[Tec Toy tips] Gangster Town – Master System

Gangster Town was released by Sega in 1987 in Japan, US and Europe. It is a game that uses Pistola Light Phaser. The story takes place in the USA in 1920 and the player takes on the role of an FBI agent, eliminating criminals.

It is a cartridge 1 Mega and supports up to two players, with two Pistola Light Phaser. In my opinion it is the best game of the Master System that uses the accessory, with very varied phases, beautiful scenery, challenge in the right dose, and a lot of fun.

No Brasil, Gangster Town was launched by Tec Toy in 1991. The version is the same released in the USA and Europe. It was relaunched in 1996. Check out the two Tec Toy covers, extracted from Tec Toy Wiki:

The game's story appears in the rear box, as follows:

During the years 20, you are an FBI special agent, chasing a gang of smugglers.

After practicing your aim, you will be face to face with the bandits in the most diverse situations, such as: car chases, in the city center, in the bar lounge, in the cabaret and finally at the harbor docks.

Use the Phaser Light Pistol to play Gangster Town® and finish off the mighty boss. But, Lembre-is: they are many and bad.

No Natal of 1991, if memory serves me, my parents gave me the Pistola Light Phaser. The video store I frequented unfortunately only had two games that support the accessory: Gangster Town and Rambo III. So we rented them several times, and the Gangster Town it was my favorite.

I remember that a neighbor ended up winning a Master System with Light Phaser and the Gangster Town some time later. I once took my Light Phaser to his house where we played for the first time with two pistols at the same time.

And now my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of Gangster Town there in the early 90, time of late Master Club.

The brochure consists of a single sheet of continuous form, with matrix printing. This is one of the simplest leaflets, with the greeting "Dear little friend", and the closing "good luck", without sheet, plot, objective, etc. But the brochure has three very valuable tips, that I used a lot.

Check out the brochure Tec Toy with the tips of Gangster Town Digitized:

Tec Toy Tips - Gangster Town - Master System

Tec Toy Tips – Gangster Town – Master System

To complete, I leave two videos demonstrating the Gangster Town on its western version. In one of them I'm playing in my Master System II da Tec Toy and filming CRT TV, because my capture apparatus (Elgato - Game Capture HD60 and MSI Cubes 2) are installed on my living room LCD TV. The pistol trigger stopped at a crucial moment and I ended up losing. With a little spray silicone I solved the problem and it never happened again.

Then I made a capture just to show the graphics better, using Analogue Mega Sg, but without playing because Pistola Light Phaser does not work on LCD TVs.

The equipment used for the capture was:

  • Elgato - Game Capture HD60 - For capturing video in digital format and Full HD 60fps.
  • Analogue Mega Sg - Mega Drive in FPGA, with HDMI 1080 p (Full HD), that also runs Master System games, the Game Gear, the SG-1000 and the ColecoVision.
  • 8BitDo m30 - Wireless control for Mega Drive and Master System
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