[Review] Chinelo Nike Kawa – Slide – Male

The Chinelo Nike Kawa – Slide – Male has textured insole with foam Solarsoft, that provides softness, lightweight cushioning and flexibility. It has a wide strip with padded inner part for protection against contact friction.

I like this type of slipper because it can be used with socks in the cold without having the sock tangling in the strip that passes between your fingers, after all he doesn't have this strip. Yes, I know there are socks for that, but I want to be able to use the slipper with any sock.

It’s curious that over the years 80 the slippers with straps Hawaiian (called “flip flop”) were considered cheap and popular. There were people who were even ashamed to leave the house with them. On the other hand, the Riders with wide strips (slide) were considered more “chic”. 30 years later Hawaiian started to be considered more sophisticated (and got more expensive) and slippers like Rider with the wide strip became more and more rare and considered uncle thing. Since I don't mind being trendy or not looking like a big guy, I don't care about that.

I was actually wanting the Nike Kawa Shower, but I even thought he was out of line because he couldn't find anywhere. Now it's back… The Kawa Shower is very similar to the Coffee, but it has the EVA strap and holes in the sole. Theoretically it is for use in the pool and for bathing, but in my case it would also be for cleaning, for not having fabric to be soaked.

The Coffee has synthetic fabric on the strip, something I didn't even notice when I bought it, then it gets wet and takes time to dry. I was using a Cartago of Grendene ,that I won years ago, for these “water activities”, but he has the strips cracking and peeling off. The new Cartago everyone has a strip on their fingers. So I bought the Nike Kawa as a substitute, ended up not working very well for that purpose.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Chinelo Nike Kawa:

Use 42 but I bought one 43 because I know that Nike has “small form”. I wear sneakers 42 normally, but when it comes to Nike it needs to be 43, because 42 even serves, but it is squeezing the instep. The decision was right, because even the 43 it was right on my foot, I even have doubts whether it will even be possible to wear socks comfortably. I think not…

A positive point is that the Chinelo Nike Kawa he sees, very light, never had a slipper so light. And it's also soft and comfortable as the ads say.

The package came through Grupo Five Logistics and these are the tracking information:

Tuesday, 28 July
13:16 Delivered
13:16 held delivery
10:30 Driver en route for delivery / pickup
08:46 Transfer between carrier units completed
04:29 Volumes em transferência entre as unidades
Jundiaí, SP (AMR)
02:40 Transferência entre unidades da transportadora concluída
Jundiaí, SP (AMR)
Monday, 27 July
19:27 Volumes em transferência entre as unidades
Jundiaí, SP (HUB - JUN)
17:16 Volumes recebidos pela transportadora para entrega
Jundiaí, SP (HUB - JUN)

And this is the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Chinelo Nike Kawa – Slide – Male
Name Original: Chinelo Nike Kawa – Slide – Male
Store: Centaur
Value: R$ 74,99
Current value: R$ 99,99
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Grupo Five Logistics
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 24/07/2020
Submission Date: 27/07/2020
Data Delivery: 28/07/2020
Time in Transit: 1 day

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