[Review] Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer – American

A Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer was acquired in American, to replace one HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus, that is having problems.

A EcoTank L6191 works over Ethernet or wireless network (WiFi). Uses inkjet technology, but without cartridges. Instead there are four tanks at the front, which are filled with ink bottles with automatic filling and coded for easy filling of each color.

Furthermore, a Epson EcoTank L6191 allows you to print up to 7.500 black pages or 6.000 color pages. According to manufacturer, or set of ink jars equals about 35 sets of 2 ink cartridges, saving up 90% in ink with low-cost replacement bottles. It also has an automatic paper feeder 30 leaves, automatic, fast two-sided printing and touch-sensitive LCD screen 2,4 inches.


Recently mine HP Officejet Pro All-in-One Printer 8600 Plus started to complain about empty cartridges, even with ink cartridges having. From 2015 I had been filling my cartridges, as already reported here in Skooter Blog. Vine working well, until this problem occurred.

I figured that the problem was related to I have only 3 cartridge games, while some tutorials say that 4 games are needed, because the multifunctional “remembers” the last 3 used cartridges of each color.

So I decided to buy a fourth set of cartridges, and I ended up being the victim of a pick from the Mercado Livre that sent me a broken package with an expired cartridge and the expiration date cleared inside.

I put the cartridges in the all-in-one and it immediately stopped complaining about empty cartridges, but started to show defect in the cartridges, including those that were sealed and within the expiration date.

Apparently the print head of the Multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus já was. I don't even know if it was the fault of this dubious cartridge, who knows what crappy ink was inside, or if the lack of ink accused before was already part of the problem. The fact is that a new printhead costs around R $ 1000 the Free Market, or us R $ 400 on AliExpress. Add to that the value of a set of cartridges from a reliable supplier and it doesn't seem worth it.

So I decided to buy a new multifunctional, and then I considered the MFPs that use an ink tank, so that you no longer need to load cartridges or have to worry about circumventing manufacturer protections, who scoundrel put chips in the cartridge to prevent reuse and sell their ink cartridges at a gold price.

Choice of Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer

In the different reviews that I analyzed, Epson is often indicated as the best option among models with an ink tank. They are better sold and have a greater variety of models.

The only Epson product I had so far, and I still have it today, is an Epson LX-300 Dot Matrix Printer. I printed a lot on continuous form with her over the years 90. I had few problems: some tangled paper eventually, and once after a long time it stopped when it started printing, but disassembling the print head and spraying machine oil unlocked the needles and solved the problem.

With the launch of Windows 95 she also started to present an annoying problem where she stopped printing and stuck when she reached the last page to be printed. It was necessary to turn it off and on again for it to work again, but the impression of the last page was lost. This did not happen in DOS / Windows 3.1, Windows only 95. I think this problem has never been fixed, and the only way around it was to put a blank page at the end of the document before printing.

With the popularization of inkjet printers and their colors, the LX-300 stood aside. I had several inkjet printers and MFPs from the years 90 the cá, all from HP. I worked at a company that had an Epson and it was broken more time and in technical assistance than working, so for me Epson became synonymous with poor quality in inkjet printing.

Epson had printheads built in, and sooner or later they would clog and the printer was practically lost, while the HP had the print head in the cartridge, so that if the cartridge clogged, just buy a new one.

But that has changed from time to time, with the most advanced HPs switching to a separate print head from the cartridges, although easily interchangeable, but with prohibitive price. My Multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is in that group.

So I decided to give Epson a chance. Among the many EcoTank models, called my attention to L6191 and to L6171. The two are very similar, and what the L6191 has the most is the LCD with touchscreen by fax. They are not items that I was very keen on, because I don't think I ever used the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus, but on occasion L6191 was on a promotion, coming out cheaper than the L6171. So I closed with her.


A Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer comes well packed in its box that highlights its features. Quick guide and CD with drivers are present in the packaging. In general I dispense with CDs and bass drivers updated on the manufacturer's website, and this time was no exception.

Unlike the mercenary HP that ships only those cartridges starters low on ink, you can only test the printer, to Epson send 4 bottles full of paint. This is enough to fill the tanks, and still a little bit left in each one. But note that almost a quarter of each will be consumed at startup, where the ink will be pulled into the hoses and printheads.

Another item that is present is the USB cable. Looks like a joke, but I remember having already purchased HP printers where the USB cable needed to be purchased separately, and I don't think they were even network printers. A EcoTank L6191 can be used with the USB cable connected to a PC, or can be connected directly to the router, via cabo Ethernet (não even) or WiFi. I opted for the Ethernet cable connection and did not use the USB cable.

A telephone cable is also in the packaging, for use with the fax. But I also ended up not using, because it already had cables installed for this purpose on the bench.

Unpacking the EcoTank L6191 comes the first disappointment: the automatic paper feeder of the scanner (ADF) have a plastic. I even thought it was some protection, I tried to pull, but not… that thing is part of the system. I'll talk more about that later.

Check out the photos unboxing of Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer:


The installation of the Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer It was quiet, I just plugged in the power cables, network, e fax. Then I put the paints and followed the procedure in the manual for her to initialize.

That's when my second disappointment came: were four sheets of paper alignment, where I needed to identify the best alignment and inform it. This is something that my HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus do it alone. It has a sensor and an internal blue lamp, automatically prints and aligns. Epson's manual procedure gave me the impression of technology from the past decade.

Check out the photos of Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer up and running:

First Impressions

Below I highlight some of my first impressions with the Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer.

Printing with Ink Tanks

The great advantage of Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer are the ink tanks, that provides great savings, because the bottles are cheaper than cartridges and comes with a lot more ink.

My HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus uses the cartridges in the line 950 and 951 and HP. In the XL model, which comes with the most ink, the black cartridge has 53 ml, while the color cartridges have 17 ml. It is a total of 104 ml per set, It costs R$ 599,60 in a trusted store. This costs R$ 5.765,38 per liter!

A Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer use code bottles 504. The black ink bottle has 127 ml, while each bottle of colored ink has 70 ml. It is a total of 337 ml as a whole, the cost of R $ 253,60 in the same trusted store. This gives a final cost of R$ 752,52 per liter. It's still expensive, but Epson ink costs only 13% the cost of HP ink, which is almost seven times more expensive.

Print quality is decent. In some cases the normal mode leaves something to be desired, but for those occasions we have the high quality mode. Printing is two-sided and reasonably fast. Nothing to claim.

The black ink is pigmented and the others are dye, unlike HP which uses pigment ink also in color inks. Dye ink provides brighter colors, but smudge with water. Pigmented ink provides greater sharpness, reason why both manufacturers opt for pigmented black ink.

Flatbed scanner only A4

The scanning table of the EcoTank L6191 is small, sufficient for A4 or Letter size paper only. A HP 8600 have a bigger table, that supports the Legal size, and several times I already needed to use it. It is common for certificates or even service accounts to come in formats larger than A4.

Of course, the smaller table provides a reduced size for the EcoTank L6191, that fits in any corner. A HP 8600 it is much more spacious.

Although small, the graphics tablet of EcoTank L6191 produces decent quality. I had no problems with her.

Automatic Feeder (ADF) Bad

The weakest point of EcoTank L6191 it is undoubtedly the ADF. It is simply worthless. As I said at the beginning, Epson thought it was a good idea to use a piece of translucent plastic to guide the paper through the ADF. It's just a bad idea, you can't believe that such an imbecility became a product.

Na HP 8600 the paper has direct contact with the glass when passing through the ADF. If the glass gets dirty it is very easy to clean. In EcoTank L6191 the paper goes through this plastic, without direct contact with glass. That already makes the image ugly, after all, plastic doesn't have the same transparency as glass. To make matters worse, the plastic will invariably get dirty inside, and then all the scans are scratched. Cleaning plastic is possible, but laborious and with the risk of kneading it.

While the HP ADF 8600 scans two-sided, Oh yes EcoTank L6191 scans only the front. The limit is 30 pages and almost always it pulls the paper crooked and generates an image that is longer on one side than on the other. Ultimately, the ADF is useless. It is better to pretend that he doesn't even exist to avoid anger.

Interface Web

A interface web da EcoTank L6191 also comes straight from the years 90: She uses frames! I haven't been doing this on the web in ages. Although rough it has the basics and shows some usage statistics in the tab “Maintenance” (what is the logic of this I don't know):

A HP 8600 has a much faster and more modern web interface, with more features and without frames!


Account on the American that the carrier was Direct B2W Delivery. These are the trace information:

oooba, pedido entregue
qua, 18/mar13:57
O pedido foi entregue
oba, seu pedido tá a caminho
qua, 18/mar10:38
O seu pedido está a caminho do endereço
ter, 17/mar11:53
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
sex, 13/mar05:06
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
qui, 12/mar18:36
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
qui, 12/mar17:07
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
qui, 12/mar17:07
Your request has been delivered to the carrier


Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer
Name Original: Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer
Store: American | sold by Shoptem and delivered by American
Value: R$ 1.839,08 [with cashback R $ 128,74] = R$ 1710,34
Current value: R$ 1.869,15 [with cashback R $ 130,85] = R$ 1738,30
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Standard
Shipping Fee: R$ 52,83
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 11/03/2020
Submission Date: 12/03/2020
Data Delivery: 18/03/2020
Time in Transit: 6 days

Final Considerations

I cannot say that I am fully satisfied with the Epson EcoTank L6191 Multifunction Printer. The paint tank is the great attraction, with the printing cost dropping a lot compared to my previous all-in-one. It is more compact, taking up less counter space, but this comes at the cost of the smaller tablet, only for papers up to A4.

But Epson's big unforgivable blunder is the scanner (ADF), which is totally worthless. Poorly designed to the extreme. Para fazer uma porcaria dessas era melhor nem fazer. As I said earlier: é melhor fingir que não tem ADF. Apart from that, o resto do conjunto é aceitável e espero que seja durável.

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Inacreditável essa questao do ADF.


Congratulations , excelente review e mostrou a diferença com o modelo L6171. Outra diferença é que a L6191 acondiciona 250 folhas na gaveta e a L6171 acondiciona 150 leaves.

Mauricio Luis

Dear… Poderia me tirar uma dúvida. Vc consegue imprimir papéis de gramatura mais alta, como 120g ou 180g/m2?

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