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The Need For Speed Heat para o Playstation 4 (PS4) It was acquired in Submarine. Actually sold by Lojas Americanas and delivered by Submarino. Why stores in the same group (B2W) vendem uma no marketplace da outra eu não sei. Só sei que foi assim. 🙂

A série Need For Speed é uma de minhas preferidas desde que o primeiro jogo saiu para os PCs nos anos 90. Os gráficos eram muito bonitos em “alta resolução” (640× 480), mas meu computador da época só rodava com uma taxa de quadros aceitável em 320×240. At the highest resolution the game became a slide show of so few frames per second. It was somewhat frustrating.

Com upgrades acabei tendo PCs melhores. I bought the Need For Speed II em uma das edições da finada Fenasoft, feira de informática que ocorria em São Paulo, and it was a rare opportunity for people from the countryside to take a tour bus and do good business, at a time when shopping on the Internet was rare, and local stores were few and expensive.

Need For Speed II, that I bought over the years 90.

Need For Speed II, that I bought over the years 90.

I also like the Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, from the Need for Speed: High Stakes/Road Challenge and the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. But in my opinion the series started to go wrong with the Underground. The business of just running at night and "tuning" cars and making them look like Christmas trees didn't really please me. I used to like Need For Speed for casual runs in beautiful daylight settings, as in the classic Out Run.

I ended up playing little of the subsequent games in the series. I came back for real with the series with Need for Speed: Shift do Playstation 3, which in no way recalled the origins of the series, should have another name. The business improved with the new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the reissue of one of the first games in the series.

I ended up skipping the next two games and then I got the Need for Speed: Most Wanted, one more reissue. Good game, but short of Hot Pursuit. Then I acquired the next game in the series, Need For Speed Rivals, the first on Playstation 4.

Finally, got the Need For Speed Payback, that was kind of on the side because at the time I had won the Driving Force Logitech racing wheel G29. About NFS, with your arcade driving style, doesn't even support steering wheels. Because of that I ended up playing more F1 2017, because this one makes a great use of Logitech G29.

Only recently did I start playing Need For Speed Payback, now that I'm in a phase that I'm too lazy to set up the Logitech G29 to play only half an hour, which is the time I usually play a day, when I play. This time does not even allow for a run in the F1 2019.

And it is not that in this rediscovery of Need For Speed Payback I ended up liking the game? Yes, he has those bizarre piece sweepstakes. But as I play just for fun, I don’t really care about not getting the car with all the best parts.

That's when I decided to take a look at the reviews of Need For Speed Heat, and as most of them praised the game a lot and said that it corrects the defects of the previous one, I decided to give him a chance. I put it on my list and waited for a promotion. When she arrived, I bought.

Check out some photos and the video of the unboxing from the Need For Speed Heat:

Still did not play much, but I like the style of the game, with open world, events, day and night races. The races of the day are to earn money to buy parts and cars, night races to earn a reputation for unlocking parts and cars to buy. Playing online you can also see other drivers around the city and eventually invite them to race together at events.

The style remains very arcade, making it easier to make the turns just by releasing the accelerator and re-accelerating, and the most closed with a touch of the hand brake. Many obstacles such as posts and guard-rails are knocked down almost without affecting speed. The biggest difficulty I have encountered is getting away from the police after the night races. They never give up and eventually they arrest me and I lose money.

The weakest point of the game is the horrible soundtrack. Even funk carioca has this disgrace. For those who grew up playing racing games with beautiful soundtracks like Out Run and Top Gear, ter que aguentar essas músicas horrendas é triste.

Confira esta playlist com todas as minhas horas de jogo no Need For Speed Heat:

O pacote foi enviado pela Direct, and these are the package tracking information, segundo o sistema do Submarino:

ter, 16/jun14:18
O pedido foi entregue
ter, 16/jun12:05
O seu pedido está a caminho do endereço
seg, 15/jun14:10
O seu pedido está em transferência para sua região
seg, 15/jun10:03
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
dom, 14/jun09:48
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
dom, 14/jun09:48
Your request has been delivered to the carrier

E essas são as informações de rastreamento obtidas no sistema da Direct:


Generation Shipping (CAT)

Consignment Transfer (EAA)

Transferred shipment (PET)

Shipping in Rota (EEB)

Delivered shipment (EAT)

To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Need For Speed Heat – Playstation 4 (PS4)
Name Original: Game Need For Speed Heat – PS4
Store: Submarino | Lojas Americanas
Value: R$ 129,99 [with cashback R $ 2,60] = R$ 127,39
Current value: R$ 152,90 [with cashback R $ 10,71] = R$ 142,19
Payment Method: Digital Love | Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Convencional
Shipping Fee: R$ 8,20
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 13/06/2020
Submission Date: 14/06/2020
Data Delivery: 16/06/2020
Time in Transit: 2 days

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Marcelo Dantas de Medeiros

O jogo é muito bom (jogo no Xbox One).

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