PlayStation Thermal Folder Exchange 3 (PS3) – Problems and Solutions

From a few months to here, I noticed that my PlayStation 3 (PS3) model fat it was very noisy. This model is naturally noisy, but it got to the point where it was enough to turn it on and in less than a minute the fan was already at full speed, even though he was just displaying the menu.

I was soon suspicious of the thermal grease on the CPU and GPU. I bought the new console while traveling to the US in 2009. Depois de quase 12 years it is likely that the thermal paste has dried and lost efficiency.

Then I also remembered that in 2015 this console has suffered an electrical discharge and has been damaged, not sending video anymore. The discharge probably came from my house's UHF and VHF TV antennas, entered my receiver audio by radio antenna input, damaging it and passed via HDMI to the PlayStation 3. I took the console to a local technical support specialist in video games, and they exchanged the video chip, bringing the console back to life. Since then he has not shown any other defects.. There was the doubt: did they change the thermal grease in this repair? Did they put a good quality folder?

The way was to open the console and change the thermal grease. I postponed this task for several months. Ate that, finally, at the last holiday (Tiradentes) I decided to do the job. For that, I looked for videos teaching how to open and close the console to make the task easier. The videos that guided me were these here:

Following the video step by step was easy. All I needed was a regular Philips screwdriver and a hexagonal screwdriver to remove a single screw that takes the piano black cover off and gives access to all the others. This key is present in the little kit I bought in 2010.

Taking off the lid I found the first surprise. The technician glued the defective HDMI chip, that was replaced, with duct tape on top of the drive blu-ray and wrote there your name and the date: “Ricardo” and “27/02/15”.

Then the second surprise and the main reason why I prefer to do all the repairs I can myself: a screw is missing from the console power supply. It looks like Ricardo lost him. vacillation, huh Ricardo?

Screw lost by the technician who repaired 2015.

Screw lost by the technician who repaired 2015.

Dismantling the console I realized that it was less dirty than I thought, but the thermal paste was, in fact, very dry.

I cleaned CPU and GPU very well with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. I took the opportunity to look at the HDMI chip that was changed. well done welds, until the service was done. If it weren't for the lost screw, I would say it was a great job by Ricardo.

I also cleaned the heatsinks, also with a cotton wool soaked in isopropyl alcohol and I started assembling. I applied a ball or as close as I could to a ball of Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste on the CPU and one on the GPU. I must do the review of thermal paste soon.

From then on it was just assembling the console, taking care to alternately tighten the screws of the parts that press CPU and GPU against the heatsink, to spread the paste well.

With PlayStation 3 reassembled with the new thermal grease, It was time for testa-lo. I made the connections and the result was positive: the fan is no longer at full speed all the time, alternating moments of greater and lesser noise, having some relation to the system load.

PlayStation 3 in operation after changing the thermal paste.

PlayStation 3 in operation after changing the thermal paste.

Despite considerable improvement, the PlayStation 3 ainda parece mais ruidoso do que quando era novo. Acho que para ficar 100% é necessário fazer um delid, processo de remover o encapsulamento dos CIs, para então poder trocar a pasta térmica que fica entre o silício e a parte metálica. But, esse processo é arriscado e não pretendo fazê-lo. É melhor um PlayStation 3 meio barulhento do que um PlayStation 3 broke.

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Belo post, tb tenho PS3, modelo CECHL e estou no agdo dessa pasta MX-4 q está para chegar semana q vem, espero q resolva no meu tb, pois as vezes ele desliga no meio do jogo, já tinha trocado a pasta e não obtive bons resultados na queda de temperatura até pq eram pastas genéricas, e só desconfio da temperatura pq comprei ele direto do JP e nunca tinha sido aberto. Do you use some webman-type mod to change the speed of the FAN or leave it running original tb?

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