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The Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii was acquired in AliExpress Letaoele Game Controller Store. The idea was to use it in conjunction with a Wii Sensor Bar USB and a Vibrating Light Gun for Wii Mote Controller, to play on MiSTer FPGA games that originally use light guns (light guns) no Master System e no Nintendo 8 bits, using an LCD TV, which is incompatible with the original light guns, as Light Phaser do Master System.


As I said in the article on Wii Sensor Bar USB and in the article on Vibrating Light Gun for Wii Mote Controller, to play on MiSTer FPGA, I play my old consoles mainly on my living room LCD TV. Over the years, I acquired equipment to get the best image in this situation: Framemeister, OSSC, Analogue Super Nt, Analogue Mega Sg, and more recently the MiSTer FPGA.

But there is a type of accessory that doesn't work on LCD TVs, which are the light guns, as Light Phaser do Master System. I still have mine Light Phaser, but I only use it with my Master System II on my CRT TV.

But, no caso do MiSTer FPGA there is an alternative. It works with Wii Mote do Nintendo Wii, and they can be used to simulate a light gun. I already imagined that the accuracy would not be the same as that of a light gun. At least with Playstation Move the accuracy is bad and the games are not to aim and shoot like the light pistol, but to drag the cursor and shoot, what is not so cool.

Anyway, I thought it would be worth trying a Wii Mote, because I'm interested in pistol games on other consoles, like or Nintendo. I played a lot Duck Hunt on the Turbo Game from one of my cousins.

So, acquired the three items: the Wii Mote, a Wii Sensor Bar USB, and to Light Gun.

Choice of Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii

The Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii I purchased is a third-party version for Nintendo control. I made this choice because the original Wii Motes are no longer manufactured, and used ones are being sold at very high prices.

These Wii Mote comes with a silicone cover and is available in several colors: pink, white, Cyan, red, it's black. I opted for black to match the Light Gun, that is completely black.

The Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus is also available with or without the Nunchuck, which is the control that is in the other hand, with an analog stick and two more buttons. I don't even have any use for it in this case but, as the price difference with and without it was very small (around R $ 10,00), I opted for the version with Nunchuck for any eventual future use.


The Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii came well packed, with enough foam and arrived in perfect condition.

This Wii Mote there is no Nintendo brand, what I prefer. I don't like fakes, I prefer honest products (or “honest”), that can be easily identified as being third party, although they are eventually violating some patent.

Moreover, since the original manufacturer is no longer interested in manufacturing the product, I think the patent should not even be applied anymore. Maybe even already, maybe not. I am not aware of Brazilian patent law, much less than in other countries.

Controller enrollments are “NEW2in1” and “Motion more”. As I never had an original Wii Mote it is difficult to compare the quality, but I didn't see anything objectionable in the construction of this Wii Mote. On the contrary, It seems very well built.

Nor can I talk about the accuracy of sensors, button sensitivity, etc. Even because I didn't use the controller fully. But the technology behind Wii Motes is not rocket science, so I believe that, using quality parts, it’s easy to reproduce all the functionality of the original Wii Motes. This version is already the one that incorporates the Motion Plus accessory, as the name indicates.

The Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus is powered by two AA batteries. I used two rechargeable batteries NiMH. The Nunchuck connects to the Wii Mote by cable, and is fed that way.

The Vibrating Light Gun for Wii Mote Controller it's very quiet. Once with the Wii Mote connected, the pistol uses the energy of the Wii Mote to vibrate. The motor is strong and is activated when the trigger passes a certain threshold, which is just beyond the threshold where the trigger button on the Wii Mote is triggered. By holding the trigger tight, the engine accelerates and becomes very strong.

Rapid vibration must have very little to do with the kick of a real semi-automatic pistol, but at least it's some kind of tactile feedback. Likewise, the continuous vibration with the trigger pressed vaguely simulates the repetitive recoil exerted by an automatic pistol.

Check out the photos and the video of unboxing from the Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii:

Test of Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus on the MiSTer FPGA

The test with the Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus on the MiSTer FPGA it was somewhat turbulent. The first problem is that synchronization needs to be done every time the Wii Mote will be used, pressing the button inside the battery compartment, which requires getting him out of Light Gun. And not, you can't sync them in mode “visitor” pressing the buttons 1+2.

But in fact I already expected it, as it is reported that this also occurs with the original Wii Mote with Motion Plus. It just doesn't happen with the original older Wii Mote, that doesn't have Motion Plus. It's uncomfortable, but it's not like I'm going to play with the Wii Mote every day, so far so good.

The second problem was more serious. I was able to synchronize the Wii Mote com Motion Plus, could calibrate it by pressing F10 when the OSD is open, but the console cores simply ignored the position of the Wii Mote.

Some people on the server Classic Gaming on the Discord stated that the problem was because the Wii Mote was not original, that I should buy an original Wii Mote to test. I like this server, but there are people there (included developers) that fits that stereotype of the American who ignores the reality of the rest of the world and thinks that every country is the same as the United States, where everything is available there in Amazon or no eBay for a little price buddy. A used Wii Mote? Just some 4 U.S. dollar! An American who earns a minimum wage earns it in less than 30 minutes. It would be something like R $ 3,00 no Brasil.

I even researched an original Wii Mote in Brazil, and I found some in the range of R $ 200,00. But luckily I decided to go deeper into the problem before spending money for nothing. It occurred to me that it could be a bug. I opened a problem there on MiSTer's GitHub and bingo: the sad, lead developer of the project confirmed that it was a bug, that would be fixed in the next version.

He has already fixed the bug in the code, but as of the time of writing this article has not yet released an updated version of Main, even though it has passed 20 days. There are other bugs already fixed pending the release of a new version in some cores as well.

Tired of waiting and without the patience to install a virtual machine and all the necessary packages to compile the Main of MiSTer myself, I decided to make the path easier and I just went back a few versions, before the bug be inserted in the code.

Then I managed to use the Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus to play the light gun games from the Master System and Nintendo, specifically I tested the Duck Hunt of Nintendo and the Gangster Town the Master System. And the result was… disappointing!

The problem is with Wii Motes technology. The original light guns work both near and far from the TV. Can touch the screen, can move away 3 meters. They just work! Only the difficulty changes, the farther the more difficult.

But the Wii Mote need your infrared sensor to “watch” the Wii Sensor Bar, and because of that their distance to the TV needs to be great, I think at least two meters. Otherwise when pointing to some position on the screen away from the sensor, he leaves the “field of vision” controller. I don't have all that space, so the range of the Wii Mote on my TV is just a fraction of the screen size. If I place the sensor under the TV, the whole part from the top up is uncovered. If I place the sensor on top of the TV, the bottom is uncovered. The sides also end up suffering a little.

Because of this problem, you just can't play by pointing to the target on the screen. You have to keep dragging the cursor to the target. And that sucks! I think even if I had more space, it still wouldn't be good, because the Wii Mote is not as accurate as a light gun of the years 80/90. There seems to be some latency. Perhaps the very latency of LCD TVs gets in the way. Por fim, some games would be very difficult playing so far.

Now I understand why videos of people testing the Wii Mote as a light gun are always with Duck Hunt. It’s because the Duck Hunt have a single target at a time and there is a certain amount of time to hit it with 3 shooting attempts. It makes no difference to shoot fast or almost within the time limit, then there is time to drag the cursor and shoot.

But I doubt if anyone can finish the Gangster Town of the Master System playing with a Wii Mote on MiSTer FPGA. Don't give! I didn't even pass the first stage. And in the Master System with Light Phaser i already finished this game. You have to be very agile, aiming and shooting at various targets at very short intervals. No chance of dragging a little cursor and shooting.

You can follow my frustration in the video below:


These are the package tracking information with the Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii obtained from the AliExpress system:

2020.07.02 15:07 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2020.06.24 14:06 (GMT-7): Accepted by Last Mile Carrier
2020.06.21 05:10 (GMT-7): Arrived at destination country
2020.06.20 10:10 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2020.06.20 10:10 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2020.06.15 19:06 (GMT-7): Shipment arrived at country of origin post office
2020.06.14 01:51 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2020.06.13 23:20 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2020.06.13 15:02 (GMT-7): Shipment dispatched

And these are the information obtained on the site of the station:

[REMOVED] / SP Object delivered to the recipient
[REMOVED] / SP object out for delivery to the recipient
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Tratamento em INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Distribuição em CURITIBA / PR for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
CURITIBA / PR finalized Customs supervision
CURITIBA / PR	Objeto recebido pelos Correios do Brasil

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
Objeto encaminhado
de País em HONG KONG / countries in International treatment unit / BR

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
HONG KONG / 	Objeto postado

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Wii Mote with Built-in Motion Plus + Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii
Name Original: For Nintendo Wii mote Built in Motion Plus Inside Wireless Gamepad Remote Controller Joystick + Nunchuck For Nintend Wii games
Store: AliExpress Letaoele Game Controller Store
Value: R$ 82,46
Current value: R$ 89,22
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: R$ 31,25
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 09/06/2020
Submission Date: 13/06/2020
Data Delivery: 02/07/2020
Time in Transit: 19 days
Declared content: Game Pad
Game Pad
Type Marked Content: Commercial Sample
Declared Value: CNY 4.5
CNY 13.5
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

My conclusion is simple: you can't use one Wii Mote as a light gun. Technology is bad! Yes, the technology of light guns from the years 80/90 it was better: more accurate and without latency. Unfortunately it doesn't work with LCD TVs, so there is simply no solution other than having a CRT TV available.

A lot of people are waiting for Sinden Lightgun to solve the problem. E já adianto: vão se decepcionar! Ela é cara, requer um quadro branco ridículo em volta da tela do jogo, e também não vai funcionar direito se a distância entre o jogador e a tela for pequena.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Tudo bem Fabrício? Te acompanho desde o início. When you say “Report no. from the document for inspection and delivery from the your object. Click here My Imports” I need to inform the CPF? I have an order like this, but is already on its way to the Rio de Janeiro Treatment Unit. Will I pay a fee or postage? Could you explain the current dynamics of Correios? If you already have a post dealing with the subject (updated) can you show me? Hugs!


Hello, well i bought the same type of control as the one shown and as soon as it arrived i tried to test it, but I'm not able to connect it to the PC via Bluetooth, have any tips or solutions that I can try?

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