[Review] Creme Dental Elmex 90g

The Creme Dental Elmex 90g was acquired in Amazon Brazil and it has these characteristics:

  • The highly effective Amine Fluoride formula connects to the natural calcium in the mouth, creating a double-acting shield with calcium and fluorine
  • Remineralizes and effectively protects teeth against decay so that surfaces that are more difficult to brush are less vulnerable
  • Swiss Technology
  • Clinically proven

This is the list of ingredients: Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Often, Aroma, Saccharin, CI 77891, Limonene. Contains Dihydrofluoride 3-(N-hexadecyl-N-2-hydroxyethylammonium) Propilbis (2-Hydroxyethyl) ammonium / Contains Dihydrofluoride 3-(N-hexadecyl-N-2-hydroxyethylammonium) propil to(2-hydroxyethyl) ammonium (1400 ppm of Fluorine).

I bought the Creme Dental Elmex 90g on the recommendation of a periodontist, who said that Brazilian toothpastes are often very abrasive, causing unnecessary wear and tear. This is a big problem for me, that I already wear beyond normal and restorations that break frequently, leaving dentin exposed. Alguns dias depois comprei também a versão Sensitive, da qual falarei no próximo artigo.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Creme Dental Elmex 90g:

O pedido foi enviado pela Loggi Tecnologia Ltda e estas são as informações de rastreamento do pacote, obtained on the website of the Amazon:

Friday 25 September
6:51 PM
12:15 PM
Seu pedido chegou nas instalações da transportadora
6:34 AM
O pacote saiu das instalações da transportadora
São Paulo, SP BR
quinta-feira 24 September
7:49 PM
Seu pedido chegou nas instalações da transportadora
São Paulo, SP BR
Seu pedido foi encaminhado para a transportadora

To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Creme Dental Elmex 90g
Name Original: Creme Dental elmex 90g
Store: Amazon Brazil
Value: R$ 16,74 [with recorrência]
Current value: R$ 12,59 [with recorrência]
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Express Delivery
Shipping Fee: Free (Amazon Prime)
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 23/09/2020
Submission Date: 24/09/2020
Data Delivery: 25/09/2020
Time in Transit: 1 day

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