Power Point generates Failed Video when Exporting Presentation – Problems and Solutions

This problem had been occurring with Microsoft Power Point 2019 on my PC with Intel Core i7 processor 4770, with the processor GPU enabled and also a dedicated GPU on a Video Gaming board MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB.

When exporting a presentation to video, this always ended with a series of failures, mainly on slides where the “laser pointer” was being used. The same file, open on my laptop, in the same version of the Power Point, generated a perfect video. I tried to disable add-ins and use the software in its safe mode, but none of this had an effect.

The solution I found was to check two checkboxes in the options, aba “advanced”, group “display”. The options are:

  • Disable graphics hardware acceleration.
  • Disable Slide Show hardware graphics acceleration.

Check out screenshot:

The Power Point options that, when enabled, solved my problem with failed videos.

The Power Point options that, when enabled, solved my problem with failed videos.

And so the problem was solved, and now the exported videos are perfect. It is possible that only one of these options is necessary, but I haven't tested them individually yet.

I suppose the problem is due to the use of the GPU in accelerating, I don't know if the integrated to the CPU or the dedicated, since the software does not tell which one it uses. I had a similar problem in Vegas, and in this case it was the Intel video acceleration to blame. On the laptop the processor is Intel and there is no dedicated GPU, which could explain why it is not necessary to enable the options so that the videos generated are not flawed.

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