[Review] Curaprox CS Adult Toothbrush 5460 Ultra Soft Sensitive Trio Colorida c/ 3 Units

As Curaprox CS Adult Toothbrushes 5460 Ultra Soft were acquired in the Submarino and has this description given by the manufacturer:

Because of the extreme smoothness and cleaning power, the gums love these brushes. A CS 5460 ultra soft is recommended by dentists worldwide. Are 5.460 0.10mm diameter CUREN® bristles.

This description is in Submarino website:


Curaprox brushes are ideal for protecting your teeth: Scientifically developed, has anatomical head with 5460 bristles that reach and sanitize all regions of the teeth. Eliminate plaque preventing cavities and periodontal disease without traumatizing the gums. You will feel the difference! Developed for totally atraumatic oral hygiene. With 5460 active filaments “ultrasoft” has selective action on plaque, not causing long-term gingival retraction. The bristle filaments of the brushes are made of Curen® and even wet they retain their superior original firmness. This allows the use of much thinner bristles that allow a deep and smooth brushing. With its small and compact head, Curaprox Sensitive cleans more intensely and smoothly. When brushing with Curaprox Cs, your language will notice the difference: your teeth will be cleaner, smooth and will look whiter. Innovation with soft round-tipped bristles. Ultra soft and at the same time resistant and with great capacity and cleaning power.

The function of a toothbrush

The main function of a toothbrush is to remove plaque, namely, destroy the layer of this dental biofilm that grows and thus safely remove the amount of plaque. Total plaque removal is neither possible nor desirable because, a sterile mouth would be unhealthy. Only relatively compact and old plaque layers cause tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.

The Curapox Dental Brush difference 5460 Ultra Soft for common brushes

Due to the large number of bristles and the small diameter of the fibers (only 0,10 millimeters thick), can reach places totally inaccessible to common brushes and be more efficient than harder brushes. With its use, the brush will shape the curvature of the dental arch, in addition to absorbing the loads generated during brushing due to its resilience. It has a hexagonal design that naturally allows its use at the correct angulation during the brushing act (the brush should be tilted at a 45 ° angle, half of the bristles supported on the dental crown and half supported on the gingival margin).

Brushing technique

Brush all teeth, not just the front ones. Make sure your brush has soft bristles. Change your toothbrush every 3 months. Step 1 Keep your brush flat against your teeth and gums, half of the bristles covering the gums and the other half, covering the surface of the teeth. Step 2 Using circular movements and applying light pressure move the toothbrush along the row of teeth. Step 3 The compact brush head is for vertical access, necessary for an effective cleaning of the palatal area. Step 4 The compact head and smooth filaments ideal for reaching the molars. Step 5 Curaprox brush still allows effective access to clean the hard to reach area.

Bought the Curaprox CS Adult Toothbrushes 5460 Ultra Soft on the recommendation of a periodontist, the same one that recommended the Creme Dental Elmex Sensitive. Traditional and harder brushes are bad for my teeth, that already has wear beyond normal and restorations that break frequently, leaving dentin exposed. A soft brush prevents dentin from further wearing out.

The periodontist further explained that the CS 5460 have that number in the model for having 5460 intelligent. I'm using the Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft há um mês e meio e até o momento estou gostando bastante dela.

No comércio local elas eram mais caras, então optei por comprar o pacote com três no Submarino. Comprando online não dá para escolher as cores. São muitas opções. Mas não ligo muito para isso, então tudo bem.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing the Curaprox CS Adult Toothbrushes 5460 Ultra Soft:

These are the tracking information package, conforme o sistema do Submarino:

Order delivered, earned, Sublover!
who, 24/set14:23
O pedido foi entregue
Aeee, seu pedido tá a caminho
qui, 24/set14:21
Your request has been delivered to the carrier

To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Curaprox CS Adult Toothbrush 5460 Ultra Soft Sensitive Trio Colorida c/ 3 Units
Name Original: Escova Dental Adulto Curaprox Cs 5460 Ultra Soft Sensitive Trio Colorida c/ 3 Units
Store: Submarino [vendido e entregue por FARMADELIVERY]
Value: R$ 59,90 [5 R$ times 11,31 e cashback de R$ 1,20]
Current value: R$ 59,90
Payment Method: Digital Love
Shipping Type: Standard [Astrolog Econômico]
Shipping Fee: R$ 5,00
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 23/09/2020
Submission Date: 23/09/2020
Data Delivery: 24/09/2020
Time in Transit: 1 day

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