[Review] Console Sony PlayStation 5 – PS5

In this article I will not make a review traditional of Console Sony PlayStation 5 – PS5, after all many specialized vehicles have already done so and it would be raining in the wet. Instead, I follow my motivations and impressions, speaking exclusively of the aspects that interest me.


Anyone who follows the Skooter Blog knows that I've liked video games since I was a kid, having started in Atari 2600, passing through Master System, Mega Drive, and Super Nintendo. My first Sony console was the PlayStation One, which was also the first I bought as an adult and the first with money from my own work..

I ended up skipping the PlayStation 2, in an era that played only on PCs, but I bought one PlayStation 3 enjoying a trip to the US. The plan was to bring a Blu-ray player, but Sony's console cost the same price as a Blu-ray player standalone and it was still a video game. I only saw advantages…

The PlayStation 4 I also bought in the US, this time using an order redirection service, which was much cheaper than buying in Brazil, even paying shipping and tax. The upgrade for the PlayStation 4 For came enjoying a trip to Italy.

Despite this preference for Sony, I also bought one Nintendo Switch, on behalf of the exclusives of Nintendo. the consoles of Microsoft don't motivate me much, after all, his exclusives (on consoles) also come out for PC.

When the PlayStation 5 was announced I've already started preparing to buy it on some trip or using a redirect service, already counting that the national version would have a very high price. With the pandemic, travel was discarded, so I started to use a good part of the dollars I receive abroad to buy Amazon gift cards, to use them later na bought do PlayStation 5, when this was released.

That's when the Sony surprised me by announcing the PlayStation 5 by R 4999. It's obviously a high value., but very low when compared to the brand's previous releases. Remember that the same Sony launched the PlayStation 4 by R 3999, at the time the price in the US was US$ 399 and the dollar was quoted at less than R$ 2,50. If you continued with that same conversion, considering the launch in the US for US$ 500 and the current dollar above R$ 5,00, the PlayStation 5 would cost more than BRL 10.000 no Brasil.

So, it seems that Sony decided to break the gray market by launching the PlayStation 5 for a value that ends up not offsetting the import. Even buying in the US, the console is already over R$ 3.000 in direct conversion. Include a high shipping, after all, the console is very heavy (almost 5 Kg) and any taxes and the import price is close to the national price, not paying to use redirect.

to get even better, the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, reduced the IPI (Taxes over industrialized products) about video game consoles a few days after the start of pre-sales of the new Sony consoles. Therewith, Sony reduced the value to R$ 4699 (version with disc player) and R $ 4199 (digital version). It definitely wasn't worth importing anymore.

I believe that not even the bagmen will compensate because, even if they avoid all taxes (embezzlement), will have a very low profit margin to compete with the PlayStation 5 national, which has the advantage of having a guarantee of 1 year in Brazil and can be divided into 12 interest-free installments, and sometimes even in more installments for those who have store cards.

So I gave up on my plan to purchase the console in the US. I also did not want to buy in the Brazilian pre-sales, as I preferred to wait for more details on the backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4, after all, I don't have space for another console on the living room TV. For the PlayStation 5 log in, the PlayStation 4 For would have to leave.

I was waiting for the release, first reviews and reports of possible problems that could require a recall, although the national guarantee gives some reassurance about it. After the launch the consoles were practically not available for sale. There is a shortage of the product not only in Brazil, but not world everything. Clearly Sony is not able to produce consoles to meet demand.

The purchase of the PlayStation 5

After the official launch in Brazil, in 19 from November, the PlayStation 5 remained scarce and only occasionally appearing for sale in national stores, with delivery scheduled for December only, just before Christmas at best. A Sony chose to launch only in online stores, to avoid agglomerations. Everything indicated that those who bought the console in October would only have access to the console in November..

I wasn't too excited to pre-order with delivery more than a month later., but I was monitoring the eventual availability. On Submarino the console went back and forth, but always with delivery for december. But behold, suddenly, not give 21/11, the PlayStation 5 appeared on the Submarino with delivery scheduled for 27/11. I don't know exactly what happened, but I took advantage of the moment and bought the version with reader for R$ 4699 in 12 interest-free installments. With the cashback do Ame and partner discounts the console was in the range of R$ 4480. It seems to me very unlikely to find a better offer than this in the short term. Promotions should only take place when stocks are normalized, probably only in 2021. I opted for the player version because I have several PlayStation games 4 on disk, and it's common for games on discs to get promotions that make them cheaper than digital versions.

Unboxing and installation

The PlayStation 5 ended up arriving a day earlier than expected. In 26/11 (thursday of Thanksgiving, and eve of Black Friday) he was in my hands.

Submarino's packaging is not the best, just put a plastic around the manufacturer's box. I would prefer another box, protecting the original that I'll keep. This would avoid some dents, mainly on the tips. The box art features a photo of the console and controller, without many frills.

Mounting the console on the base was smooth.. Plus point for the Sony for including a base this time. On PlayStation 4 and no PlayStation 4 For I needed buy separate third party bases. There is a cap that needs to be removed to screw in the base. a lot of people will lose it. I kept mine well.

HDMI cable is shorter, with only one meter. The cables that come with the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 For it's two meters. Despite that I managed to use it in my installation, and I didn't need to use a third-party cable.

By connecting the PlayStation 5 for the first time it allows importing accounts, Dice, etc. de to PlayStation that is on the same network, and so I did. The External HDD I had been using on the PlayStation 4 For I connected to PlayStation 5. At first he didn't want to recognize, but I disconnected from one USB port and connected to the other and then it worked, including recognizing installed games. I didn't have to reinstall anything.

A strong point of PlayStation 5 is that he is very silent. Its presence is only noticed when the disc player is activated. At first I didn't really like the design of the console., big and spacious. But if that was the cost of leaving it with effective and silent cooling, is more than approved.

The predecessors of PlayStation 5 are very noisy, including mine PlayStation 3 fat, the PlayStation 4 fat e o PlayStation 4 For. With the acquisition of PlayStation 5 I walk PlayStation 4 For at the office and I spent the PlayStation 4 to the room, imagining that I would use it at least to use the Amazon Prime with media control, more practical than using the cell phone with the Chromecast. But the noise from it on is so big that I prefer to use the Chromecast same.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and installation of PlayStation 5:

Astro’s Playroom and DualSense

I didn't expect much from Astro’s Playroom, the game that comes pre-installed on the PlayStation 5. Perhaps because the Playroom on the PlayStation 4 it was just a set of mini-games. it was cool, but nothing that lasted more than half an hour of fun. And then I was surprised, the Astro’s Playroom is very good. It's a real game. Ok, maybe it's not such a long game by today's standards, but in quality he is a game! Remember a little the Super Mario Odyssey, with some elements of Little Big Planet, and many Sony games. Items to collect during gameplay include all consoles and many company accessories, even some very little known.

The Astro’s Playroom was clearly designed to show everything that the DualSense can offer. he explores everything, the different forms of vibration that allow you to simulate the sensation of different types of flooring, the different types of tactile feedback from triggers (spring, bow-and-arrow, etc.), the speaker, the position sensors, the touchpad, and even the microphone. everything is used, and in a very natural way, that fits the game, because it is quite varied. Ultimately, it is made to show new technologies, but without seeming forced, because the game is very cool.

The DualSense is certainly the trump card of PlayStation 5, I dare say even more than the SSD and real 4K graphics, after all, PCs have been offering this for a long time. The DualSense is that it's the exclusive novelty. It remains to be seen whether developers will take advantage of everything the new controller offers. I think the Dualshock 4 was underused, because few games use touchpad, movement sensors, etc. I hope that or DualSense don't suffer with the same problem.

Speaking of graphics, the Astro’s Playroom it has very beautiful graphics, exciting soundtrack and great sound effects, including using the control speaker very well to produce some sound effects that complement the sensations produced by the engines.

I leave the my playlist playing the Astro’s Playroom, which unfortunately does not translate to the full game experience, because this is only possible playing, it's common DualSense in the hands:

Backward compatibility

I was very pleased that the Sony has finally given due attention to backwards compatibility. This point was essential for me to acquire the PlayStation 5 in this moment, not just because there wasn't room for another console, but also because the releases of any console are very expensive. Without backwards compatibility I wouldn't have much to play with to justify buying the PlayStation 5 now.

who buys the PlayStation 5 and is a subscriber to Playstation plus gain access to PlayStation Plus Collection, a collection of great games from PlayStation 4, that guarantee good fun until more titles are available for the new console. These are the games available:

  • Bloodborne
  • Days Gone
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • God of War
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • The Last Guardian
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Until Dawn
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Fallout 4
  • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Person 5
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard

I didn't explore backwards compatibility much, I stayed more in the games of PlayStation 5 same, but so far i haven't found any problem.

Remember that only games PlayStation 5 is that they need to be necessarily installed on the internal SSD (at least for now). The Games PlayStation 4 can stay at HDD externo, which in my case is 8TB and still has a good amount of free space.

Bugsnax and Worms Rumble

Bugsnax and Worms Rumble are two titles that were also made available to PSN subscribers.. The first was made available with the release of the console in 19/11 and the second came in the December Free Games Pack, along with two other PlayStation games 4.

It's not AAA games, of course. It will take some time before we have AAA games old enough to appear free to subscribers., but they are fun games. Us next months, PSN subscribers must receive at least one game indie month.

Fifa 21

The Fifa is one of the games I end up playing the most throughout the year.. I've followed the franchise since the first game back in the years. 90, and bought most of them. In November the PlayStation version 4 appeared with a good discount from black friday in its digital version. The cool thing is that the Electronic Arts secured the version of PlayStation 5 free of charge for those who purchased the PS4, as long as rescued before the release of the next Fifa.

The release of new generation versions was scheduled for the day 04/12, but the game ended up being released on the day 03/12. The new generation versions gained a new graphics engine, which brings more details in the modeling. The game is much prettier.

An important point here is that only the PlayStation 5 and the XBox Series (or whatever the confusing name of the new console from Microsoft) received the new graphics engine. The PC version continues with the old engine and will not be updated. The pretext is that the Electronic Artswant to keep the minimum requirements low. I thought it was dirty with PC players.

The Fifa 21 explore well the DualSense. Different vibrations are explored, you can feel the light response of a ball touch or a stronger kick, for example, or the vibration of a goal or even a slight tremor of the emotion of the match. The race trigger also varies and the impression I have is that it gets heavier as the player gets more tired.

PS5 news apart, a point I liked was that it is no longer necessary to control players' fatigue between one game and another in the FUT. Players get tired during the game, but from one game to another they all start 100%. The need to have two teams and alternate between them to avoid excessive tiredness of the players is over.

One downside is that the bug where the game eventually gets stuck when loading the list of searched players in the FUT market, especially when we advance to the next screen and try to go back to the previous one.. It is a bug that already existed in FIFA 20, has been corrected or at least softened in the corrections., but now it's back. When it happens, the only solution is to close the game and open it again.. Irritating!

For those who didn't like the narration of the James Leifert, o Fifa 21 marks the debut of a new narrator: Gustavo Villani. The commentator remains the Caio Ribeiro and we still don't have a field reporter, unfortunately. I liked the new narration, and now the fourth wall breaking nonsense is over, which was cute in the beginning but it got tiring over time. nothing against the James Leifert, but he is a presenter and has never been a narrator. It is better if narration is done by someone who has narration as their main craft..

It is now possible to disable all game music to make streaming without taking zillions of copyright notices, lose monetization and have the video blocked in some countries. But as much as the trail of Fifa be traditionally bad, with few songs that are saved, the game gets a bit monotonous without any music. Ideally, it would be possible to change the default soundtrack for a copyright-free one. I liked the old football game tracks better, there at the games of 8 and 16 bits.

Check out my playlist playing FIFA 21. Has Fifa 21 do PS4 no PS4Pro, has the PS4 version on PS5, and has the native version of the PS5, with the new engine, allowing comparison:


My PlayStation 5 came by Direct carrier and this is the tracking information according to the Submarino system:

who, 26/nov22:12
O pedido foi entregue
qui, 26/nov22:04
O seu pedido está a caminho do endereço
qua, 25/nov08:56
O seu pedido está em transferência para sua região
qua, 25/nov08:05
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
ter, 24/nov19:26
O seu pedido está em transferência para sua região
ter, 24/nov15:15
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
ter, 24/nov03:20
O seu pedido está em transferência para sua região
seg, 23/nov12:07
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
seg, 23/nov09:00
O pedido está em transferência entre as filiais da transportadora
seg, 23/nov08:59
Your request has been delivered to the carrier


To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Console Sony PlayStation 5 – PS5
Name Original: Console PlayStation 5 – PS5
Store: Submarino
Value: R$ 4.699,00 in 12 times without interest [with cashback of R$ 46,99]
Current value: R$ 4.699,00 in 12 times without interest
Payment Method: Digital Love
Shipping Type: Standard [Direct]
Shipping Fee: R$ 19,99
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 21/11/2020
Submission Date: 23/11/2020
Data Delivery: 26/11/2020
Time in Transit: 3 days

Final Considerations

So far I'm satisfied with my Console Sony PlayStation 5 – PS5. This new generation promises, and I hope the DualSense be put to good use by developers. Sony finally paid attention to backwards compatibility, avoiding having to make room for another console. The silent cooling system is also very welcome..

The game offer is still small, so those who are not interested in anything that has already been released can wait longer and eventually get some promotion when stocks return to normal.. I don't regret why the Fifa 21 and the Astro’s Playroom are paying off for me, and one came out for half price and the other is included in the console. But I'm not in a hurry to buy other games.. I will wait for promotions.

As for accessories, I want a second DualSense eventually, but not in a hurry, because with the pandemic I am not receiving visitors. the camera no use to me at the moment, there are no games that use it, is something aimed at the streamers, at least for now. The official charger interests me, but it's been missing since launch.

The media control is cool, but very expensive for the little i'll probably use it, because my TV (Sony XBR-55X905E) already have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc. It's an accessory I want to buy later., before it goes out of line, even if it's for future use, because the unofficials are never so good. Today, the media control of the Playstation 4, for example.

So far I just bought a cover for the console and another for the DualSense. I also put thumb grips on DualSense analog, in case they are fragile and disintegrate like those of the Dual Shock 4. Os thumb grips do DualShock 4 servem no DualSense.

The PlayStation 5 – PS5 está com estoque bem limitado e aparecendo em pré-vendas eventualmente. Recomendo ficar de olho nos seguintes links se quiser adquirir o seu:

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