[Tec Toy tips] Super Cross (Enduro Racer) – Master System

Super Cross is the name that Tec Toy gave the game Enduro Racer, which was released by Sega in 1987 in Japan, US and Europe. The game is loosely inspired by the eponymous arcade, Sega also, but exhibits a very different mechanical, with a view perpendicular, as Paper Boy, instead of style Hang On.

The Japanese version has 2 Cloud, while the Western version has only 1 Cloud. Reducing cost of removal 5 of 10 circuits. With that in Western version you need to complete each of the 5 circuits twice to end the game.

Why Tec Toy changed the name of the game I have no idea. Maybe Super Cross is something that refers more to a motocross race. When I saw the name Enduro Racer for the first time, I figured it would be a car race, due to classic Enduro Atari 2600.

Note that despite the different title in the box, Tec Toy has not changed the game ROM, which is exactly equal to the American and European version. Therefore, the title that appears in the game's opening is Enduro Racer and the game has only 1 Mega 5 phase.

This is the cover of the Super Cross, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover Tec Toy for Super Cross (Enduro Racer) - Master System.

Cover Tec Toy for Super Cross (Enduro Racer) – Master System.

The game's story appears in the rear box, as follows:

Make countdown this adventure: three, start the engine; two, prepare and, start. It's a tough race and a track that no professional has ever faced. Fortunately you are prepared with a motocross “off road” and super fast.

All obstacles (natural and artificial) as jumps, motorcycles competing, will make his race an unparalleled adventure. You have only one goal: the finish line.

So, drive as fast as you can: the clock is against you. take care, because, to fall, It will be difficult to lift, and you have only a bike to ride at this track trepidante.

Now, engaging gears, move the wheels and start to victory.

Unfortunately this game was not available at the video store I frequented. I have asked the tips for Tec Toy after you seen it in the catalog that came with the console, hoping to one day play it. But that was only happen last year, when they finally decided to get him to play on my Analogue Mega Sg.

The game is to kinda cool. It is possible to make upgrades the bike with the points won in previous races. It's no masterpiece that will always be remembered, but you can have some fun with it.

And now my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of Super Cross there in the early 90, time of late Master Club.

The brochure consists of a single sheet of continuous form, with matrix printing. This is one of the simplest leaflets, with the greeting "Dear little friend", and the closing "good luck", without sheet, plot, objective, etc. In this case the only trick is the trick to phase selection.

Check out the brochure Tec Toy with the tips of Super Cross Digitized:

To complete, I leave a video demonstrating the Super Cross (or Enduro Racer) on its western version. It is the first time I played, so do not expect a lot of skill:

The equipment used for these catches were:

  • Elgato - Game Capture HD60 - For capturing video in digital format and Full HD 60fps.
  • Analogue Mega Sg - Mega Drive in FPGA, with HDMI 1080 p (Full HD), that also runs Master System games, the Game Gear, the SG-1000 and the ColecoVision.
  • 8BitDo m30 - Wireless control for Mega Drive and Master System
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I guess I never sent these letters, but the first time I finished Alex Kidd was with the help of that Hot Line of Tectoy, by phone they passed the sequence. Only after I found out I picked up a stone before which showed such a sequence.

It really is the same card and cut the part that appears the name of your blog. Another curiosity in this old post that u Linkou, I had made the same comment there 4 years


I got to play a little in the house of a neighbor. Kinda cool but only in the same time, I'm not so interested in Master System, perhaps not have the console and then won the Mega and that yes marked and play today.

It's funny how video game companies do not preserve its history. I imagined that Tectoy had a collection of products sold but not. Collectors as Ricardo Regis who had all Master and Mega made by Tectoy preserving history. Another example nonsense is the prototype of the first Playstation at the time of the Sony / Nintendo partnership. The island was in the house a former employee of an American company that does not remember the name and years later his son by chance found in the garage. I think that's. Today is a rarity and perhaps the most rare and expensive console.

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