible tax. Others prefer to buy simple versions in European stores that are a bit cheaper. But I think much more advantageous to buy the Deluxe versions of the Stone Age Gamer, and I will explain why.


The finish of the cartridges Stone Age Gamer it is differentiated. My Original SD2SNES It uses a cartridge that was probably cannibalized some pirate game. The cutout for the card entry, to the USB connectors and the extra pins of expansion chips appear to have been made with stylus. There is also no ducts to see the light of status LEDs.

The cartridges Stone Age Gamer they are molded, already has all the necessary holes and great quality finish. You can add the ducts into the light of the LEDs, as I did. The product has a very professional look.

Choose Format, Colors, etc.

A Stone Age Gamer It is the only store that lets you choose between the Japanese Format / European or American. You can also choose the colors of the cartridges, screws, etc. There are even translucent versions for those who prefer a more modern look.


The box with liner notes, manual, etc. They give a charm more for products of Stone Age Gamer. I am to sell my Master Everdrive original for some time. Do not need it anymore since I already have the Master Everdrive X7. Just I do not sold yet because I love the art of the Stone Age Gamer Master Everdrive original, with white checkered box, recalling the original style of the first Master System games.

I know it's silly, but I have no Master System cartridge that original box of the time. I did not have in my childhood, I do not have it now. The Master Everdrive It is the only cartridge I have the box with that aesthetic. Because of that I did not open his hand still.


European stores that send to Brazil, usually do it by registered, in other words, we have to pay twice: freight and the damn postal dispatch fee for the Post Office. Buying in Stone Age Gamer has no postal order rate, and using the freight cheaper never had to pay tax. They always put a low value on customs form.


This is probably the most important and overlooked item. It is rare that an FPGA is defective cartridge, but happens. It happened to my Mega Everdrive X7, and what saved me was the guarantee 3 years of the Deluxe versions of Stone Age Gamer. If I had purchased elsewhere, I could have stayed at a loss.

Purchase of SD2SNES Pro Deluxe the Stone Age Gamer

I made the purchase SD2SNES Pro Deluxe in promoting Black Friday, as I have mentioned. I had some credit on my card Payoneer and I decided to use it.

You can not use two cards in the Stone Age Gamer, but you can do a little workaround: accepts store gift cards from Amazon US in its original value, without any discount. Then just buy a This card Amazon with the first card and apply it in the Stone Age Gamer Account, exchanging it for store credit. Then just make the purchase and pay the remaining amount with the second card.

With the promotion, the SD2SNES Pro Deluxe went for $ 185,00. The Deluxe version came out for only $ 5,00 most, and paid another $ 10,00 the ducts of the LEDs, totaling $ 200,00. The freight was for $ 17,99.

Not opted for microSD card, because it is cheaper to purchase them on AliExpress, as I did and I have shown here in Skooter Blog.

Buying the Stone Age Gamer still won a package of free games, but remember to download it in the first 30 days after purchase, because the link expires.

Unboxing and Tests

As praxis, the Stone Age Gamer sent the request in a custom box, declared value of US $ 20,00, but with the invoice Full outside of the box. There is always a risk of it being examined, but it never happened. Check out the photos unboxing and testing of the SD2SNES Pro Deluxe:

As praxis, finishing the Stone Age Gamer came flawless. As or microSD card was ready, soon left for the first test. But then I realized that I made a silly and not formatted the card as FAT32. The SD2SNES Pro It does not support exFAT and I already knew that, but I forgot to format it before you copy the files. I had to reformat the card and copy the data again. It took a few more hours, but everything worked out.

After that I did the first test SD2SNES Pro Deluxe, to transmit live in canal do Skooter Blog no YouTube. Check out:

Problems with Analogue Super Nt

Note that o SD2SNES Pro Deluxe presents some problems when used in Analogue Super Nt. Eventually the menu is loaded with glitches, e o menu “Browser Settings” does not load. I talked to the Ikari, criador do SD2SNES Pro, and did some diagnostic tests. He thinks that the problem is related to the CIC, which is the system that prevents the execution of non-licensed games on the Super Nintendo original. Both SD2SNES Pro and Analogue Super Nt implement the system, but they are not getting along right in its execution.

I believe the problem will be solved in future firmware versions SD2SNES Pro or Analogue Super Nt, but for now the “solution” is set up Analogue Super Nt loading the cartridge to be connected directly to. I did tests with the console showing the animation introduction of Analogue and then loading the cartridge and also worked. What does not work is to enter the menu and then loading the cartridge. This also applies in diagnostics. If you press the first menu, they fail. If loading the cartridge first, everything runs perfectly. Note that no Super Nintendo original the SD2SNES Pro also it worked without any problems.


I tested several games in SD2SNES Pro Deluxe and it worked without problems. Tested mainly MSU-1 games, in which the SD2SNES Pro Deluxe It makes the biggest difference for me. I confess I had never interested me much for them, and even so quite postponed buying. I think it's a very interesting feature to watch, especially knowing the history and knowing that was close, and even exist prototypes. If Nintendo and Sony have been understood, Super Nintendo would have a real CD-ROM. But I always thought: that's not how I remember those games, that's cool and such, but to play for real I want the original sound, with its virtues and flaws.

The lack of a package with all the MSU-1 games also walked away from the resort. Staying downloading and applying the patches, etc. every game is somewhat laborious. But to test well SD2SNES Pro Deluxe I ended up downloading all the games found at Super Nintendo Forever! and another torrent, for a total of 218 MSU-1 games, including different versions.

I'm still far from test them all, but from what I saw so far, liked very Top Gear MSU-1 – (Rock And Roll Remix). When the soundtrack runs away much of the original I do not usually enjoy, but this remix is ​​fantastic.

Still I will test all MSU-1 games to see which are worth more. Particularly like the idea of ​​using the MSU-1 to keep the score as close to the original as possible, but remade using samples higher quality, which often it was not possible at that time due to the high cost of ROM chips. There is practically a remastering with higher quality, instead of a track with different instruments.


The package was sent in the form “First-Class Package International Service” and “International Letter”, whose code starts with UA and ends with US. He has a very incomplete tracking, showing just a few steps in the US by USPS tracking. Tracing the Post appeared only delivery, but sometimes even that does not appear.

These are the tracking information package, obtained in the USPS Web site:

December 10, 2019, 3:57 pm
Arrived at Regional USPS Facility
Your item arrived at our USPS facility in CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on December 10, 2019 at 3:57 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

December 10, 2019, 3:20 at the
Departed Regional USPS Facility

December 10, 2019, 3:20 at the
Arrived at Regional USPS Facility

December 9, 2019, 4:46 pm
USPS picked up item
SALEM, OH 44460

These are the tracking information package, obtained on the site of the station:

Delivered to the addressee object
/ SP
Object out for delivery to the recipient


Check out the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: SD2SNES Pro Deluxe
Name Original: SD2SNES Pro Deluxe
Store: Stone Age Gamer
Value: US$ 200,00
Current value: US$ 234,99
Payment Method: Credit card Payoneer Mastercard + Credit Card Mastercard International
Shipping Type: Flat Rate (Basic Int’l – 14 to 45 Days)
Shipping Fee: US$ 17,99
Package Home Country: U.S.
Purchase Data: 30/11/2019
Submission Date: 09/12/2019
Data Delivery: 09/01/2019
Time in Transit: 31 days
Declared content: video game accessory
Type Marked Content: Merchandise
Declared Value: US$ 20,00
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I think that for many readers the big question is: Worth doing the upgrade from the Original SD2SNES to SD2SNES Pro Deluxe? And the answer could be none other than one depends on!

It depends on what the review Original SD2SNES you own and how interested you are in use hacks USC-1 + SA-1. If you have no interest in MSU-1, You can postpone buying. But, if you are interested in MSU-1 + SA-1, or even just in the MSU-1 but has a review of the Original SD2SNES old (Rev. L or lower), there worth upgrading or else make against to update the audio circuit.

Update just waiting for future features that not really know if they will come? I do not think much advantage, but as the prices in Brazil are high, a lot of people selling the original SD2SNES for more than I paid for SD2SNES Pro.

And who still has no should buy what? The SD2SNES Pro is the only production by Krikzz, already discontinued Original SD2SNES. But if the budget is low, at Original SD2SNES used also supports all official games of the Super Nintendo, except for those five that SD2SNES Pro also does not support. It must meet perfectly those who have no interest in possible future features SD2SNES Pro. is only good check out the review if there is interest in the MSU-1.

Another option for original SD2SNES are SD2SNES chineses. The announcement says are the Rev. H. Não tem suporte do Krikzz nem do Ikari, of course, e o controle de qualidade talvez não seja tão bom. Mas muitos compram e ficam satisfeitos. Note que tanto o software quanto o hardware do SD2SNES são de código aberto, então os chineses podem construir o hardware de maneira idêntica legalmente.

Eu gostei da atualização, pois já pretendia adquirir um SD2SNES da Stone Age Gamer antes mesmo do anúncio da versão Pro, apenas pelas revisões. Só não era prioridade, então era algo que eu sempre fui adiando, what turned out to be advantageous.

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Congratulations on your purchase! Realmente o nome SD2SNES é muito mais bonito que FXPAK PRO! Aconselho você pegar as roms hacks que são muito legais!
Eu tenho um SD2SNES rev. J , so I do not need to exchange it for now pro PRO right? Hugs!

[…] [Review] SD2SNES Pro Deluxe (FXPAK Pro) – Stone Age Gamer […]


Regarding the store Stoneage, u asked botarem a lower value or they have poe usual. Our taxes leave these items prohibitive for us. If you can pass me by email to talk to them if you have to ask. Thanks in advance, including the blog I always see to retrogamer news.


Great review as always.

With the launch of SGB support, another feature exclusive to the PRO versions, which is support for “MSU DATA” (you can check this information in the readme file available with the SGB firmware):
“The SD2SNES Classic does not include MSU data support due to space.”

A “review I” was skipped to avoid confusing the letter I with the number 1.
Ikari_01's comment on the discord: “Rev. I was omitted to avoid confusion with 1”

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