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Aztec Adventure: The Golden Road to Paradise for the Master System was launched by Sega in Japan in 1987, as Nazca ’88: The Golden Road to Paradise. Next year, 1988, It was released in the US and Europe, the name we know.

Nazca is a Peruvian city, rich in archaeological sites belonging to the oldest cultures. In the West the story left Peru and went to Mexico, probably because Americans know more about Aztec civilization than about Nazca.

In the action game, the player controls Niño, an adventurer who goes through mazes in search of treasures. Armed with a sword, Niño can acquire weapons and items from dead enemies. Some enemies can be bribed with money to join the character.

The game has 1 Cloud, with decent graphics and sound for the time. Audio is available on PSG and FM. Yamaha's FM sound chip was only available on the Japanese Master System.

This is one of the games whose ROM is identical in all regions. The game detects whether the console is Japanese and shows the Japanese title, otherwise, it shows the western title.

No Brasil, the Aztec Adventure was launched by Tec Toy in 1991. Its Brazilian cover can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Capa da Tec Toy para o Aztec Adventure.

Capa da Tec Toy para o Aztec Adventure.

Note that or subtitle (The Golden Road to Paradise) only appears at the opening of the game, but not in the Brazilian box, not even in North America. Only the Japanese box has the subtitle.

The game's story appears in the rear box, as follows:

Somewhere in the forest of the ancient Aztecs a paradise is hidden.
To get there, you have to go through a dangerous maze, full of mysterious creatures. Hence, never has anyone managed to reach this paradise. Submit El Nino, the explorer, is brave enough to venture into the maze… and chances to survive.

In this land where money speaks louder, each has its price. Your enemies today can be your allies tomorrow.

The walk will be risky, but Aztec Paradise awaits you!

Unfortunately it was not available at the video store I frequented. I have asked the tips for Tec Toy after you seen it in the catalog that came with the console, hoping to one day play it. But that was only happen last year, when they finally decided to get him to play on my Analogue Mega Sg.

And now my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of Aztec Adventure there in the early 90, time of late Master Club.

The booklet follows consists of a single sheet of continuous form, with matrix printing. Apparently it is a continuous form carbonaceous, those leaving multiway, because there is printer roller marks on paper. Unlike other tips booklets, this only has the same tips, and a phase selection trick. No technical data, plot, objective, etc. as in other brochures I received at the same time. On the other hand, this leaflet includes a greeting “Dear little friend”, and a “good luck” closure.

Check out the brochure Tec Toy with the tips of Aztec Adventure Digitized:

Tec Toy Tips - Aztec Adventure - Master System.

Tec Toy Tips – Aztec Adventure – Master System.

To complete, I leave a video demonstrating the Aztec Adventure: The Golden Road to Paradise. It is the first time I played, so I didn't go very far:

Yesterday I also played some more to show the differences between the PSG sound and the FM, and the differences between playing on a Japanese console and an American one:

The equipment used for these catches were:

  • Elgato - Game Capture HD60 - For capturing video in digital format and Full HD 60fps.
  • Analogue Mega Sg - Mega Drive in FPGA, with HDMI 1080 p (Full HD), that also runs Master System games, the Game Gear, the SG-1000 and the ColecoVision.
  • 8BitDo m30 – Wireless control for Mega Drive and Master System
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It wasn't just at your rental store, I also had never played this


I remember the game. I saw it at a neighbor's house but I don't remember if it was rented or he had the game. His father was a well-heeled merchant and bought the Master for the boy at launch. When he gave the console to a cousin he must have been over 20 games.

Victor Hugo Arruda Sipoli

First time I find your blog, honestly I liked it, hard to find that kind of thing in any area of ​​the internet today.

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