Repair of Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player and Kit with 5 Epcos Electrolytic Capacitors 68µF 400V

The Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player was once quite famous. Leaves me 2004 it was one of the first devices in Brazil to support discs with video files with the DivX codec and subtitles .SRT. Had excellent support from the community, mainly from Ryan, that produced and gathered a lot of information about the device. Alternative firmware was produced, and delivered better fonts than the originals.

Over time the device was discontinued and today, but 15 years after, few people care about disc players. Streaming services and TV Boxes have taken their place. Several such solutions have already been shown here on the Skooter Blog, like Minix Neo U-9H and the Chromecasts.

But I still have my Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player. It's on my room TV. I rarely use, yes, but it's there, properly installed and connected with component video cables, something rare these days, because the few devices that are left on the market have only composite video and / or HDMI.

The Defect of the Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player

The other day I was checking the batteries of some remote controls and those of the Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player had leaked so much that I couldn't even get them out of the compartment. They were alkaline and impregnated all the springs in the compartment, even stained the control phenolite label. I carefully managed to remove them, and proceeded with cleaning with clean contact, until everything is clean.

With the remote control working I went to turn on the device only to find that it didn't turn on anymore. He even tried, but I couldn't stay connected and went back to stand by. Soon I suspected weak capacitors. This device had already been repaired by a technician a few years ago. And the problem had been precisely of defective capacitors on the source board.

This technician is no longer working, and I was not in the mood to spend on repairing this device, after all how much it can be worth today? So I turned it off and took it apart to see if I could fix it myself. That's what I found:

A large capacitor stands out on the power supply board (C304), wrapped in a rubber tube. It is too tall to be installed standing on the board, and so he lies. I think the technician had already changed this capacitor, because it was wired doing the jumpers function, and in a foto no site do Ryan a shorter and fatter capacitor appears, with the terminals soldered directly on the board. In addition there was a lot of glue on the rubber that surrounds the capacitor.

Looking at this capacitor C304 I noticed an all oxidized terminal, with a leaky electrolyte look. I pulled the wire and the terminal just came out. Definitely this capacitor was one of the culprits of the device not working, maybe the only culprit.

I peeled off the rubber tube from the plate to see the capacitor. It is a 68µF and 400V Siemens. It is not the first time that Siemens capacitors have caused me problems, on my Master System II there were also capacitors of this brand that were all with unusual capacitance.

The rest of the capacitors looked ok, so I thought about changing only the C304 and checking if the problem would be solved. Unfortunately I didn't have any 68µF and 400V capacitors and I didn't find it in the local stores either.

Kit purchase with 5 Epcos Electrolytic Capacitors 68µF 400V

I ended up having to purchase a Kit with 5 Epcos 68µF 400V Electrolytic Capacitors on the Free Market. I used only one and left the other four in reserve. Cost of R$ 25,00 and R $ 5,90 de frete, R $ 30,90, in installments in 6 R$ times 5,15. Check out the photos:

I tested the 5 capacitors with the BSIDE ESR02 Pro and all showed capacitances close to the specification.

Reparo do DVD Player Philips DVP642K/78

To repair the Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player, I removed the power supply plate and desoldered the wires that were connected to the old capacitor. All the service was done with the Soldering station and Hot air Rework Yaxun 702 110In, already shown here on the Skooter Blog. I also removed most of the glue that was on the plate, holding the rubber strap.

The new capacitor is thinner and taller than the previous one. I put it on the rubber strap and glued it to the plate with hot glue. I chose to solder the capacitor terminals directly on the board, sem jumpers. I replaced the plate, I turned on the device without the cover and bingo! He called normally, turned the disc and read. I then closed the device and installed it again on the TV. And so it worked perfectly.

Check the photos of the repair and the Philips DVP642K / 78 DVD Player working again:

Veja também o vídeo com o unboxing dos capacitores e alguns trechos do reparo e do teste:


O pacote com o Kit com 5 Capacitores Eletrolíticos 68µF 400V Epcos foi enviado pelos Correios, and this is the package tracking information:

[REMOVED] / SP Object delivered to the recipient
[REMOVED] / SP object out for delivery to the recipient
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Tratamento em INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Tratamento em SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Objeto encaminhado
de Agência dos Correios em MAUA / SP for Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP
MAUA / SP Posted object


And this is the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Kit with 5 Epcos Electrolytic Capacitors 68µF 400V
Name Original: Kit With 5 Pçs Capacitor Eletrolítico 68uf 400v 18x40m 85º
Store: Free market | Seller: JMAJMACOMPONENTES
Value: R$ 25,00
Current value: R$ 25,00
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Post office (Expresso)
Shipping Fee: R$ 5,90
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 24/08/2020
Submission Date: 24/08/2020
Data Delivery: 25/08/2020
Time in Transit: 1 day

Final Considerations

Fiquei satisfeito em dar essa sobrevida ao DVD Player Philips DVP642K / 78. Até assisti um DVD nele, coisa que não fazia há um bom tempo. 🙂

Resta saber porque o capacitor C304 já falhou duas vezes. Tudo bem que são mais de 15 anos com o equipamento trabalhando ininterruptamente, visto que o aparelho está sempre no stand by. But still, acho que é possível que seja alguma falha de projeto fazendo o capacitor trabalhar no limite, ou ainda é possível que algum outro componente não esteja bom e o esteja fazendo trabalhar no limite. Mas isso já está além de meus conhecimentos básicos de eletrônica.

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Que ótimo Fabrício! Ótima época em que podíamos ter firmware customizadas! Tenho um LG (DK9923N) e um Proview (DVP-858), esse era o queridinho do HT FORUM, pois é completo com USB, MS, SD, MMC Card, HDMI, CVI, S-video, CVBS, D-SUB(VGA), Digital Coaxial, Ótica (spdif), 5.1 Channels surround e upscalling (1080p iu 720p) que também estão com firmwares alternativos. Ambos funcionando. Tudo desconectado da tomada e sem pilhas no controle, hehe. That's because I almost lost control of Proview a few years ago, because a duracell has leaked. I had to redo some trails with homemade conductive paint (enamel + powdered graphite). I managed to partially restore. Duracell even sent me new batteries for free, but I ended up staying at a loss, because some keys (not important) stopped. Good, before that (2002), I have a Philips (625) that has no DivX or progressive scan. Too bad the Blu-rays players were not so lucky. Por fim, streaming killed physical media players.

I've already lost a remote control and almost lost a mouse because of those damn Vazacell, here at home brand alkaline batteries no longer enter.

Bah, used a large heat shrink on the capacitor, ehehe. It was neat, I had fun reading; amazing how electrolytic capacitors can last 100 years or burst out of nowhere depending on the brand.

Good job, Fabricio! I think it's really cool when you do these electronics services yourself, even without being technical in this area, I've learned a lot from your posts. I've done some welding, I recently bought a very advanced hobby multimeter, gradually I will “professionalizing” rs.

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