[Review] Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW

The Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW has format mid tower with a clean and modern external design, access to the interior without the need for tools, acrylic window, two external drive bays 5, 25 inches and four internal bays for drive 3,5 or 2,5 inches.


At the beginning of 2013 I was setting up a PC to take to my new home, at Intel Core i7 third generation. I used a cabinet Cooler Master Haf X, at full tower very spacious, with 4 drive bays 5,25 inches, 2 drawers for external HDDs or SSDs (3,5 or 2,5 inches), internal space for more 5 drives from 3,5 inches, etc.

At the time I also had another older PC (Intel Core 2 Duo) who used in the bedroom to watch videos, Netflix, etc. on a non-smart TV. This PC I brought to be the second PC in the house. He was in a very old cabinet from Satellite, from the time of the Pentium 4. It was not practical to assemble / disassemble, and there was no drive bay 2,5 inches. But I was breaking the branch.

At the time my plan was to buy another family office Summer, but smaller, at mid tower, to keep the two computers with cabinets from the same family. But that was not a priority and it was always kept for later.

Just now, with the acquisition of AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X to upgrade the main PC, with the motherboard, old processor and memory going to the second micro, is that I decided it was time to do that upgradand cabinet that I thought about doing there 7 years.

But when I started to research my disappointment soon came: current offices have become minimalist, full of fans and colorful lights, but almost no space for HDDs and drives 5,25 inches. Most of them do not even have 5,25 inches, and support at most one SSD and one HDD and nothing else. It's very unfortunate…

I understand that optical drives are becoming extinct, but i still use mine. I still do backups photos and videos manually on BD-R media when 20 GB of data, just in case I accidentally delete something and only notice it when it's gone from my automatic backups. Ultimately, to have a copy offline and not magnetic. Eventually I also record some game CD / DVD for video games.

In my main PC I have 3 drives from 5,25 inches. I keep a Sony DVD recorder, model AD-7280S, just because it does media quality tests (CD e DVD) that other drives don't. To burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays use one Blu-ray writer BDR-209 DBK Pionner, already shown here on Skooter Blog. Por fim, I also have an LG Blu-Ray recorder, model HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH14NS40, whose recording quality I never really liked, but it was what I had to record Blu-ray at the time I bought it. I ended up keeping it to read, saving the Pioneer BDR 209-DBK.

As for HDDs, I 4 of them on my main PC. I occupy a considerable space with old games and I still haven't managed to put everything on NAS, because he has no room for that. On the NAS there are already two HDDs of 8TB and two HDDs of 4TB, but the volume is just over 12TB due to redundancy and the way that manufacturers indicate capabilities differently than operating systems.

Choice of Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R

For the second PC I don't need as many bays, but I still have some requirements that most current offices do not meet. It has an SSD and an HDD, but I wanted some time off upgrades futures. At least 4 stalls 3,5 or 2,5 inches. It also had two 5,25 inches occupied in the old cabinet, one with a DVD recorder and the other with a Front panel Multifunctional Akasa AK-ALL-02SL, so I minimally needed a cabinet with two storage bays 5,25 inches.

Furthermore, it was desirable a case where it was possible to install HDDs and SSDs without having to take out expansion cards, in other words, a cabinet where the drives could be inserted from the side, as Cooler Master Haf X. Fountain at the bottom, acrylic window, trusted brand, front USB ports, and other features of modern cabinets were also desirable.

Por fim, I wanted it all at an affordable price, something in the range of R $ 400,00. And it’s also increasingly difficult to find good cabinets in this price range.

Give way, as soon as I saw the Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW I noticed that I wouldn't have many other options besides him. I even saw some others, but nothing that has survived a first analysis, so much that I don’t even remember any other model I’ve seen. All discarded for failing in any of the requirements.

Unboxing from the Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R

The packing Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW came inside another cardboard box, with air mattresses to protect it. Surprised me, because typically stores just stick tags or wrap the box itself to send.

Inside the packaging the cabinet was perfectly protected by Styrofoam and inside a plastic bag. The acrylic window also had plastics to protect it from scratches. Inside the box was also the instruction manual.

A cardboard box with screws and nylon clamps is attached inside the cabinet. I just missed more long screws for fixing fans. Only four of them came, but the case supports two fans at the front that need these long screws to be fixed. The ideal would be to come with eight.

Other items that were missing were dust filters for the top of the case, where there is a hole to put two fans. There are big holes there, with the absence of filters, saw the entry of dust and other elements.

Por fim, regrettably Corsair also did not include a speaker in the cabinet. It’s the first time I’ve seen a cabinet come without the speaker, also known as PC speaker, PC beeper or PC beezer. It is certain that all current motherboards have sound onboard, but beeper is still essential to diagnose problems, because it is through it that the motherboard informs, through beeps, who has a memory problem, VGA, etc. na hora do boot.

Check out the photos unboxing and Video unboxing and assembly of the Carbide Series 100R:

Mounting the Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R

The Assembly of the Carbide Series 100R It was quiet, no major setbacks. Only the Front panel Multifunctional Akasa AK-ALL-02SL it took a little more work to put in and it needed screws to be fastened, because the bay is prepared to work without screws only with larger drives.

As it comes with only one fan, I got a Kit c / 4 Fan – Cooler Master Masterfan MF120L Blue 120mm 12cm LED Azul, already shown here on Skooter Blog, to put in it. I still bought dust filters, also already shown here on the Skooter Blog, to be between the top plate of the cabinet and the fans, preventing dust from entering, especially when the computer is turned off.

Por fim, I also bought one PC speakers package, also already shown here on the Skooter Blog, to put one of them on Carbide Series 100R, supplying Corsair's wobbly hand that didn't include the device to save a few cents per case.

Check out the photos Carbide Series 100R After mounting:


The package was sent by the carrier TNT, and these are the package tracking information provided by the store:

15/06/2020 15:52
Goods in Transit
11/06/2020 10:37
Collected by Carrier
10/06/2020 13:01
Collected by Carrier
10/06/2020 13:01
Sent to Transportadora
10/06/2020 08:06
Fiscal Note Issued
10/06/2020 07:31
Separate Order
10/06/2020 07:09
Separate Order
10/06/2020 00:38
Payment confirmed
10/06/2020 00:38
Order made
10/06/2020 00:36


Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW
Name Original: Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW
Store: Kabum
Value: R$ 359,89
Current value: R$ 434,02
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: TNT
Shipping Fee: R$ 55,07
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 10/06/2020
Submission Date: 10/06/2020
Data Delivery: 15/06/2020
Time in Transit: 5 days

Final Considerations

The Gabinete Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW é um dos poucos que ainda contam com duas baias para drives de 5,25 polegadas e suporta até 4 HDDs/SSDs. É um dos únicos, talvez o único, que atendia todos os requisitos que eu queria e tem um preço razoável.

Ele tem seus pontos fracos, como vir com apenas um ventilador, não ter o PC beeper e não ter os filtros de poeira, que precisam ser adquiridos à parte. Mas apenas os ventiladores tem custo considerável e, depending on use, podem ser dispensados.

Contornadas as limitações, I am quite satisfied with the Carbide Series 100R, é bem fácil de trabalhar com ele para instalar e remover dispositivos. Além disso ele tem um visual sóbrio, without many frills, e ficou bem bonito na bancada. Gosto até mais do visual dele do que o dos Cooler Master Haf, que são cheios de cantinhos difíceis de limpar.

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