Electrolux LE09X Dishwasher Engine Capacitor Replacement – Problems and Solutions

I have a Dishwasher Electrolux model LE09X that already has its almost 8 years of use. During all this time she had problems with some parts, but nothing that I couldn't solve on my own.

There have already been two changes to the tube connection of the upper tray, which is a piece of plastic with a sealing rubber that disintegrates over time. In the second exchange the local authorized took months to deliver the piece, so I spent some time using a gambiarra with a common sealing rubber.

I also changed the sealing rubber of the upper spreader twice, which is thin and is all deformed. I even gave up on the original and put a thicker one that I found in a hydraulic supply store. Por fim, the door rubbers also need to be changed, are still the originals.

Last Good Friday (these things always choose the beginning of an extended holiday to break) the machine just stopped washing. The trouble is that she used to get water when it came to getting it, threw the water away when it was time to throw, but during the wash it just made a noise, and didn't wash anything.

I tried local authorized service on Saturday, but they amended the holiday. I called the insurer of the house that covers white line repair (only labor and a limit of R $ 200,00) and they were going to send a technician on Tuesday morning. On Monday they called to reschedule for Wednesday morning, claiming lack of agenda. Strange, being that it was already marked. I called the authorized again and they were sending a technician on Tuesday.

I explained to the authorized attendant that I had already contacted the insurer, just to know if it wasn't them even though the insurer would send, preventing them from coming twice. She said she doesn't work with insurance companies and told me that “if it’s just to see the pieces you need we don’t schedule”. I found the height of poor service. I have the right to make more than one budget and choose who I will do the service with, or even do not do with anyone if you do not compensate. They even charge for the budget, if i didn’t close with them i would pay in good. I made it clear that I wanted a budget and that if the repair paid off I would do.

The technician came, just turned on the machine, heard the noise and diagnosed: is the engine. Price of a new engine in the range of R $ 1400,00. I already said that this is half the price of a similar new machine, Does not Pay. He then said that he could make a gambiarra, something he doesn't like to do, that e “by a capacitor” and that this would solve. Cost: R$ 160,00.

I was then waiting for the formal budget of the store, including the rubbers that I’d evaluate if it’s worth. I would choose one of 3 options: a) by only such a capacitor; b) by the capacitor and change rubbers, or c) pay only the budget, throw the machine away and buy a new one.

On Wednesday morning the insurance company called to reschedule the technician's visit again. Then I gave up and asked to cancel. Thanks for nothing, Sompo Seguros!

On Wednesday afternoon I charged the budget for Whatsapp of authorized site. “good afternoon, we will pass you later” was the answer. Did not pass. I covered again on Thursday, never answered.

Already fed up I decided to research the LE09X, I found some videos and I thought: I will open this crap myself. I found some capacitor exchange videos and found that the real problem is that the capacitor in the motor pifa and the manufacturer does not sell only the capacitor. It is necessary to buy the entire engine. It's a lot of Electrolux hooliganism!

Credits for those who deserve it: the two videos that convinced me to do the job on my own, in addition to the poor service of the authorized, were this and this. The first one even showed me exactly where I access the engine, so I didn’t have to open the entire machine unnecessarily.

The gambiarra that the technician mentioned, therefore, it was just because it was a procedure not authorized by the manufacturer, and also because it is difficult to find a capacitor equal to the original, with a screw to secure, then it is necessary to use a clamp on a similar capacitor.

And then we go to the procedure…

Electrolux LE09X Dishwasher Engine Capacitor Replacement

The first step was to lay the machine down and remove the bottom cover. For this I needed to remove only six screws. Two of them secure the front plastic finish and the other four secure the bottom cover. Soon I located the capacitor in there:

The capacitor takes the model MKP305. It's from 3 μF with 450V limit. 40/85/21 are the values ​​that indicate your temperature tolerance. It was manufactured by Haoye Capacitors in 2012. Other subscriptions include CQC07002018862 and EN60252-1, that I don't know exactly what they mean.

I tested the capacitor with my BSIDE ESR02 Pro and he indicated only about 1500 capacitance pF. That's it 0,05% of the capacitance that he should have. It's definitely screwed up.

A search for this capacitor on the Internet shows that on AliExpress it has exactly the same capacitor model, but unfortunately it would take at least a few 20 days to arrive. I didn't want to spend all this time doing the dishes manually. Once you get used to washing everything in the machine, it is difficult to return to the conventional method.

So I decided to look in the local electronics stores. The two that I usually buy didn't have this capacitor model, but one of them indicated technical assistance for air conditioning and other equipment. I called there and they had an EOS capacitor, model CBB65. He is of 3 μF, but the limit is only 380V. As the motor is 220V I deduced that there would be no problem. Temperature limits are also lower: 25/70/21, but nothing that will be achieved in my use. Cost: R$ 16,00. I went there to get it. Arriving home I took the test at BSIDE ESR02 Pro and the capacitor indicated 3046 nF, in other words, the 3 Specification μF, within the tolerance of ±5%:

I installed the new capacitor in the dishwasher. I had to use a pair of nylon clamps to secure it, because it doesn’t have the screw underneath like the original. I closed the machine, I took the test and… Bingo! It worked perfectly:


So that's it. A solution it was really the changing of the capacitor. I even thought about buying the capacitor original na AliExpress to be all right, but then I found nonsense. This similar should last a long time. I'm writing this article after a week of repair. I used the machine daily and so far everything is fine.

The one authorized until today has not given me the budget, apparently they will not even pass. I am grateful that their coach pointed out the defect, and in the end it was exactly what the girl said they didn’t do: just come and see which parts you would have to change. But it's not my fault if they don't work well, I would close with them, I still looked for them twice before giving up. In the end it was better this way: I spent only R $ 16,00 instead of R $ 160,00 and I still learned something new.

Ainda busco pelas borrachas da porta, até achei a superior e as laterais, mas a de baixo, que é a que está pior, ainda não. Sei que essa máquina já está nos acréscimos do tempo de vida, afinal uso quase todo dia há 8 years, que é mais ou menos o tempo que elas duram. São praticamente descartáveis. Todas fabricadas na China, com peças de reposição difíceis de conseguir e ainda tem essa sacanagem de só venderem o motor inteiro, só venderem a placa do painel inteira, etc. Electrolux não compro mais. Da próxima vou de Brastemp. Talvez seja a mesma porcaria vinda da mesma fábrica chinesa, mas a autorizada deles pelo menos é melhor no atendimento.

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