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A Royal Canin Dogs Satiety 10,1kg was acquired in Cobasi. It was prescribed for my dog ​​by your vet (His, not yours). The price of the Cobasi is better than the pet shop place where I usually shop for my dog, so I'm going to start buying there.

Check the pictures of the package Royal Canin Dogs Satiety 10,1kg sent by Cobasi:

The first package I bought in the version of 1,5 Kg locally to test, but I bought the Royal Canin Satiety Small Dog, which is the version for small breed dogs (to 10 Kg). I have always fed my dog ​​small breed rations because he is a dachshund, which is a small breed. But, he is somewhat larger than the average breed, your ideal weight is about 12 Kg, according to the vet.

After consulting the Royal Canin, they recommended moving to Royal Canin Cães Satiety, which is suitable for medium and large dogs. He has been eating this food for about two weeks.

Before Royal Canin, he was eating the Balance Pet Food Small Breeds. The results I observed with the change were:

  • Color change, stool consistency and volume: Before it was just a heap a day, darker and thicker, almost always done during the tour, with rare exceptions. Now there are about three a day, one or two in the yard and one or two more during the walk. They are clearer (the color of the feed which is also lighter) and lighter (less thick).
  • Weight loss: At first he won 200 grams with Royal Canin Satiety Small Dog, eating 176 grams per day. That was the value I calculated for a 12 Kg, from the table data of the Royal Canin, that only goes until 10 Kg. I used Excel's trend function for this calculation. But after I moved on to Royal Canin Cães Satiety, with daily portion of 157 grams (table of Royal Canin), he already lost 400 grams. I am using the daily recommendation for dogs of 12 Kg as recommended by the veterinarian.

Give way, weight loss is working, what was the goal. And after 4 weeks the portion should still be reduced until reaching the ideal weight, then moving on to a maintenance portion.

On the other hand, the satiety item didn't work. He keeps ordering meals at the usual times, and eat everything right away. If I let him eat at will, I would probably be eating a lot more.

A Cobasi it took a while to post and the carrier also took a while to deliver. I don't know if it's normal or if it was because of COVID-19. De qualquer forma é bom fazer o pedido com duas semanas de antecedência ou mais. Eu acabei tendo de comprar um pacote localmente porque esse não chegou em tempo, agora fiquei com estoque para quatro meses.

A transportadora foi a Quality and this is the package tracking information, obtained on the website of the Cobasi:

30/03/2020 14:25	Delivered
30/03/2020 13:51	Out for delivery
30/03/2020 08:26	In transit
26/03/2020 15:10	Dispatched
21/03/2020 13:05	Created

Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Royal Canin Dogs Satiety 10,1kg
Name Original: Royal Canin Dogs Satiety 10,1kg
Store: Cobasi
Value: R$ 283,67 [signature]
Current value: R$ 241,12 [signature]
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Standard (Quality Standard)
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 21/03/2020
Submission Date: 26/03/2020
Data Delivery: 30/03/2020
Time in Transit: 4 days

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Iuri Fiedoruk

Comprei uma dessas de saciedade para minha gata e ela virou uma bola, não parava de comer. Gritava de fome.

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