Garantia Schneider Electric – Prime Lunare Intermediate Parallel Switch

Schneider Electric gives a guarantee of 5 years on your switch modules, taken, etc. Most of them are quite durable, but the Prime Lunare Intermediate Parallel Switch is an exception. I only have one in the house and it’s the second time it has broken, while simple and parallel switches continue to work perfectly. Project failure, probably.

To make matters worse, this module is extremely expensive. It was over R $ 35,00 when I last checked in Telhanorte, and now there's no more. Moreover, the entire Schneider Lunare line is priced with no idea. Because of this, all local stores that worked with the brand stopped working.

I have already regretted choosing Schneider Electric, but I still have modules from the terrible Dicompel in the house because I am making the switch gradually. If I started changing brands again I would have three different patterns. And changing everything at once would have a very high cost.

As the Intermediate Parallel Switch was still under warranty, I decided to use it. Unfortunately Schneider Electric's warranty only works in stride. I contacted them the day 08/02 para relatar o problema. No give 11/02 responderam pedindo nome, address, CPF, nota fiscal, fotos do produto, and phone. Enviei tudo no mesmo dia e nada de resposta. Uma semana depois reenviei cobrando uma resposta e me disseram que minha solicitação estava sendo analisada e eu deveria aguardar. Passou quase um mês e nada. Cobrei de novo e nada de resposta. Ignoraram

Somente quando eu fiz uma reclamação no Reclame Aqui, not give 09/03, é que se mexeram e resolveram honrar a garantia. No give 12/03 eu recebi um módulo novo, conforme mostro nas fotos abaixo:

In short: a garantia da Schneider Electric funciona, mas apenas no tranco. Se não tivesse colocado o caso no Reclame Aqui, provavelmente estaria esperando até hoje.

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Good to know! Tive problemas em um interruptor bipolar Ilumi (3 year warranty), da linha mais barata (Pratika) and after I return it (Reverso PAC), sent me a new one after a few questions. Indeed, sent even before my defective product reached them. Not even invoice asked me! I insisted on attaching to the email. This feedback is good for us to know which companies deserve to be customers.


Truth. But I wonder what it would be without the website Reclame Aqui. The purpose, last week I decided to replace my conventional parallel switch lamps with an ESP8266 arduino – 01 (wi-fi) + relay module + encapsulated power supply and two pushbutton switches (Bell). Using Blynk was very good and shows in the app the status of the lamp on or off). But when you connect the second button that is left on 40 meters of the first pulsator + ESP-01 he started to light the lamp involuntarily. As in ESP programming-01 maintains gpio2 (two-button) in HIGH (5In), the 40 wire meters “pull” the gpio2 to 0V and switch on the lamp without my consent. Do you have any idea what I can do? Here is the project (without the second pulsator) :

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