Promotions and Discount Coupons also on the Skooter Blog Telegram

Taking orders, starting today I will also be posting promotions and discount coupons on a new channel on the Skooter Blog Telegram, the same ones that I will continue to publish in Twitter do Skooter Blog.

As I mentioned in yesterday's article, no boring promotions and coupons that only make the price equal or even higher than other stores, how "influencers" post just because they were paid for it. I'll just post discounts and promotions for products that I just used myself (or would you like to enjoy).

I often take advantage of promotions and when the product arrives for unboxing and review the promotion is over. Readers are frustrated to see that the current price is often much higher than what I paid.

Furthermore, before buying I usually research and find the cheapest product / store, or more advantageous in some criterion. So I'm going to share this research with you who may be looking for the same item.

So, if you don't want to risk losing a good promotion, be sure to follow the Skooter Blog no Twitter or no new channel on Telegram.

Notifications of new articles on the Skooter Blog will continue to be sent to Skooter Blog's main Telegram channel, so that anyone who doesn't want to know about promotions and coupons can continue on main channel that in it nothing will change.

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