[Review] Fan Arno Ultra Silence Force 40cm – warranty Arno

In March 2019 I got a Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm, that I have shown here in Skooter Blog. In November he broke and that's when my nightmare began with the terrible warranty Arno, FOUR months that left me without the product and still denied my request for a refund, in total disagreement with the Consumer Protection Code (CDC).

The VF40 Silence Force it was little used, because it was acquired in late summer and soon the weather started to cool down. When spring came and began to heat up again, I used it again, but he soon broke down. It was on and suddenly smoke went out and the engine stopped.

The guarantee is 1 year, so I thought it would be easy to get a repair. But Arno has no technical assistance in my city, so I contacted to see if they would cover transport, if I could send by post office, etc. By phone I passed all the electronic service and at the time of transfer to an attendant just came a recording that all were busy and that I should call back later. Neither option to wait had. I tried to email, contact by Facebook, etc. But a week passed and I got no response by any means.

I knew he would spend at least half of a new fan with travel, but I decided to take it in the nearest town that had technical assistance to not have to throw it away. Only after I had left it there is that Arno decided to answer and said cover shipping by Post.

The cost of the trip was already lost and they do not reimburse, but it was agreed that the return would be up to them. They spent a few weeks and no response. I called the service and only then is it decided to start repair. A few days later warned it was ready. Contacted the Arno and again no response on email, and again impossible to speak on the phone. And so a few more weeks went by.

Ultimately, Customer Services Arno is a huge disgrace. He turned the year and no fan. Only in early January is that it finally arrived. But it was not open the box and see that it was broken. The part of the engine fully released, neither swayed nor was fought. And the button to lock / unlock plastic also broke. They rolled for two months and returned the fan still broken!

Took pictures, sent, but again no answer. I called the SAC phone and when I could talk, just said it had to wait. I had to push hard to pass through the responsible. They put the blame on the post office and I do not doubt that was broken in transport, after all Correios is another disgrace. But the responsibility was still with Arno. Insistently I got to do to collect the broken fan, and then he went to another service, at the discretion of Arno.

And then another cycle of lack of communication began. Even periodically charging for a placement I did not receive an answer. I asked for a refund of the amount I paid for the product, because the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) guarantees that consumer right clearly in its Article 18:

Art. 18. Suppliers of durable or non-durable consumer products respond jointly for vices of quality or quantity that make them unfit or unsuitable for the consumption they are intended for or diminish their value, as well as those arising from the disparity, with the information on the container, Packing, labeling or advertising message, respecting variations arising from their nature, the consumer being able to demand the replacement of the addicted parts.

§ 1° Addiction not being remedied within a maximum period of thirty days, can the consumer demand, alternatively and at your choice:

I – replacement of the product by another of the same species, in perfect conditions of use;

II – immediate refund of the amount paid, monetarily updated, without prejudice to any losses and damages;

III – the proportional abatement of the price.

But Arno refused to comply with the CDC and said only that it would repair or replace the fan. So I decided to take the case to PROCON, but even for PROCON they did not respond and an administrative process was initiated.

After several other charges, most ignored, that March 2020 Arno finally sent a Fan Arno Ultra Silence Force 40cm new, slightly superior model than I had, FOUR months after the first defect.

I didn't even need another fan anymore, because in the middle of this waiting I acquired a Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm, after all I need a fan in the summer, not in the coldest months. Because of this, the refund would be better for me.

I do not intend to buy anything else from Arno. I have a juicer and a coffee machine, that are already out of warranty, and this is it. I don't want anything else from this brand. Moreover, the coffee maker is already in trouble, it's a very bad brand.

Arno is part of the SEB Group, which also has the Clock marks, Panex, Penedo e Rochedo. Fortunately I have none of these other brands, but I already noted it well so I never buy.

Procon said I was right. Eu poderia não usar o novo produto e entrar com uma ação no Juizado Especial Cível, mas pelo valor eu achei que não valeria a dor de cabeça toda, ainda que fosse uma causa ganha. Acabei ficando com essa tranqueira que eu espero que não quebre, pois seria outro pesadelo.

Confira as fotos e o vídeo de funcionamento do Fan Arno Ultra Silence Force 40cm:

The Fan Arno Ultra Silence Force 40cm é muito similar ao Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm, inclusive o ajuste de altura continua a mesma porcaria.

Não vou fazer teste de consumo como fiz no Mondial table fan Turbo Force 8 40cm porque honestamente pouco me importa se o Arno tem um desempenho pouco melhor ou pior. Não vale a pena pagar mais caro e ainda ter uma garantia tão ruim. Eu não sei se a garantia da Mondial é boa, mas a da Arno eu já tenho certeza que não presta.

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Marcelo Montenegro Santos

Here at home, there have been several fans of these arno. The one in my room, already went to 2x repair and had to do the whole engine again. The technician said that the material they are using now is of very low quality, losing even to inferior brands like mondial. I also don't intend to buy anything else from this brand.

Alexandre Moreira

I was curious to know if the Arno electric motor is manufactured in Brazil or if it is imported from China. Some colleagues of mine worked at Mondial and said that the company only assembles the plastic housing, but the engines come from China.

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