[Review] Chromecast 3 Streaming Device Google + Full HD Conexão HDMI

A Google's third generation Chromecast don't take the number 3 in the box, but it is commonly identified so, including in stores. I don't understand why some manufacturers release new versions of products without any name / model change to identify them. But let's call it here Chromecast 3 in order to facilitate.

The Chromecast 3 is an evolution of Chromecast 2, that didn't have that name either, but that's how the second generation is commonly identified so. It has already been featured here on Skooter Blog on three occasions, because I have three of them:

The Chromecast 3 has the advantage of playing videos in Full HD resolution in 60 fps (frames per second), while Chromecast 2 is limited to Full HD in 30 fps. It also has a faster processor.

Note that o Chromecast 3 is Chromecast newest, but it's not the most powerful. The most powerful yet is the Chromecast Ultra, the only one capable of playing videos in 4K resolution and with HDR. It also has an Ethernet connection., in addition to WiFi, and has already been shown here on Skooter Blog too:

And already having four Chromecasts, why one more? Keep reading and I'll explain.


I recently got a small LCD TV from 14 Philco inches, modelo PH14E10D LED. Has HD resolution (1366 x 768), integrated digital receiver, and RCA and HDMI inputs.

I decided to put it in the kitchen, to watch while I'm taking care of the dishes or preparing something. It's actually more to listen and take a look from time to time. But the problem is that there is no UHF antenna point there. I even tried running a cable through the existing conduits, but the construction company apparently bent the conduits in a way that even the grommet goes nowhere.

I ended up deciding to put a Chromecast it, after all, open TV doesn't always have something interesting on, but there's always something cool about Youtube, on the Netflix, or no Amazon Prime. I usually put it on some channel on the Youtube of subject of my interest and I keep following.

So I passed one of the Chromecast 2 for the new TV and it worked perfectly. Now I needed to buy a new one Chromecast for office TV, a Panasonic Viera 40″ TC-40DS600B, who has also shown here in Skooter Blog, which was the one that gave your Chromecast 2 for Philco.

Choice of Chromecast 3

A Panasonic Viera 40″ TC-40DS600B é Full HD, but at first i even considered buying another Chromecast Ultra, because I found some costing the same price as a Chromecast 3 on the famous auction site. But I soon noticed something strange in these ads: they were all unpackaged products, with scratches and scratches.

Sellers say that they are new products and that packaging is discarded to save on volume, and that the risks are due to the transport. But I thought it was better to opt for a Chromecast 3 brand new in the package, with invoice and guarantee, after all only one of my TVs is 4K (Sony XBR-55X905E, also already shown here on the Skooter Blog), and she already has a Chromecast Ultra. I shouldn't buy another TV anytime soon.


The Chromecast 3 came in its sealed packaging and very well made, with sturdy cardboard. it's my first Chromecast Brazilian, because the first i bought in france, during travel. The others were acquired in Brazil, but they were imported american models.

In the box Chromecast 3 some of the main compatible apps appear: Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go, Deezer, Spotify, Chrome, Google Play Movies. Inside we have, as expected, the device, Brazilian standard power supply, USB cable and instruction manual.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Chromecast 3:

I didn't have any problems installing the Chromecast 3, which is very simple and the same as the previous models. Just plug it into a TV's HDMI port and optionally connect the source, in case the TV does not supply enough power to the device or if we want to use the feature to turn on the TV when we send something to the Chromecast. I prefer to use the font always.

once connected, the Chromecast becomes a WiFi hotspot to allow us to connect to it using the app Google Home no celular. That way we can configure the WiFi network of the residence on it, and so it will become a WiFi client and connect to it automatically.

From there, just choose content on your PC or mobile with compatible apps and send them to the Chromecast, that will reproduce them natively, leaving the PC or cell phone only for playback controls. You can usually also use the TV's own remote control media controls to pause and resume playback..


Estas são as informações de rastreamento do pacote que aparem no site do Magazine Luiza. A transportadora foi a MAFD:

19/05/2020 to 20:01
We received your request
19/05/2020 to 20:05
Your payment has been approved!
19/05/2020 to 20:05
Your request is being prepared for shipment
20/05/2020 to 00:34
Your invoice has been issued There she is!
20/05/2020 to 09:57
Your product already with the carrier responsible for the delivery : )
20/05/2020 to 12:38
Your request is on the way to your region.
21/05/2020 to 10:45
Your product is in delivery route.
21/05/2020 to 17:46
Your product is delivered!


Check out the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Chromecast 3
Name Original: Chromecast 3 Streaming Device Google + Full HD Conexão HDMI
Store: Magazine Luiza
Value: R$ 355,00
Current value: R$ 369,00
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: MAFD
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 19/05/2020
Submission Date: 20/05/2020
Data Delivery: 21/05/2020
Time in Transit: 1 day

Final Considerations

The Chromecast 3 está funcionando perfeitamente e continua sendo uma ótima opção para TVs que não são Smart ou que não são compatíveis com aplicativos mais recentes. Até cheguei a considerar aparelhos mais completos, com controle remoto próprio, mas gosto bastante da possibilidade de achar um vídeo no PC ou no celular e jogar para a tela grande.

Furthermore, a Panasonic Viera 40″ TC-40DS600B já tem aplicativos como Youtube and Netflix, ainda que o aplicativo do Youtube enrosque na hora de carregar às vezes. E eu ainda tenho um Minix Neo U1 conectado nela, para rodar Kodi and other. Ele supre as demais necessidades que o Chromecast 3 não atende.

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Será que vale mais a pena que a Xiaomi Mi Box? Eu tenho essa TV Panasonic, if regret killed, see… The Smart TV system sucks and the worst I've ever seen, very slow and capable. There are no apps like Spotify, Deezer e is not Prime Video, and there is no way to install. Never buy branded TV again.

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