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A Glass Bottle Cap was adquirida na shopee for use with returnable Coca-Cola bottles from 1 liter. It has a sealing rubber that expands when a lever is pressed, sealing the neck of the bottle and preventing the gas from escaping. It was designed for wine bottles, but it's been working well with Coca-Cola.


Anyone who likes Coca-Cola knows that the best are the ones that come in a glass bottle, be the returnable KS (290ml) and 1 liter, be the one of 250 non-returnable ml. Glass is the only material that does not cause any reaction with the content.. The plastic in PETs and aluminum in cans have chemical reactions with the liquid and change the taste. A proof of this is that Coca-Cola (and other soft drinks) has a much longer shelf life in the glass packaging. Another advantage of glass is that it keeps the temperature longer when taking the soda out of the refrigerator..

Soda in a glass bottle was standard when I was a kid.. PET didn't exist yet and the cans weren't even made of aluminum. With the emergence of PETs, glass bottles were becoming harder and harder to find, after all, they are more expensive when disposable and people no longer want the work of changing containers. But a supermarket chain that arrived in the city a few years ago is selling the returnable bottles of 1 liter. There are always a few on the shelf, but so far there hasn't been.

In terms of cost, the glass bottle of 1 liter makes up for it. It has a suggested price of R$ 3,29 printed on the cap, but it sells for less, R $ 2,99 a R$ 3,09. As PETs de 2 liters cost in the range of R$ 6,00. It's pretty much the same price, but besides the taste is worse in PET, as I almost always take it alone and in moderation it almost always ends up running out of gas at the end. Larger packages (3 l) it has a lower cost per liter, but then they spoil even if they are not taken quickly. bottles of 1 liter are the most suitable for me, because I only take about 200~250 ml a day, and so a bottle is consumed in about 4~5 days. That way she even loses some gas on the way, but not so much as to be bad.

The containers are sold for R$ 3,00 and I bought it until I reached a total of 8 their. But before I started buying Coca-Cola in the glass bottle I needed to find a cap that I could use to close them after removing the metal cap that, unlike the threaded PETs, do not serve to close the bottle again after opening.

I remember that in my childhood there were some options. This An article from the Vida de Compras blog shows some of them. Two of them that have existed at least since I was a child are these two (the photos are from Shopping Life):

The plastic one with a little ring was the most common and was available in any supermarket, but it wasn't very good. That of threading, on the other hand, it worked cool and it was the one we had at home. My parents still have it and it still works.. My experience with her is different from that of the author of Shopping Life, who she didn't work with. But, I can't find this model anymore to buy anywhere.

At a local utility store I found another plastic pressure cap model., for wine bottles, the brand Article. I bought it but it was money wasted, as they are too thin for Coca-Cola bottles. I don't even think they are suitable for wine, because plastic is hard.

Some time later I decided to look it up on the Internet and I ended up finding this Cover for Glass Bottles at Shopee, with this system with a rubber seal that expands when a lever is pressed. It's for wine too, but I decided to take a risk to see if it would work on the Coca-Cola bottle. Order placed and in two weeks the package was in my hands.

Unboxing and Tests

To my joy, a Glass Bottle Cap it worked on the Coca-Cola bottle. It handles the gas very well, and even jumps when removed the next day, because of the gas that comes out of the liquid and fills the empty space in the bottle.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and tests:

Depois de quase 3 months of use there was a day when I thought the Glass Bottle Cap it didn't seal very well and some gas was lost. Maybe it was just an impression, because this was a bottle that was already problematic, with a little dry syrup around the cap, giving the impression that the original cap did not seal very well. As soon as I opened it, it already had less gas than normal.

Anyway, I decided to make one against in Glass Bottle Cap for her to get better. I noticed that wine bottles have a longer neck. In the Coca-Cola bottle, the neck is shorter and starts to thicken shortly after the mouth. it would be better if the Glass Bottle Cap stay a little higher, but just not inserting it completely doesn't do it., because in this case it gets a little loose.

The solution I found was to add a 3/4″ Rubber Seal Ring, from those I acquired on AliExpress and already showed it here on Skooter Blog. I bought it to use on faucets, but it worked perfectly in Glass Bottle Cap. With it, the cap is a few millimeters higher on the neck, but the O-ring doesn't let it move back down or tilt. So, the expandable ring is also a little higher, in the thinnest part of the bottle, where it becomes more effective.


These are the tracking information package, obtained in the system Shopee:

03/02/2021 04:57
[BR]Successful delivery (SWEDENPOST:[REMOVED])
29/01/2021 22:51
[BR]Customs clearance is complete
29/01/2021 00:24
[BR]Your order arrived in Brazil. You can also check the delivery status on the post office website [REMOVED].
26/01/2021 07:55
[China]The package is in transit from China to Brazil
23/01/2021 06:13
[In Transit]The package is in transit from China to Brazil
22/01/2021 08:17
[China]Your package is shipped from our international sorting center
20/01/2021 00:16
Your tracking code is [REMOVED]. In approx. 1 week, your tracking code will be available to be verified on the Correios website.
19/01/2021 09:49
Your package left our sorting center in SH
18/01/2021 14:55
Your package has arrived at our sorting center in SH
18/01/2021 05:57
Your package has been sent by the seller to our international sorting center
17/01/2021 17:18
Your order is ready to be shipped by the seller

And these are the information obtained in the Correios system:

[REMOVED] / SP Object delivered to the recipient
[REMOVED] / SP object out for delivery to the recipient
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de Unidade de Tratamento em INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Objeto em trânsito - por favor aguarde
de Unidade de Logística Integrada em CURITIBA / PR for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
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Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Glass Bottle Cap
Name Original: Doreen Bar Tool Kitchen Utensil Gadget Bottle Sealed Cap Fresh Plug Wine Bottle Stoppers
Store: Shopee | http://doreen1.br/
Value: R$ 10,01
Current value: R$ 10,01
Payment Method: Elo Credit Card
Shipping Type: standard express
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 17/01/2021
Submission Date: 18/01/2021
Data Delivery: 03/02/2021
Time in Transit: 16 days
Declared content: Home & Living
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value:
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

A Glass Bottle Cap works! Já funciona bem da maneira que vem, mas fica perfeita acrescentando um 3/4″ Rubber Seal Ring. Agora posso tomar uma Coca-Cola geladinha todo dia, com o melhor sabor da garrafa de vidro, com a quantidade de gás ideal, e gastando pouco.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in Shopee, direto da China ou com vendedores no Brasil, click here and good shopping.

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