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The Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB were purchased from AliExpress Computer Storage Global Store Store (I didn't make a mistake, are both “Store” same). They are memory modules with aluminum heatsink, RGB lights compatible with Aura Sync, and high frequencies XMP (3200 MHz).


As I already told in some previous articles, was building a new PC, with a AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X 12 nuclei, 24 threads, Memória Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB (2x32GB) DDR4 3200 and ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi AMD X570 Motherboard.

When the motherboard finally arrived, I upgraded all parts and soon realized that something was wrong: the computer would boot, but soon there was a blue Windows screen. At first I thought it was some driver incompatibility, because I didn't reinstall Windows, but I soon noticed that there was something more serious than that, because I couldn't even boot with pendrive or CD in diagnostic tools. This occurred with both memory on XMP frequencies and JEDEC frequencies..

So I decided to test the two modules of Memória Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB individually and… Bingo! With one of them the computer didn't even give video, and the motherboard emitted a long beep followed by two short beeps. This is a defective memory signal. With the other module, on the other hand, the micro worked perfectly, in XMP frequency, undergoing stability tests and everything.

It was already clear to me that the problem was with one of the Memória Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB. As I said in article about them, a Corsair warranty in Brazil for products purchased abroad. So I tried to open a ticket on the stand. I had to select a different memory model, because this is not even on the site list, but I explained the situation in the text. Anexei a invoice as requested and waited.

After two days Corsair responded by asking for photos that showed the product with its stamps and serial numbers. Easy for me, because had already done the unboxing and the review here on the blog, with photos. After two more days Corsair asked me to sign a disclaimer, that says I bought the product abroad and brought it to Brazil under my responsibility.

The term also states that the product will be replaced by the same, if available. If it is not available, it will be replaced by another product. If no exchange agreement is made, they refund the amount paid in accordance with the invoice, considering the currency value on the day of purchase.

In the case of kits, it is necessary to send all modules, in other words, I could not send only the defective module. And that's when I didn't know what to do. My options up to that point were:

  1. Send the modules and leave the PC stationary until Corsair make the switch or refund and I can buy another.
  2. Send the modules and assemble the PC again with the processor Intel Core i7, and respective old DDR3 memories and motherboard.

Neither option pleased me. Leave the PC stopped right when I'm working at home full time? That would force me to work with laptop. I've done this in the past, connecting monitor, external keyboard and mouse, but it has heavier tasks where the PC makes a big difference. And you will know how long Corsair it will take time to make this change considering the pandemic…

Put the i7 back on active duty was a better option, but that would imply taking apart the whole PC, disconnect and reconnect everything at least two more times. It is a considerable wasted time…

I then began to consider a third alternative: buy a cheaper memory module to get your PC up and running while I trade with Corsair. After the exchange put the temporary modules on sale with little loss.

But what memory to acquire? How much capacity? The cheapest option would be 4GB, but it barely puts the Windows to work right, it would be unfeasible for my use. Even 8GB would leave me with a lot of limitation. 32GB was what I had been using until then, but then it would be too expensive for something temporary, and hard to sell after, since most people who build PCs are for games, and hardly gamers want more than 16GB.

16GB seemed to me to be the best compromise, after all is how much memory I have on my laptops, both staff and work. I closed with 16GB and it is with 16GB that I am writing this article.

Checking the Brazilian stores I remembered that RAM in Brazil is a very expensive business. To have 16GB I would easily be paying almost half of what I paid for Corsair's 64GB in the USA.

But on second thought: why buy in Brazil after all? I could buy in China. It will take longer? Probably! But I had the PC running, with 32GB of RAM which was the same as I had on i7 until a few days ago. Yes, was just in single channel which somewhat impairs performance. But, on the other hand, now I had triple threads and processing cores to compensate.

Another advantage of buying from China is that I would have little or no loss on resale. In Brazil they sell the same new products at a much higher price than those there, just because they're already here, since many people are afraid to buy from outside. So, my semi-new kit in Brazil could be worth as much as a new kit direct from China.

The return on Corsair was already authorized and I had a month to post before the ticket be closed. Even though China's modules took longer than that, I could just ask them to extend the ticket. Since the warranty is lifetime, I literally had the rest of my life to make the switch.

Choice of Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules

Then came the mission to choose which memory modules from China I would buy. There are memories of famous brands there, as Corsair and Kingston. But I wanted something good and cheap, to minimize my possible losses. And this is where Gloway.

A Gloway not a big international name, but it has a pretty good reputation among memory modules in China. Usually uses chips of good brands, which are also used by major manufacturers. With heatsink and RGB LEDs, also has a greater potential for resale.

Another advantage of Memory Gloway DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 MHz is that it has the same frequencies as the Corsair I purchased, in other words, there is a chance that they can work together, totaling 80 GB de RAM. Then I wouldn't even have to worry about reselling. And for my use there is not too much RAM…

With so much positive feedback from buyers, the Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB convinced me. They were the ones I would buy. I just waited for Corsair to authorize the return of the defective module (along with the good) and made the purchase.

The package was sent by Hong Kong post, that arrives in Brazil very fast (3 days!), and even the Post Office did not get in the way too much, so that in less than two weeks the modules of the Gloway were in my hands.

Unboxing of Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules

The Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB came in a cardboard box that was totally crumpled by the Post Office on one edge. But inside it the manufacturer's box was intact.

The canister Gloway comes sealed and has a little window that allows you to see one of the modules inside it. Each module comes in a blister sturdy inside the box. They have a label indicating specifications and the serial number. Latencies are even slightly lower than those of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB. São CL 16-18-18-38, While the Corsair are CL 16-20-20-38. Both work in 3200 MHz com 1,35 In. In terms of packaging and finishing, Gloway you owe nothing to the big manufacturers.

Check out the photos unboxing and Video unboxing and installation of the Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB:

Test of Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules

I installed the modules Gloway on my PC and they immediately worked, with XMP frequencies (3200 MHz) and CL latency 16-18-18-38. With the CPU-Z I checked that the chips are from Ask Technology, and that the modules were manufactured in the 34th week of 2020 (17 a 23 August).

Os LEDs RGB dos Gloway Memory Modules are more discreet than those of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro, but provide a beautiful effect and in harmony with the cooler Wraith Prism accompanying the AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X, and also with the LEDs on the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi AMD X570 Motherboard.

With software Armoury Crate from ASUS you can control the RGB LEDs of Gloway Memory Modules, because they are compatible with Aura Sync.

Memory modules are compatible with Aura Sync.

Memory modules are compatible with Aura Sync.

I have connected the Prime95 to stress the Gloway Memory Modules and they showed no flaws.

Testing memory modules with Prime95.

Testing memory modules with Prime95.

After several tests I decided to put the module Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB that was working together with the Gloway Memory Modules, totaling 48GB of RAM. Latencies have risen to be compatible with the slower modules in the Corsair, but they all worked together perfectly on the XMP frequency (3200 MHz). I did a test 3 hours no Prime95 Flawless.

Prime95 - Gloway 2x8GB + Corsair 32GB.

Prime95 – Gloway 2x8GB + Corsair 32GB.

That last test made me happy, as I can probably use the four modules together if the Corsair make the exchange for the same model. So I won't have to worry about reselling and I will have a larger amount of memory. I hope so…

The next day I removed the module from Corsair, I packed the kit and shipped it by Sedex to the address of Corsair in Sao Paulo. Got there a day later. Already confirmed the arrival and after 10 days they still indicate “Product under review”.

It looks like I did well to buy the Gloway Memory Modules, because apparently Corsair it's gonna take a while. The legal deadline is 30 days and they highlighted this in their messages. Are working at minimal capacity due to the pandemic.


These are the package tracking information with the Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB , obtained from the AliExpress system:

2020.10.01 13:10 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2020.09.25 11:09 (GMT-7): Accepted by Last Mile Carrier
2020.09.23 17:05 (GMT-7): Arrived at destination country
2020.09.22 22:00 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2020.09.22 22:00 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2020.09.21 16:09 (GMT-7): Shipment arrived at country of origin post office
2020.09.20 09:50 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2020.09.20 05:44 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2020.09.20 05:14 (GMT-7): Shipment dispatched

And these are the information obtained on the site of the station:

[REMOVED] / SP Object delivered to the recipient
[REMOVED] / SP object out for delivery to the recipient
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Tratamento em INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Distribuição em CURITIBA / PR for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
CURITIBA / PR finalized Customs supervision
CURITIBA / PR	Objeto recebido pelos Correios do Brasil

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
Objeto encaminhado
de País em HONG KONG / countries in International treatment unit / BR

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
HONG KONG / 	Objeto postado

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports


Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB
Name Original: Gloway DDR4 8gb*2 16gb 3000mhz 3200mhz RGB RAM for gaming desktop memoria ram Type B series
Store: AliExpress Computer Storage Global Store Store
Value: R$ 386,68
Current value: [unavailable]
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 17/09/2020
Submission Date: 20/09/2020
Data Delivery: 01/10/2020
Time in Transit: 12 days
Declared content: RAMs gift
Type Marked Content: Commercial Sample
Declared Value: CNY 20.0
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

At the time of writing this article, I'm there 10 days using Gloway DDR4 16GB Memory Modules (2x8GB) 3200 MHz RGB, and so far there have been no problems.

I was quite satisfied with them. They have a good finish, high frequency, low latencies, and at least in my small sample it has a better quality control than the Corsair, who sent a module with a serious and obvious defect.

The modules of Gloway has lifetime warranty, but triggering the guarantee can be tricky, since they have no national representation. But at least the defects that may arise early on are covered by the warranty to the purchaser of AliExpress.

It is a pity that the Gloway do not work with 32GB high frequency modules. They even manufacture a 32GB module, but it is 2666 MHz. Otherwise it would be a very good, lower cost alternative. Mas para capacidades menores ou frequências menores a Gloway parece ser uma excelente opção para compras direto da China.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Quem diria!! Memórias Corsair zero compradas na Amazon americana vindo com problema! I even got discouraged from buying the 32GBx2 kit from the same Corsair, but 3600, not Ali for less than R $ 2.000,00: if I have that same bad luck, everything indicates that I would not be able to activate the lifetime warranty, because I imagine that they would not accept the “invoice” do Ali.
Will?? What do you think??


Tá no precinho hoje. Vai encarar? Ou já encarou? Hehe.


Alright. The delay is due to several factors, but the client needs to have the option to decide between some alternative. Not if you paid by bank slip or card and are willing to cancel this order, but right now it's going for R $ 1.566,62 with an AliExpress coupon (R$ 56,78 on orders of R$ 567,78) and another Selected Coupon (R$ 45,42 off every R$ 851,67 spent). Unfortunately I can't tell you what they are, because only the values ​​appear, not the codes. Try to put it back in the cart to see if you can get that value…


Yeah, I am afraid because we are at the mercy of their interpretation, maybe mainly from Corsair Brasil that needs to activate the American matrix, how did you explain. You're right that the purchase is legal.
I'll tell you that I'm thinking of doing exactly the upgrade that you did. My i7 4790K is already suffering, even with the 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum.
As for the processor, the 3900XT usually appears even cheaper than the 3900X. An interesting advantage of it is the lower energy consumption. I'm really curious about the price that the 5900X will come, both out there and here, even in preorder. For U $ 549 announced it may be worth bringing from outside as you did with the corsair kit. Will?? We see…
Now the biggest question: the motherboard. When will the Asus Crosshair review be released?? It's in the oven already?? Hehe. I'm curious to see the reason for choosing this model…


Yes. O 3900X, the 3900XT and even the 5900X have the same 105W TDDP! Is that I remembered a review of Adrenaline that shows the consumption in idle of 85W pro 3900X and 69W pro 3900XP. It was much bigger than the difference in consumption I saw in gringos reviews. Probably it was a “merit” do resto do setup, but I found it curious. I like to monitor the consumption of the machines, so much that I still have a Zalman ZM-MFC2 in the case just for that. I would consider the 5900X only if the difference in value is about R $ 800,00, since the expected performance difference is a few 20%. Looking forward to the first reviews. The idea is to decide this on Black Friday, even comparing the cost of the 3900XT in stores here with that of bringing out the 5900X in the hope of a real CRF out there. The bad thing is that it will still be a recent release, 20 days. Difficult to get a good price, but it never hurts to stay tuned and watch. Slutty from that Ali seller. You really have to contest, even for cosmetic items. Where would you buy the plate today? Difference of R $ 500,00 do Ali (like everyone… Read more "

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