[Review] Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm com 3 Speeds – Black – NA-40-8P

The Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm com 3 Speeds It is a fan with 8 shovels, propeller 40 cm, Power 140W, and adjustable slope. The model is NVT-40-8P. According to the seal of Procel, he has consumption rating for the minimum and average speeds, and B for speed.


Just less than a year I shown here in the Fan Blog Skooter Arno VF40 Silence Force 40cm. I bought in late summer (March of 2019) and I ended up using very little. When spring came and began to heat up again, I began to use it again, but soon he soon crashed. Left smoke and the engine caught. That was in early November.

As it was under warranty I thought it would be easy to get a fix, but that's when my nightmare began. Arno has no service in my town, so I contacted to see if they would cover transport, if I could send by post office, etc. By phone I passed all the electronic service and at the time of transfer to an attendant just came a recording that all were busy and that I should call back later. I tried to email, contact by Facebook, etc. But I spent a week and got no answer.

I knew he would spend at least half of a new fan with travel, but I decided to take it in the nearest town that had technical assistance to not have to throw it away. Only after I had left it there is that Arno decided to answer and said cover shipping by Post.

The cost of the trip was already lost and they do not reimburse, but it was agreed that the return would be up to them. They spent a few weeks and no response. I called the service and only then is it decided to start repair. A few days later warned it was ready. Contacted the Arno and again no response on email, and impossible to talk on the phone.

Ultimately, Customer Services Arno is a huge disgrace. He turned the year and no fan. Only in early January is that it finally arrived. But it was not open the box and see that it was broken. The part of the engine fully released, neither swayed nor was fought. And the button to lock / unlock plastic also broke.

Took pictures, sent, and no answer. He connected on the phone and when he could speak, just said it had to wait. I had to push hard to pass through the responsible. They put the blame on the post office and I do not doubt that was broken in transport, but the responsibility was still them. Insistently I got to do to collect the broken fan, and then he went to another service, at the discretion of Arno.

And now it's been a few weeks and no response again. I've taken the case to PROCON, but not for the PROCON answered. Now an administrative process was created, that is in progress.

In short: I'm already almost 3 months without the fan. And I do not even want it anymore. Now just want me to reimburse the amount paid, as mandated by the consumer protection code, since they failed to give me the repaired product 30 days, as mandated by the CDC. In such cases the consumer may be reimbursed, but the Arno is also evade this responsibility. Arno never!

Choice of Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8

With the Arno out of the question, I decided to look at the fans of other brands. I read everything I thought of reviews, watch videos, etc. Cadence, Britania, Polishop, I checked all models.

The Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 It seemed the most interesting option, same size as Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm, but with 2 more blades and a little more maximum power. Good price. I decided to give a chance for him.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Compared to the Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm, the Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 It comes in a smaller box and much dismantled. The first is just to fit both sides and is ready. The Mondial is necessary to mount the base, montar as grades, in that the helix, etc. But at least the assembly is very intuitive, only looked at the manual to ensure even, and it took a few minutes to complete assembly.

The height control system is with a butterfly, much better than the Arno. It also has a nifty wrist strap, absent in the Arno. The plastic body is bright, unlike the Arno that is most matte. In the rest of the features are very similar.

As the wind, it is quite. It is difficult to compare noise and wind speed without the two side by side, even without measuring equipment. But something remarkable is that the difference between the Mondial speeds is more pronounced. In Arno does not notice much difference between the three.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and testing of the Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8:

Consumption test

To test the power consumption Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 I had the help of my Kill-a-Watt, which has amassed 10 years of good service provided.

And I got the measurements can be seen in the report below:

Input Voltage: 	120~123 V
Frequência de Entrada:	60 Hz

Velocidade: 		Máx
Corrente: 		1,05 ~ 1,06 Amp
Potência Real (active):	128 ~ 129 Watts
Potência Aparente: 	130 VA
Fator de Potência:	0.99

Speed: 		Méd
Corrente: 		0,83 Amp
Potência Real (active):	97 ~ 98 Watts
Potência Aparente: 	102 VA
Fator de Potência:	0.94 ~ 0.95

Speed: 		Mín
Corrente: 		0,72 Amp
Potência Real (active):	81 Watts
Potência Aparente: 	88 VA
Fator de Potência:	0.90 ~ 0.91

It is worth noting that although the fan sport a 140W in the center of the grid, as far as he was consumed 129W. Note that the input voltage during measurement was 120V to 123V, and it is possible that a higher power would be seen if she were in nominal 127V. It should be remembered that the fan of Arno also showed a maximum real power (122In) below the nominal (127In) in tests efetuei.

If the higher speed the Mondial has more power than the Arno, the same is not repeated in the medium and minimum speeds. At medium speed Mondial presented 97W to 98W, while Arno presented 106W. At minimum speed the Mondial presented 81W, while Arno presented 91W. This explains why the difference between the rates is more pronounced in Mondial. I see this as a positive, We often do not want the maximum speed, but a gentle breeze to sleep, with the lowest possible noise. Give way, the biggest difference between the speeds pleases me.

As for the power factor, while the Mondial features a larger factor at full speed (0,99) and lower average (0,94 ~ 0,95) and minimum (0,90 ~ 0,91), Arno does the opposite, featuring power factor 1,00 the minimum and average speed, but only 0,89 the maximum. It is worth remembering that the residential consumers only pay for active power, so that the power factor makes no difference in the account. But it curiosity of the difference between the motors. The engine Mondial seems optimized for maximum speed, while Arno is for the minimum and average speeds.

Por fim, it is noteworthy that a greater or lesser power does not necessarily mean more or less wind when comparing different models of fans, as there are other factors involved, as the model of the propeller and the grid. still remember that all measurements were made with the Model 127V, and may be different for the model 220V.

The seal of Procel, Arno offers 1,23 m³ / s flow, while the Mondial offers 1,28 m³/s. So in this case it seems that the higher power really makes a difference.

Also check out the video consumption test Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8:


The purchase was made in 03/01/2020. Casas Bahia does not tell the system who the carrier or tracking information, merely to provide a delivery forecast: 10/01/2020. But, the invoice appears that the carrier is the Transfolha, then I could do the tracking for the carrier's site. Check out:

held delivery
13/01/2020 23:00
Delivery place:
Em rota
13/01/2020 09:12
Pedido recebido no centro de distribuição regional
09/01/2020 15:48
Pedido despachado
09/01/2020 00:00
Pedido em separação
07/01/2020 17:21

It should be noted that the package arrived late, three days after the forecast.


Product Name: Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm com 3 Speeds
Name Original: Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm com 3 Speeds – Black
Store: Casas Bahia
Value: R$ 107,91
Current value: R$ 132,90
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Normal (Transfolha)
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 03/01/2020
Submission Date: 07/01/2020
Data Delivery: 13/01/2020
Time in Transit: 6 days

Final Considerations

For now I'm satisfied with the Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm com 3 Speeds. I hope that it is more durable than Arno. Não posso dizer que ele é silencioso, mas vento ele faz bastante, e mostra-se versátil por ter uma diferença considerável entre as três velocidades.

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Comprei o mesmo ano passado e realmente tem boa vazão mas achei barulhento e para dormir não serviu. Um dos motivos é justamente o fato de ter oito pás, parece uma turbina kk. After analyzing several comparisons I ended up exchanging for the Britânia B400 with four blades and I am satisfied, very silent. This one from Mondial would serve me for another environment like a room, etc..

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