HDD not detected on PCI Express Card 3.0 x4 ZyDAS com 6 6Gbps SATA ports and Asmedia ASM1166 Controller – Problems and Solutions

In the middle of last year I showed the PCI Express Card here on the Skooter Blog 3.0 x4 ZyDAS com 6 6Gbps SATA ports and Asmedia ASM1166 Controller. It was with it that I connected the doors for HDD / SSD drawers in my cabinet (Cooler Master Haf X), since the doors of the motherboard were all busy with HDDs, SSD and optical drives.

With acquisition of the SSD Sandisk Ultra m.2 NVMe 3D 1TB 2280 for my PC desktop, I transferred the SATA SSD that was in it before to my laptop. That left the HDD of the laptop, at Western Digital Black from 750 GB, specifically the model WD7500BPKT.

So I decided to put this HDD in one of the drawers to use it with the functionality of File History of Windows. I have other incremental backup solutions with versioning in progress: Genie Timeline backing up to an external hard drive, Synology Active Backup for Business backing up to the My in, and Duplicacy backing up to Google Drive. But I like the File History because it is very fast to restore an old version, while the rest are a little longer. So, with an idle HDD, why don't you use it for that?

The trouble is that when connecting the HDD, it simply was not detected by Asmedia Controller ASM1166. I soon suspected driver that was installed for her, at driver old Microsoft, from 2015 if memory serves me.

A solution I found was to update the driver via Snappy Driver Installer. He soon identified a driver last, from 24/06/2020, whose provider is Asmedia Technology. It was enough to install this new driver and the HDD was immediately identified. There's even a restart pending, but it wasn’t even necessary.

Asmedia 116x SATA Controller driver found by Snappy Driver Installer.

Asmedia 116x SATA Controller driver found by Snappy Driver Installer.

So my caveat is with the many experts who say that updating drivers it's unnecessary. Many say that we should only update the drivers Video Card, that drivers new ones are not always better and can cause problems. This is true, but don't update drivers can also cause problems… I keep avoiding updating unnecessarily, but if a problem arises I will soon bet on drivers.

And Snappy Driver Installer has proved to be quite useful. So far he hasn't brought me any driver that caused problems. Including my laptop (at Dell Latitude E6530), in which I cloned the HDD to the SSD, had the SSD quite slow, it didn't even look like an SSD. I used Snappy Driver Installer and he updated more than 40 drivers. And with that the problem was solved: the SSD was as fast as it should be.

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Paulo Vicente

In my day-to-day maintenance, every now and then I catch a problem related to drivers, and Snappy is the right choice to solve.

People are very prejudiced with driver updates…

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