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The Skooter Blog now has a group on Telegram that can be accessed with this link:

In this group, the idea is to deal with the issues published here on the blog and other related topics., as technology, shopping (Brazil and abroad), reviews, PCs, videogames, retrogames, Electronic, among others. No group, unlike channels, all members can interact in real time.

Note that both Skooter Blog channels on Telegram are still active. They only send notifications, no member interaction:

I also remember that we continued with our server on discord, with new article notification and member discussion channels.

I also remember that Skooter Blog continues with its channels on Youtube, on the Facebook, on the Twitter1 and no Instagram. On Facebook and no Twitter1 We also let you know about new articles here on Skooter Blog, as soon as they are published.

On Youtube we do the unboxings and gameplays. Who accompanies us on Youtube see the unboxings before and find out beforehand what the next reviews will be. the videos of gameplay always feature classic games, with playlists from various systems, always with live broadcasts:

And we also have the playlist of unboxing of products, that could not miss.

On Instagram photos and videos of products and games are published, often unpublished, showing what's to come here at Skooter Blog.

Por fim, you can also receive Skooter Blog articles directly to your email as soon as they are published, just enter your email there in the menu on the right, in the “Subscribe to blog by email” section. Our Feed RSS is also available for those who prefer.

There are many ways to follow Skooter Blog and stay on top of the news, Articles, unboxings and reviews that appear around here. Siga e compartilhe, Skooter Blog needs your help to continue to exist. 🙂

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