Mobile Baby Crib Musical and Spinning Forest Animals

The Mobile Baby Crib Musical and Spinning Forest Animals It was purchased on Amazon of Brazil. Its function is to entertain the baby, stimulating cognitive development, besides decorating the room, making the environment more beautiful.

There is the option to personalize the product with the baby's name, just choose the option “add gift options” and clearly insert the baby's name in the text box for the dedication.

This is some information provided by the manufacturer:

  • Product approved by Inmetro;
  • National Manufacturing;
  • Anti-allergy plush;
  • Parts are secured with highly resistant waxed cord;
  • The mobile structure is made of non-toxic plastic and can be fixed to the cradle, pigsty, or any platform via adjustable thread;
  • Has rotary system powered by rope, does not use batteries;
  • The tempo of the song can vary between 1:30 and 2:00 minutes;
  • Assembly is easy and safe, screw tightly on the side of the baby's crib or pigpen;
  • Features a sweet melody to soothe your baby, as sweet as a mommy lullaby;
  • Ideal for decorating the baby's room.

My Mobile Baby Crib Musical and Spinning Forest Animals arrived really fast, only 3 days after order, with the customization done correctly as I requested. Despite the customization, the store sent the product the day after my order.

I liked the quality of the material. Despite the announcement that the song plays for 1:30 a 2:00 minutes, mine plays for more than 3 minutes. I've seen some musical mobiles that play some wrong notes, out of the correct tone. Não é o caso desse que toca a música toda certinha, ainda que os tempos oscilem um pouco conforme a corda vai acabando.

Check out some photos and the video of the Mobile Baby Crib Musical and Spinning Forest Animals operation:

O pedido foi enviado pela Total Express – Tex Courier Ltda. These are the tracking information package, obtained on the website of the Amazon:

Friday 20 November
11:15 AM
[Removed], SP BR
quinta-feira 19 November
5:04 PM
Em trânsito: última etapa da entrega
Piracicaba, SP BR
11:59 AM
Seu pedido chegou nas instalações da transportadora
Piracicaba, SP BR
4:46 AM
O pacote saiu das instalações da transportadora
Barueri, SP BR
quarta-feira 18 November
3:50 PM
Pacote recebido pela transportadora
Barueri, SP BR
Seu pedido foi encaminhado para a transportadora

To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Mobile Baby Crib Musical and Spinning Forest Animals
Name Original: Mobile Baby Crib Musical and Spinning Forest Animals
Store: Amazon Brazil
Value: R$ 109,90 in 5 interest-free installments
Current value: R$ 109,90 in up 3 interest-free installments
Payment Method: Elo Credit Card
Shipping Type: Express Delivery
Shipping Fee: Free (Amazon Prime)
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 17/11/2020
Submission Date: 18/11/2020
Data Delivery: 20/11/2020
Time in Transit: 2 days

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