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A ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi AMD X570 Motherboard was acquired in AliExpress xinxuanlang Industrial control Store para fazer um upgrade no meu PC, together with AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X and the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules, already shown here in Skooter Blog.

Motivation and Choice

As I already told there in the article about AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X and the article about Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules, I did an update on my PC, that involved motherboard, processor and memory.

Once the AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X, it was time to choose a good motherboard to accompany it. My previous motherboard was an ASUS Z87 Deluxe. As I had no serious problems with her, my preference was to continue with ASUS, preferably on a line that could be seen as a successor to the Deluxe line, that no longer exists.

I even considered MSI, but as I mentioned in PCI Express Card article 3.0 x4 ZyDAS, MSI cards have very few SATA ports. Even MSI X570 MEG Ace, which is a top model, shamefully only 4 SATA ports. I thought it better to stay with ASUS.

As ASUS Deluxe cards no longer exist, I went looking for the line that was most similar. The ASUS TUF line looks very good, but note that it is not exactly a successor to Deluxe. A Asus TUF Gaming X570-PLUS/BR, for example, has a single Ethernet port, and with chipset from Realtek. It also doesn't have an LCD display to inform the motherboard status at boot time and help diagnose problems. Por fim, she has few USB ports. No doubt it is a plate of respect, but some details are missing to qualify it as a successor to the Deluxe.

Searching a little more, I realized that the ASUS ROG line is the one that seems to have more features of the Deluxe cards. A Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula is the top plate of ASUS, but it is also the most expensive. A ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero is considerably cheaper and with few differences in resources.

A ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero has the X570 chipset, which is currently the most advanced of AMD. It has plenty of USB ports on the rear panel, including eight door(s) USB 3.2 Gen 2, one of which is Type C, and four USB ports 3.2 Gen 1. There are also two headers to connect four USB ports 2.0 on the front panel, um header USB 3.2 Gen 1, and a USB header 3.2 Gen 2.

Note that of the eight Gen ports 2 rear, four are controlled by the processor, and will only function as Gen 2 when the processor is the third generation, like AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. If it is a previous generation processor, they will only work in Gen 1.

A ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero also has two Ethernet ports, being an Intel Gigabit (Intel I211-AT Gigabit) and one of 2,5 Gbps da Realtek (Realtek RTL8125-CG 2.5Gigabit). I'm using both in aggregate, taking advantage of that my Switch TP-LINK TL-SG1016DE supports the feature. However the switch is only Gigabit Ethernet, then the aggregate link works on 2 Gbps.

The motherboard also has an active heatsink on the chipset, that is important in the X570 and aluminum heatsink in the two M.2 slots. On the energy side, VRM has 14+2 phase. Are 16 IR3555 PowIRstages, each with the capacity to 60 amperes. Each PowIRstage is accompanied by a choke with a high permeability alloy core capable of 45 amperes. According to manufacturer, inlet and outlet filtering is provided by solid polymer capacitors capable of operating for thousands of hours at high temperatures.

The input / output panel shield is pre-assembled, facilitando bastante a montagem. Quem nunca foi montar um PC, esqueceu de colocar o espelho e só percebeu quando já estava quase tudo pronto? 🙂 Ainda no quesito montagem, o ASUS Q-Connector ajuda bastante na conexão dos LEDs e botões do gabinete, além do alto-falante.

Outra vantagem do painel traseiro é contar com um botão para limpar o CMOS e outro para a função BIOS Flashback, que permite recuperar a BIOS a partir de um pendrive, caso não seja possível entrar na tela da BIOS. In other words, dá para se recuperar de uma configuração errada ou uma tentativa frustrada de overclock sem precisar abrir o gabinete.

Para quem gosta de fazer testes na bancada, the board has POWER and RESET buttons on it, dispensing the cabinet buttons or the short ones on the corresponding pins. The card also has a two-digit LED display, which displays the QCODE, ASUS code that helps diagnose possible startup problems.

There is also the QLED, which is a set of LEDs that indicate the checking of key components at boot time (CPU, DRAM, VGA, boot devices) and can indicate the probable cause of a possible failure. On the board there is also an LED to indicate storage device activity and another to indicate the absence of the power plug. 8 pins. Por fim, there are points specially made to be accessed with the multimeter to measure VCORE voltages, DRAM, and other.

The board has lighting compatible with Aura Sync, which is discreet and pleasant. It also has two RGB Aura Sync headers (4 pins) and two RGB Gen connectors 2 addressable (3 pins). I used one of the Aura Sync headers to connect the Wraith Prism, o cooler stock do AMD Ryzen 9 3900.

In terms of audio, ROG Crosshair VIII Hero also does not disappoint. Uses the CODEC SupremeFX S1220 with DAC ESS® ES9023P, and Japanese capacitors. The audio circuit is somewhat isolated in the corner of the board and with interference protection to be able to reach a SNR of 120dB for stereo audio reproduction and 113dB for recording. The audio jacks are gold plated. I keep using the my Sound Blaster Zx, but it’s good to know that I have good onboard audio available if you need.

Using a third generation Ryzen we have 2 slots PCIe 4.0 x16 (working on x16 or dual x8), so the card is already ready to get the best performance from the most modern video cards, like the NVidia RTX series 3000. The motherboard also has another PCIe slot 4.0 x16 and one more PCIe slot 4.0 x1, because of the X570 chipset.

Plenty of PCIe slots (to current standards) comes in handy for me, because I used a PCIe slot 4.0 x16 processor to Video Gaming board MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB (that is PCIe 3.0 x16), usei o slot PCIe 4.0 x16 chipset for Placa PCI Express 3.0 x4 ZyDAS, and used the PCIe slot 4.0 x1 for a Sound Blaster Zx.

Two m.2 slots for storage, one of them due to the processor (2242/2260/2280) and another because of the chipset (2242/2260/2280/22110). Both work in PCIe mode 4.0 x4 and SATA. We have even more 8 SATA ports 6 Gb/s. I used an m.2 slot for the SSD Sandisk Ultra m.2 NVMe 3D 1TB 2280, that I've shown here. And I used all the 8 SATA ports for an SSD 2.5″ SATA, 4 HDDs the 3.5″, and 3 optical drives. Note that there are currently no cards on the market with more than 8 SATA ports, so I used the Placa PCI Express 3.0 x4 ZyDAS to account for the eSATA port on the case and the two drawers for 5 1/2″ enclosures that accept HDDs and SSDs.

A ROG Crosshair VIII Hero also has plenty of fan connectors. There are two for CPU coolers and four for fans, three of which support 1A and 12W and the other supports 3A and 36W. Everyone has Q-Fan support, ASUS feature that allows you to adjust the rotations as needed. There are two more connectors for the watercooler pump, that always run at full speed, one of 1A and 12W and the other of 3A and 36W. All connectors are 4 pins, but they also accept 3 pins, including automatically finding voltage / speed combinations via Q-Fan.

WiFI is provided by the Intel® Wi-Fi chipset 6 AX200. In relation to my previous card, only one magnet was missing from the antenna, to facilitate fixing to the cabinet. At the moment I will only use Ethernet, and my WiFi router (ASUS RT-AC86U) is still “only” IEEE 802.11ac. But it is good to have a plate prepared for the future (supporting IEEE 802.11ax) and for future uses (eventually a PC away from Ethernet network points). Bluetooth is 5.0.

A ROG Crosshair VIII Hero has many overclocking features, including buttons and switches on the board with various features. I didn't pay much attention to that because I don't have any intention of overclocking at the moment, even because I'm using the stock cooler and the processor is already very hot with normal clocks.

Ultimately, is a card with many features, with just about everything I need and a little more, so I didn't lose practically any resources with this upgrade. It is still one of the best cards with the AMD X570 chipset. And so my choice was made.

Purchased ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero

Chosen the motherboard I wanted, came the biggest problem: waves buy-it? Even worse: where to buy it for a price not too exorbitant?

In Brazil it was not available in any store. The last one had been sold in mid-April or May on “exploding store”, where it was costing R $ 4.514,20! And between May and September she was missing from the national market, except for an occasional ad on the famous auction site, also with the price up there.

I even had a preference for buying in Brazil because of the warranty, as ASUS does not comply with Brazilian law and refuses to offer warranty for products purchased abroad. On one occasion I even got a refund for a router purchased abroad that stopped working, but it took some work and only worked after the threat of sending the file.

I was hoping that the motherboard would be available in Brazil until the AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X arrived from China. But in July I already had the processor in my hands and still had no board to test it.

Without being able to buy in Brazil and wanting to do this upgrade soon to use it even during the pandemic I'm working at home, my second option was to US Amazon. The card was costing in the range of $ 380 there, and I could redirect you to Brazil. Spend around R $ 2600 between board price, redirect, IOF and local taxes if you were to pay everything in cash, with the dollar of the time in the range of R $ 5,20. But I already have a good balance of gift cards at Amazon and could pay considerably less. It would be worth it, despite the value being in cash.

But, there were some drawbacks. At the time I was waiting for two US packages that were tangled up, with tracking without updating for several weeks. Era o official MiSTer case and the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules. I was afraid that they would disappear or that it would take too long to arrive. Furthermore, a ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero weighs more than 4 pounds, and I would necessarily have to send via Priority or Express, where the collection of the import tax would be practically guaranteed. Por fim, even in Amazon the sign was only showing up eventually, with delivery for a few weeks later, and it always ended in a short time. Most of the time I ran out of stock.

I then saw AliExpress my third and perhaps best option. Buying there would be somewhat more expensive than buying in the USA, however if the package disappeared on the way due to the pandemic, the loss would be covered by AliExpress. I found a single seller for the product: a AliExpress xinxuanlang Industrial control Store. Mostly positive reviews. Seller declares amounts below $ 100 to minimize the chances and amounts of taxes. I decided to buy with him.

Is a seller who sells new and used products. In the specific case of ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, there were options used, but I chose a new one. In the case of new, the only item that would be removed, second ad, would be the battery, due to the limitations of some airlines and, Consequently, of modes of transport. It's something that all sellers using AliExpress Standard Shipping are doing, unfortunately. It must be a ban on AliExpress itself. Buying batteries over there is only with strange and expensive freight. But that's fine with me in that case, because I I have a lot of CR2032 batteries here.

The ad was sent using AliExpress Standard Shipping, which in most cases has been an ePacket coming from Hong Kong, Sweden or Singapore. And so I closed the order on 15/07/2020, the cost of R $ 2.810,76 and R $ 176,00 de frete, R $ 2.986,75, in six installments of R $ 497,79.

The seller took some 6 days to post, and then my first disappointment came: the package was sent by EMS, the express modality that goes through customs clearance in São Paulo instead of Curitiba. There taxation is practically certain. I tried to ask the seller why the shipment was by EMS, but he didn't answer. Only later did I discover that in AliExpress Standard Shipping packages that weigh more than 2 kilos are not shipped by ePacket, who apparently has a weight limit. Because of this, packages above 2 kilos are sent by EMS. The package in this case was around 3 pounds.

An EMS at least should be pretty fast, some? After all, is expressed! Because it is not… Packages via Singapore take the longest, and being EMS didn't help at all. It was almost a month in transit between Singapore and Brazil. It could be the pandemic's fault, but the fact is that this express EMS had nothing.

No give 17/08 the package arrived in Brazil, and stayed a week waiting for customs clearance. In 24/08, was taxed in R $ 468,24. The IRS has accepted the declared value of US $ 93,15 and converted it to R $ 522,23. But, also considered a freight value of R $ 258,71, apparently taken from the inspector's ass. This gave a total customs value of R $ 780,41. It 60% of that are R $ 468,24, exactly the amount that was charged.

I paid the tax the same day, since R $ 2986,75 + R$ 468,24 = R$ 3.454,99, which still gave more than R $ 1000 unless the prices charged in Brazil. It, nevertheless, in August the sign was still unavailable in all Brazilian stores, so I really had no other option.

The delivery time for an EMS after customs clearance is 3 days to anywhere in Brazil, according to Correios. His treatment after arriving in Brazil must be the same as a Sedex. But. even with the tax paid, the post office rolled 3 weeks to decide to forward the package.

In that time I even filed a complaint against the IRS at the Ministry of Economy, via Fala.br, but the IRS responded and made it clear that it was not with them, that the responsibility was of Correios.

The Post Office, with its traditional useless service did not give any reasonable answer to the delay, limiting itself to asking to wait and giving generic responses. I also complained about the post at Consumidor.gov.br and at the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, also via Fala.br. I don't know if that helped or not, but on 11/09 the package was finally delivered.

Unboxing, Assembly and Tests

A ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Motherboard came in its original box, inside another thick cardboard box and all wrapped in ribbon. Despite this the ASUS box came slightly dented, and with some scratches that I imagine occurred before it was packed, because the friction with the cardboard would not have caused this type of damage. The stylus I used to open was also applied to the top of the box, and not at the bottom, wouldn't do the damage either.

The motherboard was out of battery, as expected. Despite the suspicious box, she was without any sign of use, with protective plastics on the shiny parts and everything. The accessories were also all in sealed packages. I believe then that the board is really new.

Check the photos of the unboxing and the video of the unboxing of the working board:

But, I soon noticed a lack of two items that should be in the packaging: the ASUS sticker to be placed in the case and the cup holder that comes as a gift on ASUS plates. These items can be seen in photos of the board in the US Amazon ad:

All accessories that should be included with the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Motherboard.

All accessories that should be included with the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Motherboard.

I imagined that these items could be present only on the American plate. Perhaps the Chinese version did not have these items. But by checking the Chinese manual that came with the plate, I found that at least the cup holder is listed as an included item:

The motherboard Chinese manual shows that the cup holder should be included.

The motherboard Chinese manual shows that the cup holder should be included.

Although they are cosmetic items, they should be included. Okay the cup holder I wouldn't use and would end up being kept in the box for years. The sticker was going to my office, along with so many others that are on it or have passed through it.

Returning the plaque for that reason wouldn't be worth it. Especially because until mid-September it was still unavailable in all Brazilian stores. I decided to set it up anyway and complain to the seller to try to negotiate a partial refund or shipping the missing items.

I have connected the AMD Ryzen processor 9 3900X, the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules and the SSD Sandisk Ultra m.2 NVMe 3D 1TB 2280 on the board and then I put it in the cabinet. Check out:

I had problems with constant crashes right at the beginning. The diagnostic features of the board helped me and I soon discovered that one of the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules came defective. I was using only what was working for some time. Then I installed the MGloway DDR4 Memory modules, that I showed here in Skooter Blog and sent the Corsair kit for exchange or refund with Corsair do Brasil, after they authorize the RMA. I'm currently waiting for a response from them.

Apart from this setback, the board has been behaving perfectly. I've been using the computer on a daily basis for over a month and I haven't had any problems, nor with my day-to-day software, nor with stress tests. Performance is excellent and the difference is noticeable from my old Intel Core i7-4770, including rendering and encoding videos from Skooter Blog channel on Youtube, that were much faster. Furthermore, now I can do coding and rendering without feeling the machine slowing down in other tasks that I do in parallel.

Dispute with the Seller

As for the seller, he simply ignored all my attempts at contact. Only when I opened a dispute asking for partial refund did he decide to speak, but just said he sent the sign with all the accessories and refused to make any deal.

In the dispute he left to answer on the last day of the term, a few hours left, and did something a little strange: rather than for your reasoning in the proper field and in English, he posted a photo with Chinese text. I think he hoped I wouldn't be able to understand, but in the text he said that I was fined by the customs in Brazil and that he was inventing reasons why he had to pay the fine. A tremendous scoundrel! He even told me that I used pictures of an empty box in the dispute to harm him. I don't know if it was delirium or lack of English, but obviously it doesn't make any sense.

I had already placed the photo of the manual and video of the unboxing to prove that the items were really missing. But after seeing how he acted, I also made my text in image showing clearly the photo of the missing accessories and everything, because in the dispute text field it is necessary to summarize the problem, because there is a character limit. I submitted with a few minutes left to the deadline.

AliExpress then came in to resolve the dispute and offered me two options: partial refund of R $ 88,41 accepting to keep the card as is or a full refund of R $ 2.986,75 with the return of the plate. They also asked for photos of the package to see if the problem would have been in transportation.

I sent the requested photos and disputed the value. R$ 88,41 it was barely close to 3% of the order amount. Who would buy a product lacking accessories with only 3% off? I would not buy! To return everything I would have to pay for the freight and I would be left with the tax loss. It wouldn't be convenient either.

It took a few more days and AliExpress decided to give me a partial refund of R $ 327,35. I can still appeal this decision in the coming days, but I think this value is a good size. The refund process is already underway.


These are the package tracking information with the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Motherboard, obtained from the AliExpress system:

2020.09.11 13:55 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2020.08.24 16:09 (GMT-7): Held by customs
2020.07.21 23:30 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2020.07.21 11:23 (GMT-7): Shipment accepted by airline
2020.07.21 11:23 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2020.07.21 04:37 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2020.07.21 04:07 (GMT-7): Shipment dispatched

And these are the information obtained on the site of the station:

[REMOVED] / SP Object delivered to the recipient
[REMOVED] / SP object out for delivery to the recipient
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Tratamento em INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Tratamento em SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Objeto encaminhado
de Unidade de Logística Integrada em SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP
SAO PAULO / SP Customs inspection completed
SAO PAULO / SP	Pagamento confirmado
Consulte os prazos clicando aqui.
SAO PAULO / SP	Aguardando pagamento
Acesse o ambiente Minhas Importações
SAO PAULO / SP Forwarded to customs inspection
SAO PAULO / SP	Objeto recebido pelos Correios do Brasil

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
Objeto encaminhado
de País em CINGAPURA / countries in International treatment unit / BR

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
SINGAPORE / 	Objeto recebido na unidade de exportação no país de origem

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports
SINGAPORE / 	Objeto postado

Informar nº do documento para a fiscalização e entrega do seu objeto. Click here My Imports


Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi AMD X570 Motherboard
Name Original: ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (wi-fi) desktop computer game X570 motherboard C8H new original
Store: AliExpress xinxuanlang Industrial control Store
Value: R$ 2.810,76
Current value: R$ 2.917,52 (US$ 489,50)
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: R$ 176,00
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 15/07/2020
Submission Date: 21/07/2020
Data Delivery: 11/09/2020
Time in Transit: 52 days
Declared content: Motherboards
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value: USD 93.15
Taxed: Yes
Taxable Value: R$ 780,41
Tax Value: R$ 468,24

Final Considerations

I am quite satisfied with the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi AMD X570 Motherboard. It's an excellent card with many features and ready for the next generation of processors AMD Ryzen, in case I want to make a new one upgrade in the future. Point to AMD that doesn't change the socket every generation, how does the competitor Intel.

As for the seller, I cannot recommend it in any way. At the time it was practically my only option, mas hoje dá para comprar a placa no Brasil, ainda que as ofertas sejam escassas. Fica um pouco mais caro, mas vale a pena pela garantia sem dor de cabeça com a ASUS do Brasil. Hoje essa placa está disponível na Amazon do Brasil por R$ 3.900,00 in 10 interest-free installments.

Para pagar mais barato a melhor opção é a US Amazon, onde a placa está custando US$ 379,99, e é possível redireciona-la para o Brasil com a Direct Shipments. But, neste caso o produto fica sem a garantia no Brasil e com imposto de importação praticamente certo de ser cobrado, por conta do peso restringir as modalidades de envio à Priority or Express. Nevertheless, pode compensar.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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