Ethernet connection dropping and coming back after a few seconds? Guilt may be from the LAN Manager at the MSI Dragon Center – Problems and Solutions

This is a problem that I have noticed since the acquisition of ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Motherboard, already shown here on the Skooter Blog. Eventually that little globe icon would appear in the Windows icon tray, indicating that the internet connection was not available. This would last a few seconds and then the connection would return to normal.

At first I even thought it was Vivo or that it was the router, but dripping the router's LAN interface on those occasions I realized that the fault was in the connection between the PC and the router. This was done using the Ethernet ports individually and even using aggregation of the two ports, in other words, when the problem occurred the two LAN ports lost the connection at the same time.

I cleaned the RJ45 connectors but the problem persisted, so investigating a little more soon i found out the culprit: this is the feature called LAN Manager from the MSI Dragon Center, software I use on behalf of Video Gaming board MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB, also already shown here on the Skooter Blog. Turning off the resource the problem is over.

MSI Dragon Center - Lan Manager.

MSI Dragon Center – Lan Manager.

The LAN Manager is not directly related to the video card, but it is part of MSI Dragon Center. It is a utility that makes traffic shaping. I don't know the details of how it works, but the idea is to prioritize traffic for certain applications. For example: it can maintain low latency for games even though a torrent be connected, prioritizing the sending of packages sent by the game over those sent by the torrent.

The idea is good, but if the cost of that is to bring down Ethernet connections from time to time, I prefer not to use it. There are other software with the same purpose that certainly do not cause the same problem. But I didn't even install any because my router, at ASUS RT-AC86U, already shown here on Skooter Blog, has QoS functions that act similarly and across the local network, not limited to a single PC.

É claro que este problema pode ter relação com algum outro componente ou software específico do meu PC, ou pode ser algo que a MSI possa corrigir em versões futuras. Mas vou manter a função desabilitada daqui por diante, até porque não é algo essencial para mim.

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