Accessing Vivo's UN Askey RTF3505VW-N1 in bridge mode with ASUS RT-AC86U as router – Problems and Solutions

I recently changed my phone and Internet plan with Vivo. The Internet has gone from 100 Mega with tasting 200 Mega for 100 Mega with tasting 300 Cloud. The deadline for change was 24 hours, but it did not occur, after the deadline I continued with the download coming around 230 Mbps, which is what I had before.

I then spent the UN, which is a Askey RTF3505VW-N1 to router mode to check if there was any update firmware or some remote configuration that could be preventing the update. Vivo's ONUs automatically update, but only when in router mode. It didn't help, there was no update and I kept the ~ 230 Mbps and ~ 130 Mbps upload limit.

After calling the service twice more, they informed me that the previous attendant had not placed the tasting. The new attendant said he included the tasting and that I should wait more 24 hours. I waited and again it was no use. I tried again to put the ONU in router mode and no update, again.

I then opened a complaint on the website and after a week Vivo answered that everything was right there and that they would send a technician. When the technician arrived I switched the ONU to router mode and this time there was an update of firmware. I don't know exactly why it didn't happen before, maybe Vivo made some changes before the technician came.

With the update the Askey RTF3505VW-N1 passed from firmware version BR_SV_g000_R3505VWN1001_s26 for version BR_SV_g000_R3505VWN1001_s32_7.

After this update, and with the new connection, the plan was finally updated, and now download arrives at ~ 340 Mbps, while upload arrives at ~ 170 Mbps.

Something I noticed in this new version of firmware is that the LED with the mouse symbol is on even when the router is in bridge, something that did not occur in the previous version.

Another notable change is that before I was able to access the interface web or even ping the ONU from my PC, just using the IP This worked even with the UN in bridge, being accessed through my router, the ASUS RT-AC86U, that I showed here in Skooter Blog.

In the new version of firmware, the trouble is that you can no longer access the ONU da Vivo after it is put in mode bridge. Apparently this is because now, when activating mode bridge, the UN DHCP server is shut down, so that the router can no longer guess how it should be accessed at the network layer. Note que protocolo PPPoE, that the router uses to obtain its IP, runs on the link layer, so it doesn't depend on obtaining an IP previously.

A solution I found was to manually set an IP for the router interface ASUS RT-AC86U communicating with the UN Askey RTF3505VW-N1 on the same subnet that the UN has its fixed IP, in other words, in For this I opened a connection to the router via SSH and entered the following commands:

ifconfig eth0:0 netmask
iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

With that it is already possible to access the UN web interface Askey RTF3505VW-N1 in so bridge again:

Accessing Vivo's UN Askey RTF3505VW-N1 in bridge mode with ASUS RT-AC86U as router.

Accessing Vivo's UN Askey RTF3505VW-N1 in bridge mode with ASUS RT-AC86U as router.

In order not to have to enter the same commands each time the router is restarted, I created a script nat-start in /jffs/scripts with the following contents:

ifconfig eth0:0 netmask
iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
logger Acesso direto ao ONU da Vivo configurado

It is important to enable the option Enable custom JFFS scripts and configs and aba Administration -> System from the ASUS RT-AC86U for the script to run. Note that I use firmware Asuswrt-Merlin. On firmware stock da ASUS não é possível usar scripts:

Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs no ASUS RT-AC86U.

Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs no ASUS RT-AC86U.

Essa solução também deve funcionar para qualquer outro roteador que permita acesso via SSH e execução de scripts, eventualmente precisando apenas ajustar o nome da interface de rede.

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Frederico Bezerra

Sou fã do blog! Melhor reviewer do Brasil!
Tenho um router da Asus e deixei ele para discar também. Wifi do router da Vivo é horroroso! Obrigado pelos pots.

Rafael Elias

Como Desbloquear Esse roteador Tenho o mesmo modelo porem não posso abrir porta


Skooter you create the script in Notepad ++ and then go through WinCP over an SCP connection? What way do you do?


Skooter I must be doing something wrong, my modem from vivo fiber his ip is (standard) and the router is (standard). I made the script and the router ran, but I can't access the modem from vivo on Do you have anything to do within the router settings? Welcome.


Skooter exactly as you answered me before. I was making the script through Notepad ++ and then copying to the router via WinSCP, so the script gave an error. When I did it for the nano, it worked on time. Here's the tip for the blog staff.

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