Logitech Warranty – Mouse Logitech G502 Hero (replacing G502 Proteus Spectrum)

In October 2018 I got a Gamer Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum 12.000 DPI – Logitech G, and I reviewed it here on the Skooter Blog. In July 2020 I noticed a double click. Nothing as serious as what happened on my Logitech G9x, that was already out of warranty and so I replaced the left button switch myself. With the G502 Proteus I noticed that when using Mozilla Thunderbird and selecting some email, sometimes he opened the email (double-click) instead of just selecting (simple click). It was a rare thing to happen but, as he was still under warranty, I decided to activate the support of Logitech before it was too late.

The soap opera with Logitech

I opened the ticket in 07/07/2020. It was answered in 11/07 with a series of generic instructions for updating firmware, install the Logitech G Hub, test the mouse without the software, etc. They also asked to confirm the double click on this site: https://codepen.io/nfxpnk/pen/vERyxK . They also asked to test the mouse on another computer. Everything I had ever done.

I was also asked to record a video showing the mouse and the screen of the site indicated, register at least 100 cliques. The video still needed to include the mouse serial number and a handwritten note of the ticket number. I made the video following all the steps and sent in 13/07.

No give 15/07 replied to me asking for a copy of proof of purchase and photograph of the product serial number. They also informed that the G502 was exhausted. I was offered the G603. On the same day I replied with the information and also said that I was not interested in the G603. It is wireless and I no longer want a product using batteries unnecessarily.

No give 16/07 I was offered the G203 or the G703. I also refused them. The first is a much inferior model, and the second is also wireless.

New answer in 20/07, with the alternatives of choosing the G402 or the G300S, or wait for a new G502 stock to arrive. I asked when the new stock would arrive

In 22/07 replied that it would arrive in 5 a 7 weeks. I chose to wait for the arrival of the new G502. The attendant then started to press me to close the ticket, what I didn't want to do. But 03/08 he called me, said the ticket couldn't stay open that long and assured me that I could open again ticket at the end of the month and just quote the number from the previous one that the service would continue where it left off, without having to do new procedures. Unfortunately I believed that and left the ticket be closed.

No give 31/08 I opened the new ticket. I was only answered in 10/09, now by another attendant. This told me that the ticket previous was already closed. I insisted that the previous attendant said he could continue from there, but in 11/09 he sent me all the instructions again, including video order. I insisted that this was not what had been agreed.

New answer only in 14/09 asking for the test results again. There were a few more iterations in which the attendant insisted that I do everything again. I got angry and filed a complaint at Complain here.

From then on, a new attendant took over the ticket. In 16/09 she told me that the models G502 Proteus and G502 Hero were no longer being made available and they did not have access to store or sales department stock (already predicting that i would say it is still for sale).

I was offered the G604 models, MX518, G603, G402, e G305. I replied that I was not interested in these models. He also said that the G502 was still available on the Logitech website, so he didn’t get out of line.

The solution

No give 01/10 I was surprised by this answer:

Thanks for your patience, I would like to inform you that your replacement for the g502 hero has been approved!

Please note that our Fedex courier partner is experiencing unexpected delays in shipping your deposit. Due to this, orders are shipped more slowly than normal. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking details when your order is shipped. No time, we don't have a clear estimate of when your replacement will be shipped, but as soon as it is sent, you will receive an email with the tracking number that can be used to track the package at https://www.fedex.com/en-us/home.html

Regarding your defective product, there is no need to send it to us and feel free to safely dispose of it.

Our recommendation is to recycle electronics. You can find more information, including an electronics recycling service or location near you at this link: https://www.logitech.com/sustainability/recycling.html#global-recycling-centers

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions before or after your replacement arrives.

You can receive a survey on your support experience and I encourage you to take a moment to provide your feedback so that we can continue to improve your customer experience.

Thank you very much!

Two days later they gave me the Fedex tracking code. These are the trace information:

Thursday , 08/10/202016:29 [REMOVED]
Delivered consignment
Remessa em rota para entrega
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Quarta-feira , 07/10/202011:30 SUMARE BR
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Pacote não disponível para entrega
Remessa em rota para entrega
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Terça-feira , 06/10/202008:53 SUMARE BR
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Pacote não disponível para entrega
Pacote na estação da FedEx
Segunda-feira , 05/10/202022:12 CAMPINAS BR
Em trânsito
Liberação da remessa internacional - Import
Em trânsito
Pacote disponível para liberação
Na instalação de classificação de destino
Domingo , 04/10/202023:39 MEMPHIS, TN
Deixou a estação da FedEx
Em trânsito
Sábado , 03/10/202011:36 MEMPHIS, TN
Liberação da remessa internacional - Export
Em trânsito
Na estação FedEx na origem
Chegou na estação da FedEx
Deixou o local FedEx de origem
Sexta-feira , 02/10/202017:39 MEMPHIS, TN
Coletado pela Fedex
Shipping information sent to FedEx

They sent me one Mouse Logitech G502 Hero young, directly from the U.S., via Fedex, with prepaid import taxes. Sent on 02/10 and on day 08/10 was already in my hands.

Were almost 3 months and a lot of trouble to solve the problem properly. On the other hand, I noticed that Logitech paid absurd R $ 744,54 tax to get this mouse to me. R$ 469,21 import tax and R $ 274,66 ICMS. The declared value of the product was US $ 124,99, that converted to R $ 705,74 (exchange rate of R $ 5,6464). But 100% de impostos! That’s why we’ll always be a third world country or worse. It can't be better with that with such immoral taxes. This may explain why Logitech insists on exchanging for a product that is already in Brazil.

But it should be noted that Logitech declared a very high value for the product. This mouse is being sold for $ 39,99 on US Amazon. The manufacturer's cost price should be even lower. Why didn't they state the cost price? Even the retail price in Brazil is “only” R$ 299,99 na Amazon, well away from the $ 124,99 declared.

Unboxing and Tests

Check out the photos and the video of unboxing and testing of the Mouse Logitech G502 Hero:

I took some pictures of Proteus Spectrum and the Hero together. Both are very similar, but Hero has the new logo of Logitech. Hero also has a different sensor, arriving 16.000 dpi, and a better cable, thinner and more flexible.

I soon noticed the difference in the sensor, the G502 Hero coiled at a very specific point in my mouse pad, I don't know exactly why. Whenever I went through that point, there was a certain inaccuracy in the pointer. It was a blue fabric mouse pad from Clone with gel wrist support. As he was already quite old and with the gel part already all deformed, I replaced it with another similar model from Maxprint, also with wrist support, but black, who was here in reserve, young. In it I had no more problems.

Installed Logitech G Hub and with it I updated the firmware of Mouse Logitech G502 Hero. The software is full of features, but I confess that I use almost nothing. I leave the RGB in the rainbow and use the buttons with the default settings. I play little on PC, but I really like the precision of this mouse, the possibility of locking / unlocking the scrolling, forward and back buttons, pointer button momentarily slower, among other useful resources on a daily basis for professional use.

A point worth reporting is that in double-click tests with the Mouse Logitech G502 Hero on the https://codepen.io/nfxpnk/pen/vERyxK I can make it register double click, even though it's a brand new mouse, the same way as with the G502 Proteus Spectrum, but I don't notice any problems with it Thunderbird or other software.

I can't say exactly why it happens, but it has something to do with how to click. By repeatedly clicking with very little finger lift, the double click ends up being registered. I ended up letting that go, I think it's a failure of switch himself and not a sign that he is about to get worse. The double click that bothers is the one that is registered when we are just holding the button, dragging a window, etc. This double click registered when I am clicking very quickly is not something that will happen on a daily basis. It is more of a limitation of the test itself.

Final Considerations

A Logitech didn't ask me to destroy the G502 Proteus Spectrum and upload photos as they usually do. I could even change the switch in question for a new one and sell the mouse. But, for the sake of honor, I won't sell it and I won't even use it on another PC, as that would take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty process, that makes our lives a lot easier by not asking for the defective mouse back. People who abuse this advantage are only helping the manufacturer to stop offering it. But I'm also not going to just “recycle-it” as Logitech suggests. There is already too much junk in the world to throw an entire mouse away because of a switch. I will leave this mouse here as a reserve for the G502 Hero or eventual donor of parts in case of any defect in the new mouse after the end of the warranty.

As for the guarantee process of Logitech, many people say it is very good, but it didn't look that good. Lots of wind, too much attempt to push another product, that whole false story of continuity of ticket old. The problem was only solved even when I put the Complain here in the middle of the story. Were 3 months to solve the problem. It was not so much a loss for me because the G502 Proteus it was still pretty usable, the problem was at an early stage. And I have other mice working if I needed to. But if it was someone that the mouse crashed once and had no other, would need to buy any mouse to break the branch in these 3 month waiting. Ultimately, the problem solution was great, but the way was very tortuous and time consuming.0

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Marcelo Montenegro Santos

Tip: Many companies do not respect the complaint here. But they respect a lot of decon, procon and consumer.gov.br. The next time, try these to save time.


I think a good thing would be to ask them to deposit the amount for you to buy the mouse at retail, since they had sites selling.


Deposit the price of the store price for you to buy the mouse, and not the grade value. I once got it on Microsoft support. I argued that I bought the mouse in a promotion and for the value of the note I could not buy another.

Paulo Vicente

Why didn't they state the cost price? Even the retail price in Brazil is “only” R $ 299,99 na Amazon, well away from the $ 124,99 declared.

This declared value refers to the product + freight (largest share), since the freight value is also taxed as if it were a product.

I activated the warranty on a G402, and I received a G403 also via FEDEX.
A tip I always give, is to ignore online service, and open a ticket via 0800, because the attendant wants to finish as quickly as possible.

I had already opened an online ticket, and after so much bureaucracy, found this tip on a forum, and it was potato.
In 15 min had already received the email with instructions, I responded quickly and, on the same day, already confirmed that a model superior to mine would be sent.

Last edited on 9 months ago by Paulo Vicente
Paulo Vicente

Ah, so it was different from mine (are now two years).
Really weird, but that's Logitech's problem.

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