Blow to the Free Market: Cartridge HP 950XL yellow erased won with expiration date

Recently mine HP Officejet Pro All-in-One Printer 8600 Plus started to complain about empty cartridges, even with ink cartridges having. From 2015 I had been filling my cartridges, as already reported here in Skooter Blog. Vine working well, until this problem occurred.

I figured that the problem was related to I have only 3 cartridge games, while some tutorials claim to be that 4 games are needed, because the multifunctional “remember” last two 3 used cartridges.

So I decided to buy a fourth set of cartridges, but prices are very high: a complete kit, with black XL cartridges, Cyan, magenta and yellow costs around R $ 600,00 in Kalunga.

At Mercado Livre I found an ad with a HP 950 / 951XL Complete Cartridge Kit by R 399,99 with a well-rated seller, MarketLeader Gold, but 300 sales in the past 4 months. It seemed to me that it would be a good deal. Spoiler: was not!

When the cartridges arrived I soon noticed something strange: the yellow cartridge had a label saying to keep the packaging in case of exchanges. The packages indicated that the cartridges had different expiration dates, but all within validity: 07/2020, 10/2020, 05/2021, and 09/2021. So far so good.

I put the cartridges in the all-in-one and it immediately stopped complaining about empty cartridges, but started to show defect in the cartridges. Accessing the web interface the truth appeared: The yellow cartridge had expired in 15/01/2018!

I removed the cartridges from the all-in-one and realized that the yellow cartridge had its expiration date cleared. Here the pickaxe became very clear: the packaging was actually broken, the etiquette was to hide this, underneath it the cardboard was torn. The cartridge inside it did not match the packaging.

Check out the photos:

The worst is that even the cartridges that were sealed gave the error of defective cartridge. After that I even tried a downgrade all-in-one firmware (from CLP1CN1829AR to CLP1CN1232AR) to make sure it wasn't some new protection from HP, who lives inventing ways to disrupt the consumer's life, mas o erro apenas mudou para falha no sistema de tinta.

Apparently the print head of the Multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus já was. I don't even know if it was the fault of this dubious cartridge, who knows what crappy ink was inside, or if the lack of ink accused before was already part of the problem. The fact is that a new printhead costs around R $ 1000 the Free Market, or us R $ 400 on AliExpress. Add to that the value of a set of cartridges from a reliable supplier and it doesn't seem worth it.

Quanto ao golpe, fiquei com muita raiva! Mandei mensagem para o vendedor, mas ele sequer respondeu. Usei então a proteção ao comprador do Mercado Livre para devolver a porcaria toda e ser reembolsado.

Acabei adquirindo outra multifuncional, a Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer, mas farei o review dela em um próximo artigo.

A HP 8600 está parada aqui, provavelmente para ser vendida no estado para quem queira usar peças ou tentar consertar. Não acho que valha a pena comprar outro jogo de cartuchos ou talvez até outra cabeça de impressão para coloca-la de volta na ativa, ainda que ela seja superior à Epson EcoTank L6191 em vários aspectos, pois mantê-la usando só tinta original fica muito caro.

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